“Where Were You on the Day When Chris Young Was Released?”


It’s going to become like one of those JFK things, when folks of a certain generation could describe in minute detail exactly where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news of the President’s assassination.


Or, for a different generation, when John Lennon was shot (I was typing a college paper for a  course on “International Terrorism” of all things, working in my kitchen on Elm Street in Oneonta, when my drunken, grieving housemate returned from the bars to tell me the news.)

Or, much worse, 9/11. We all have those stories.

The point is, there are moments we remember for life, and sometimes the events are much happier, like when we first learned  about Jason Bay’s release.

I think it will be that way for Chris Young . . .


* “Yeah, I was driving my car when the announcer broke through with the news. I was shaking all over. I had to pull over to the side of the road. I couldn’t think, couldn’t see straight. I just sat there and cried. The long nightmare was over.”

Chris Young

* “I was on a date with this girl I’d been seeing. It was going okay. I got a text from a friend: CHRIS YOUNG IS TOAST! I knew right at that moment, this girl was going to be my wife. I asked her to marry me right then and there. We’ve been together for 37 years.”


* “It had been a long time since I’d been to a Mets game. Right after I heard the news, I picked up tickets for the next game. You know, it was an impulsive, crazy thing to do. But I figured, wow, maybe, you know, things were gonna change. Ha! I know, I know . . .”


* “I was shocked, absolutely stunned. I thought he’d be a Met for life.”

* “Do I remember? Sure, I remember. The news hit me really hard. He was FIXTURE in my life, a North Star, you know? As long as Terry Collins was manager, I knew I could COUNT on Chris Young being out there, batting 5th, popping out in big situations, that same glum expression on his face. In a confusing, fast-paced, ever-changing world, Chris Young was always there. No matter how poorly he played, no matter how much he sulked, or loafed, and came up with lame excuses, there would be Chris Young, batting 5th for the New York Mets. Now I don’t know what to believe in anymore.”

* “He’ll be missed. Not by many. But he’ll be missed.”





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  1. To be honest, I don’t think he should be released — I mean, look at the options. Just thought it was funny to imagine.

  2. He wasn’t charged with an error last night, but Ruben Tejada made two really crappy misplays late in the game. So . . . I guess he is steady!

    • Michael Geus says:

      Shortstop For Life.

      • He’s awful, 2nd in baseball in intentional walks with seven. One thing about Ruben’s recent (relative) success, he was getting regular rest. Yet every year the Mets play him as if he’s Cal Ripken. He runs down and under-performs, annually. It’s bad enough that he’s still the Mets SS, but that he’s going to be out there every day is crazy. Campbell, too. It’s hot, draining. TC couldn’t find ABs for Flores, but now is desperately trying to find them for waste-cases like Bobby Abreu (I’m so done with Bobby Abreu) and Kirk Niewenhuis and Chris Young.

        The roster is pathetic.

        • wkkortas says:

          Is it possible that the plan for Abreu is to keep him on the active roster until such time he’s old enough to qualify for Medicare or a job as part of the Met management team (whichever comes first)?

  3. Eraff says:

    As I “read around” (OK—I’m a Bog Slut!!!), there are STILL people arguing FOR “Sandy’s Plan”…..and they’re posting defenses for Sandy’s performance!!!! People are actually comparing THIS regime favorably to Omar’s regime…it’s “Better”?????. It’s really not as simple as one versus the other, but how could THIS regime possibly be compared favorably as a Fan Experience!!???

    This roster is NEVER constructed to win Ballgames—much less to win A Ballgame. There’s always a wacky scenario” for such things as Duda-Ike-Satin, 6 Outfielders and no backup Infielders, and NEVER an urgency to WIN. It’s all just “groundwork”—nothing seems to matter when it comes to the baseball on the field, the score of the game, the wins and losses.

    The Manager has NON Major League Players playing Hard….. He’s a mediocre manager…and he’s had an undermanned, mismatched cast from Day one.

    Yes…time to fire him and let the hounds have a go at “Management and Ownership”.

    • The only way to really approve of SA is to be willing to ignore the present in the hope of a beautiful future that will one day come. It’s sort of like believing in God, in that it requires a leap of faith from this mortal coil.

    • Michael Geus says:

      It’s all a matter of what you are into. Some people are transaction junkies, They don’t consider the goal a winning team. Sandy has played it safe and looks good on a ratio basis with his transactions. The downside being he rarely transacts.

      I don’t really care how, I care how much. And the metric I look at is Wins. The major league team keeps losing. As some folks love to point out, the recently departed Frank Cashen started out with four losing seasons. Okay.

      Let’s see what happens next year, because this franchise made a hard turn for the better in 1984.

      We’ll see, and it will be awesome if 2015 is anything like 1984. I don’t see it, but I haven’t had 20/20 vision since 1967.

      So there is hope.

  4. Reese Kaplan says:

    I have never wished ill will on anyone in my entire life and I preface this thought by saying it’s a hypothetical question…but what would the Mets do if their current Panamanian Honus Wagner went on the DL for something? Methinks it would be Omar Quintanilla, round 4 rather than the .368 hitting Matt Reynolds or the .313 hitting Wilmer Flores. That’s how far they have their heads up their collective hindquarters.

  5. IB says:

    If I had my wish, I was reading 2 Guys Talking Baseball’s, “Where were you on the day Chris Young was released” on the day Chris Young was released.

    What’s next? The one Cuban defector who can’t hit ML pitching? I still have Kaz Matzui nightmares.

  6. So some folks are making the contention that the Mets are better than their record, based on their “better” run differential of only -3 runs. That number suggests, all things being equal, a .500 club. Bad, but not THAT bad. Give them four more wins and they are, as of this moment, 41-42 instead of 37-46. Bad luck, I guess. No one seems to be looking at the manager who is pushing the buttons. We all kind of agree that he’s not the Great Oz. I honestly don’t know. But even with the Alderson-fueled propaganda about the run differential — “We’re close!” — it would still feel like a miasma of sorts, no real difference from the recent past.

  7. Mettle from Blue and Orange Nation says:

    I don’t envision him being cut. As you guys said, what other choices do we have? If Sandy hasn’t promoted Puello by now, something’s wrong. I’m beginning to have doubts about Abreu. Plus, guys in AAA like Andrew Brown and Seratelli and even Brandon Allen have proven that they are basically 4-A players. We’ll have to make do with Chris Young.

  8. Michael Geus says:

    On my couch, which is always a safe bet.

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