Update: WOW: Mets Sign Bartolo Colon, 2 Years, $20 Million

Update: December 12, 2013 7:15 A.M.


On the plus side, we needed a starter, a real starter. Did we get one, I’m not so sure. I see those 2013 numbers, but I also see the age. Can Colon defy the latter for even one more year? That will be the big question. But all signings include risk, and this is not a seven year commitment. Bartolo was an Orlando Hernandez signing, two years for an old guy hoping for one good one, signed at the 2013 rate for such players.

The difference, for me, is that when we signed El Duque we had a much larger operating budget (way more when you consider relative salaries of players) and a better overall roster in place. I wonder, is this a luxury we can afford? But I do not want to sound too negative, as with the Granderson signing, I am mostly happy to see the team back in business.

It is also an ego boost to have a guy on the team that is is worse shape than I am.


Original Post: December 11, 2013 7:30 P.M.


Knock me down with a feather, I did not see this one coming.

In fact, full of snark, I wrote just yesterday:

* Pretty sure Bartolo Colon’s agent laughed the Mets brass out of the room — but not before they stuffed their jacket pockets with free croissants. Score!

So, there you have it.

Baseball wins again: I’m an idiot!

I watched, read everything, and believed that Sandy didn’t have the resources, or the will, to go beyond a year. I figured he would fill in, go an entirely different way.

And I was massively wrong.

This is exciting.

Some quick takes:

Mack Ade, Mack’s Mets:

“Perfect transitional starter into Harvey and Thor in 2015.”

Jay Schreiber, NY Times:

“Colon, who is listed at 5 feet 11 inches and 265 pounds, and will have to pass a physical before the transaction is official.”

Via Adam Rubin, ESPN:

“Excellent signing by the Mets,” one NL scout told ESPNNewYork.com. “The Mets have had a productive 72 hours. Wheeler, Niese, Colon, Gee and darkhorse Montero. I would take my chances with that rotation!”

Matt Cerrone, Metsblog:

“I like it.”

Joe Vasile, Mets360:

“If Colon can come close to repeating what he did the last two years, this deal will be a home run for Sandy Alderson. It’s probably a good deal if he can just match what he did in 2013 over the next two seasons.

It’s hard not to be impressed with the season Colon produced in 2013. It’s easy to see the upside that this contract offers. Still, it remains a gamble and one that I probably would not have made. It will be curious if this represents the end of moves by the Mets or if they will be able to add a shortstop before the start of Spring Training.”

Clayton Collier, Metsmerized:

“The 40-year old got his two year deal which many thought he wouldn’t get. Surprised it came from Sandy who said he wasn’t looking to hand out a multi-year deal for any pitcher just yesterday. I would have preferred a one-year deal on the veteran right-hander. Colon does give the Mets the innings eater they were looking for although he last tossed 200 innings in 2005.”



As for me, still a little stunned. There’s risk here, of course, but nothing comes without it. I’m grateful for the effort, and hopeful of the result. Good work, Sandy Alderson, for moving beyond your comfort zone. I guess the Mets got their innings eater, plus. Those innings don’t stand a chance.

Is this the best way to spend that money? Honestly, haven’t wrapped my mind around that yet. Mets needed a starting pitcher, badly, and I was mentally prepared to see a weak prospect from My Little Sisters of the Poor. This beats that by a mile. Add Montero to this rotation and it’s not at all bad. Imagine that!

And, yes, I do look forward to seeing Bartolo run the bases.

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  1. With Bartolo, I think you have to ask, who else would you rather have? Feldman at 3/$30? Hughes at 3/$24? Kazmir at 2/$21. Dice-K at whatever? Harang? DeGrom? There’s risk here, certainly, but upside too. I’m not ga-ga over the deal, but as a sandbag, he should do the job. Fingers crossed.

    I still have a flicker of a Stephen Drew dream going, but realistically think they have got to address the bullpen in a meaningful way.

    • RAFF says:

      Alderson/Mets maintained a low profile on Colon- Maybe Sandy is playing some poker out there. I’d love to see a Stephen Drew Announcement!.

