Why Collins Should Go, the Case for Gamboa, Goodbye Travis and Buddy, and More

TerryNo game today, for which I say, “Thank You, God, for small favors.” Remember those giddy days when we took four out of five from the Phillies? Talk about a long week, it felt like a month. Anyway, some stuff happened, and I have a few thoughts.

*Many fans are interested in micro-analyzing managers.

“Why did he bring in this guy?”

“Another bunt!”

“Why is (fill in the blank) batting in the (fill in the blank) spot?”

That is all too much work for me, I look at it on a bigger picture level. Right now I see a william-ligue-jr-tom-gamboateam that plays sloppy in the field and runs the bases like a bunch of imbeciles. And when the going gets tough, they fold like a cheap tent. This team is not very talented, but it is also not playing up to its pedestrian talent level. I have serious doubts as to whether it would help much if a change in managers was made, but no doubts that it will make things any worse. So why not do it already? Watching Collins at this point is painful, almost cruel. Put the guy out of his misery already. As for a replacement, we now have Tom Gamboa in the organization. Talk about a guy who knows how to take a beating!

*Gamboa would also meet the team’s age requirement, he is 66 years young. When it comes to the Wilpons’ current predilection to hire the elderly, I think I figured it out. They don’t have to pay for health insurance.

* Travis d’Arnaud has been sent to Las Vegas and has been replaced by Taylor Teagarden. This is all good news for d’Arnaud. Travis’s confidence was shot, and a trip to Las Vegas is the cure for that. He will hit in Las Vegas. How can I be so sure? Here is Teagarden’s slash line in the desert.


This is the same Teagarden who hit .171 in 222 ABs between 2010 and 2013 with Texas and Baltimore.

So d’Arnaud is going to start hitting immediately, now that he plays in the professional equivalent of tee ball. But that is not the only good news for him. D’Arnaud recently broke Al Moran’s ignominious record of worst hitter in Mets history in their first 250 at bats. Al had to walk around with that over his head for fifty years. Well, somebody has to catch every day and if either Recker or Teagarden can just get to 250 ABs, Travis’s days of holding the crown could be short lived.

You can finally smile now, Al, Travis took you off the hook

You can finally smile now, Al, Travis took you off the hook

* Ruben Tejada has played better lately, and there is a lot of discussion that it is due to Wilmer Flores’s  being around and threatening his “shortstop for life” status. Wait, you mean Omar Quintanilla didn’t scare him? He scared the crap out of me.

* Jon Niese is pitching incredibly. Two more great starts from Jon wasted this week.

* A sad goodbye to Buddy Carlyle who lost his roster spot to Dana Eveland just because he picked up a fork with his right hand all those years ago. I’ve lived that harsh life myself, but I learned from it and made sure to raise my son to do everything from the south side. Just a little friendly advice, Buddy, because it’s pretty much over for you and it’s time to start thinking about future Carlyle generations.

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  1. Raff says:

    So why not do it already? (fire Collins)– Because the second he does that, Sandy acknowledges the fact that HE’S now on the clock…

    • Michael Geus says:

      I agree with this, and frankly it is time for Jeff to step in. Jeff, ha! Collins is predictably getting destroyed everywhere you look. That’s what happens when you manage an under .500 team going on five years. Well, if you fire him and he is the problem, things improve. The issue with that is?

      And if you fire him and nothing improves you are no worse off. There is no downside at this point.

      Unless your name is Collins or Alderson.

  2. IB says:

    I think you hit on something with the health insurance angle!

    TC’s is putting partial blame on media pressure for D’Arnaud’s inability to hit. I must have missed all the negative press. It seemed the kid was getting a big time pass. My sense was, like the fans, the NY media wanted him to succeed.

    Re. the 3 concussions. I’m wondering if you can call and catch a 9 inning game if your brain is mush. That’s probably more difficult than standing in the box 4 times a day. He just doesn’t make good contact. He can’t hit.

  3. TC blaming the media and the NY fans — this is becoming a theme — clearly shows that his time is done here. You embrace the Big Apple or you get out. The pressure? Seriously? There’s been no pressure, no fans, no anger.

    There’s no emotion at all, for the most part. Forget the blogs, we represent only a very small percentage of fans. Most fans are like my neighbors, “Wake me when it gets interesting.”

    Back to TC: You can’t start blaming the big bad apple. It never, ever works . . . because it’s never not going to be in NY. I know these guys wish this was all in KC, they want to run things like this is KC, but it’s NY.

    Get a real manager in there.

  4. Michael Geus says:

    There were comments today from players who were surprised that d’Arnaud was demoted, that it was, perhaps, unfair. The guy is hitting .180! That’s the problem, the annual inaction by this front office has created a culture of entitlement.

    When winning, producing, is not on the agenda the players will notice. Players are not stratomatic cards but real human beings. Some human beings will work hard regardless of the environment, the self motivated ones. Others, in an environment with little accountability, will skate by.

  5. Michael Geus says:

    Since Davey Johnson was let go close to twenty five years ago the list of Mets managers is the following:


    That’s eight guys over twenty five years. Other than Valentine, who is the guy you wish we had managing now from that long list? When I talk to fans about any particular person on that list other than Bobby V, I never find a fan.

    Collins needs to go as too many people are convinced he is a problem. And now that might include some players, and once that happens, you are a problem. But the odds are the next manager won’t matter much.

    Look at the list above.

  6. Eraff says:

    I see some strange moves, but it’s been a strange and Bad Roster. Torre and Francona got fired with similar Rosters… they became “smart” with great players, as did Charlie Manuel.

    Generally, Collins has kept this thing together ok— YES–he’s done a good job as a Face and Human Shield. I’ve been surprised at That!

    He has to get fired because that’s what Managers DO–they get Fired!!! It’s a simple matter of Branding and Customer care—you don’t have 25 different ball players, so you chamnge a Manager—nothing New!!!

  7. Eraff says:

    I maintain 78-83 wins—however, it’s distressing that there is NOT presently a single YOUNG Position Player who has traction and IS establishing a long term spot. Lagares is Hurt—- d’Arnaud is demoted….Duda and Tejada don’t fit that category.

    They need a Bat BAD!!!…and I don’t think this management team is Motivated or Capable of a Transformative Move.

  8. wkkortas says:

    It’s time to get all Pet Sematary and bring back Casey.

  9. Eraff says:

    “I’m probably the only guy who worked for (Casey) Stengel before and after he was a genius.” – Warren Spahn

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