View From My Timeline: Murphy, Flores, Lagares at Nine, Drew, Drew, Drew, and More

I’m not going to lie. Since Thursday I have not watched a second of the Mets, and I’m not going to do so today either. I’m watching basketball. But other hardy souls are following the team this week. So, here is some of what people like me are missing right now, via my twitter timeline. The first one is simple enough, Daniel Murphy has caught the calf bug going around the team.

In general, this is one more reminder to me of why Wilmer Flores must make this team. Play him some at second, at short, at third, and yes, at first. It would be easy to get him plenty of at bats. This is exactly how Murphy started out (not including short) and he has become a fine player. You can promote players to the major leagues without clearing a crystal clear path to daily playing time. And Wilmer has been in the minors since the Eisenhower administration. If he isn’t ready for major league pitching he never will be.

The folks at Metsmerized did a thoughtful analysis on the merits of batting the pitcher eighth.


The explanation I have seen on this is that it would allow Juan Lagares to act as a “second” leadoff hitter. Second? I can’t find the first one. If Lagares can bat leadoff why not bat him leadoff?

The Detroit Free Press tweeted that Stephen Drew would accept a $14 million one-year contract from the Tigers.

Please, please, please let this happen. I am so sick of the fantasy that the Mets would expand payroll to add Drew.

One more item today, and this was the biggest one on my timeline, constant retweets and congratulations for Darren Meenan, who announced that the 7Line is entering a partnership with the Mets and MLB.

I guess I will now have to look elsewhere for my Sell the Team shirts?


Anyway, I will add my congratulations, I’m a capitalist and hopefully this deal works out for Darren. I do suggest he watch his back, I still remember some of Fred, Jeff and Saul’s other business partners.



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  1. Mack Ade says:

    Morning, Michael.

    Mets t-shirts… who woulda thought that? I’m still stuck on bottled water.

  2. James Preller says:

    San Francisco just banned bottled water, a move that I applaud. The success of bottled water shows that we will pay a lot for convenience, even if it kind of screws up the environment.

  3. Raff says:

    Worrying about the environmental impact of bottled water is akin to worrying about the impact of Belly-Button lint on the Dust-Content in the air we breathe– It’s barely a “player”, when it comes to the negative impact of PACKAGING of consumer products, and the negative impact the packaging has on the environment. For starters- Bottled water sales are about 1/3rd of Bottled Soda sales. Bottled Soda is NOT covered by the ban. And in the 15 aisles of your modern Supermarket- Maybe 1, in total, are dedicated to Soda and water sales. The article cited correctly identifies one problem — Stupid people who do not recycle. But these same stupid people who do not recycle their water or soft-drinks do not recycle the massive amounts of product-packaging, which far outweigh the content of Soda, water, and other soft-drinks. Here’s the deal – Virtually EVERY product we purchase, in supermarkets and elsewhere is OVER-PACKAGED. Think of the giant Plastic “E-Flute” packaging which surrounds virtually every small electronic accessory we buy at a mass-merchant— Packaging of a tiny item in a large impenetrable “bubble” to enhance loss prevention. I could go on and on, but the reality is this: PACKAGING, whether it involves plastic containers, Metal Containers, or the substantial packaging around products is done for two primary reasons: 1) To accommodate shipping and delivery, and, 2) To support Loss-Prevention (anti-theft) in a low-labor retail environment- It’s tough to conceal & to steal a large bubble surrounding a cell-phone-recharger. The same people who don’t recycle their Bottled Water DONT recycle the other 99.% of PACKAGING they receive with all the other Packaged Products. So, this “ban” does nothing to address the issue- All it does is cost jobs.

  4. Reese Kaplan says:

    Sorry to bring the topic back to, ahem, baseball, but did anyone watch The Great Motivator today? Wilmer Flores goes 3/5 with 4 RBIs and is rewarded with a nice view from the bench so that Omar Quintanilla can get more reps at SS. Tejada I could understand since they have to fish or cut bait. Seratelli I could understand because they haven’t seen him for the PAST TWO YEARS.

    In addition, Travis d’Arnaud breaks out of his 0-27 slump with a dinger and gets to sit behind Teagarden and Recker. Way to encourage a young player, Terry!

    Mejia today showed why he belongs in the rotation. That will drive me more nuts than will the inevitable Flores demotion or the Eric Young love affair because in the cases of both of those decisions there are some potential down sides to the alternatives. What upside is there to Daisuke Matsuzaka (or John Lannan, for that matter)?

    • Reese, when I saw those lineups in the morning I texted Mike and we bashed out a post along the lines of, “Why are we wasting time on Omar Quintanilla?” Don’t know if we’ll ever post it, but I hear you.

      I don’t mind Travis getting a rest. In general, I don’t think TC rests his regulars enough.

      Anytime somebody types out Dice-K’s full name I just have to step back and applaud. Well done. We’ll be posting on this tomorrow, but for me, I think Jenrry has beaten him out of the position. There’s an argument that it is more prudent to keep Dice-K (and that’s a hint where this organization is going to end up on the issue), but I personally just don’t believe the guy’s got it. However, Super 2 implications once again rear their ugly heads . . .

  5. Eraff says:

    Satin and Duda and Q on the Bench—with Davis Starting… do I have the right Tea Leaves? If true, it’s gonna create late game/mid game switch problems. The 23/24/25th guys are supposed to solve problems and make things easier.

    I’m a fan of DenDecker and Flores as Reserve guys…. maybe Brown. Flores can be the rh “spell” for 1b, and across the IF. Provides an opportunity for 250-350 ab’s and big quality upside. Covers a bit of SS. DD and Brown provide some power and versatility—Brown can play corner OF and 1b (250 plus games as a Minor League player at 1b). Cut Ike/Start Duda or Assign Duda and Start Ike. Any day you have Duda or Ike plus Q and Satin on the bench is a day you have problems….

    …Bottled water or not

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