Wilmer Rakes, Harvey Dominates, Young Flies, and Mr. Citi Field Goes for the Sweep

With a day game today, some quick takes on news from Tuesday and Wednesday.

* Tuesday the Mets promoted prospect Wilmer Flores to New York to play third base since David Wright is on the disabled list. Jimmy wrote a good post about “Nevermind” moments in a baseball game. Flores’s promotion was an example of a “Nevermind” moment for me away from the field. I got all worked up Sunday when the teams original response to Wright’s injury was to bring up Mike Baxter. Two days later, with Flores’s arrival, I felt like Emily Litella.

Anyway, happy to see Flores get a chance in the major leagues. The big question about Wilmer has always been his glove. I found it unnerving Tuesday when he was replaced for defense by Justin Turner. But if he can really hit he will have value to somebody. There is an entire league, remember, where one player does not have to take the field. When I thought about that the other day, I wondered if Flores has ever been compared to Edgar Martinez. I haven’t seen it but think it’s an interesting comparison. Edgar was allegedly a third baseman, and atrocious defense kept him from getting a real shot in the majors until he was 26. He could always rake though, and his bat won out eventually. Flores is right-handed like Martinez, has always hit, and has some power but is not a power hitter. A lot of similar traits here, and yes, I know Martinez would be a high-level comparison with the bat. Why dream small?

* Eric Young Jr won a game for us Tuesday with his glove and his legs. Again.

Thank you for the artwork, Gavin Preller

Thank you for the artwork, Gavin Preller

* Went to see the Cyclones on Wednesday, got there very early, there were only a few cars in the parking lot when we arrived. The first thing we did was go over to the statue of Jackie and Pee-Wee to take a picture, and yep, it was already defaced, two workers were trying to put tape over the writing. I don’t know how far we have come since 1947 but it’s not far enough. Inside MCU Park, we wound up having a great time at the game, and we are going to post some pictures this weekend. Cyclones came back to win with two in the eighth, and the game ended early enough to work in a couple of dogs at Nathans afterward, before heading off to Harvey night.

* Harvey did not disappoint, and thankfully we got him five runs, or four more than he needed. His first complete game, and his first shutout. Expect to see more of both as Harvey just continues to progress as a pitcher. Enjoy this guy! Flores’s first two hits, including a huge base- clearing double in the eighth, was a wonderful bonus.

Dillon Gee, Mr. Citi Field, goes for the sweep today.

Let’s Go Mets!



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  1. Sadly, a lawn always has weeds. No matter the distance from then to now, there will remain ignorance in a variety of ways.

    In a not exact apples to apples scenario, because what was done to the statue is the height of ignorance, I was watching the opening ceremony to a recent Youth Baseball even that takes place weekly in Cooperstown during the summer. Literally several dozen teams from all across the country go to play in it weekly.

    I did a double take when I heard the owner of the facility and organizer of the event say that no team outside of the United States or Canada have or will ever set foot on the fields. He had just not a few moments before delivered a great anecdote about the life of his grandmother who immigrated to the United States, could not speak English but raised 10 kids etc etc.

    A strange lot we humans. Sometimes we do or say strange things, other times we do or say despicable things.

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