About Us

Lifelong Mets fans, Michael Geus and James Preller have been talking about the team since they first encountered each other, about 20 years ago, on a Mets Message Board during the early days of AOL and dial-up modems. This blog is the result of many, many converstions that began with, “You know, we should start a blog someday . . .”

James Preller grew up on Long Island. His parents were raised in Queens Village. Born in 1961, James had the great fortune to witness the 5th Game of the 1969 World Series. That’s the actual ticket in the header. Notice the price: $8. Worth every penny. James Preller is a widely published author of children’s books who also blogs at jamespreller.com.


Michael Geus was born in 1958 and raised in Astoria Queens, a bicycle ride from Shea Stadium. That’s his picture in the header (and below) with Casey Stengel in 1964 when both he and Shea were young. He estimates that he has attended over 1,500 Mets games since 1962 and considers most of it time well spent.


You can contact them at: talkingmets@aol.com or 2GuysMets@gmail.com.