Zack Wheeler and Looking On The Bright Side

Always_Look_Bright_Side_LifeOn Saturday I made a firm decision that I would write one positive post about the team this week. It seemed like an easy enough thing to do. Then the games started. Well, I can’t write anything positive about them. Next I thought, okay, I’ll write about a player. I started to mentally go through the roster. It’s not easy. We just did a shout out to Murphy already, and I have to admit I had made a second decision — no Harvey this time. Duda? Last week would have been better, now it’s starting to look like Hudgens bit him in the locker room. Buck? As I’ve said, I like Buck but I still can’t get attached to the guy. Every time he hits a home run some blogger uses it as an excuse to mention how much easier it has become to trade Buck. John feels like a gift card to me with no known value. I can’t appreciate him until I know what the real gift is, and I still expect it to be socks.

WheelerThen finally on Tuesday it happened. Zack Wheeler (remember him?!) went into the seventh inning and gave up only one run. Only one walk. Eight strikeouts. Yes, that Wheeler, the guy we traded Carlos Beltran for, the guy who was called “the best pitching prospect I have ever seen,” by Chris Cron, the manager of the Erie Seawolves. He had been pitching badly and all kinds of negative things started cropping up. An inverted elbow was discussed. That sounds bad to me even if you don’t pitch. Any day now I expected to hear he had Valley Fever. But nope, Zack stood tall and was solid this week. And that’s positive.

That’s all I’ve got right now, but I’ll keep paying attention.



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  1. Thank you, Stuart Smalley, for today’s Daily Affirmation.

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