    • Michael Geus says:

      I would have spent the money on offense and used Montero. Colon feels a lot like Byrd to me, an older player coming off a crazy year. That scares me.

      But, hey, I prefer it to keeping the wallet shut.

      • They only had 3 starters, so there’s still room for Montero (hoping).

      • By “offense,” do you mean Drew? They seriously need some bullpen help.

        • Michael Geus says:

          Drew does not excite me, but it could be anyone. Someone who uses a bat. Colon makes $10 million next year too, and we are supposedly rich in pitching talent in our system, with very little on the position side.

          Hey, it’s only December, maybe we are still going to trade pitching for a bat. That would change everything.

          Nothing against Bartolo Colon, he’s a Met now and all, but if we are mostly done I would not have made this particular move. The A’s paid Kazmir more than we gave Colon, that should give us at least some pause. They had him last.

    • Michael Geus says:

      I don’t see it, but I would be thrilled to be proven wrong. I expect the budget to be inflexible. From what I have seen I am also concerned that we will not increase the budget much in the next few years. Of course I do not know.

      That unknown hangs over this move. That second year makes a lot more sense for a big market team than a small market team.

  2. IB says:

    Yes, shades of El Duque. I like it.

    And, like you say, they are back in business. I’m thrilled and starting to think Sandy really does have a plan.

    Right now, I think this is a pretty decent team going into 2014. Add Drew or another solid SS and the Mets have a solid infield and outfield. Pray D’A
    is the real deal.

    Bullpen scares me a little.

    • Michael Geus says:

      When all is said and done I think we will not be considered serious contenders for 2014. That’s okay by me, I understand Rome wasn’t built in a day. For this year I wanted to see something being built on top of the foundation. And a team that could give me hope that if things break right….

      I will repeat my comment from the other day.

      Things have been worse.

  3. W.k. kortas says:

    Well, at least Colon is young and cost-controllable, in the sense that he is not Medicare-eligible until the end of the contract.

    Frankly, I’m a little mystified at what the Mets are doing–if you’re really set on having a payroll around $85 million, do you commit this kind of money to someone with this many red flags–the age, the waistline, the PED suspension? If you’re looking for someone to play the role of veteran innings eater, I think there were better options.

  4. IB says:

    Like the Granderson signing, Colon is the type of ballplayer who can teach this team how to win. And, the numbers look pretty good to me too, despite the age and girth. I can see a new culture in the clubhouse with these guys and I’m getting ready for pitchers and catchers…now.

  5. Dave says:

    Arroyo was definitely the better option for a 2 yr deal for the same or similar $$. Colon’s #s for the last two years were good to great, but I have a bad feeling his age/weight/mileage will make this contract look very expensive.

    • Seems like Arroyo is seeking “longer” and “more.”

      I like him too, but “shorter” and “cheaper” has its undeniable merits. Would think he’s going to get a better contract that Feldman.

      Also, last year the Mets tried the Marcum route. They seem to be aiming higher.

  6. I thought Aaron Gleeman’s comments about the Twins signing of Nolasco (4/$49) and Hughes (3/$24) were somehow relevant to Colon and the Mets, especially the last line. I’ll snippet the last paragraph only:

    >> Fans have been rightfully clamoring for the Twins to actually spend some money after slicing $40 million off the payroll in two years, including leaving approximately $20 million in approved payroll unspent this year. Spending a combined $73 million on Nolasco and Hughes isn’t ideal, but they’re both reasonable investments within the context of rising MLB revenues and current spending. In other words, this is what it looks like when the Twins finally go swimming in the free agency pool. <<

  7. Eric says:

    I don’t like the specifics, but I cannot legitimately question the baseball decisions of professionals who get paid to watch MLB games. I am happy that they have pursued players and put some money into that pursuit.

    The Mets have a decent Starting Pitching Staff. They have room to Perk their young arms into that stream throughout the year. They have some decent Bench Parts. IF they bucked up and added S. Drew, I’d be thrilled and I’d consider them a team in the chase.

    IF the catcher hits and Wright and Grandy give you production….. and if the 4 starters pitch with decent production and health they will chase a wildcard birth.

    I don’t love the team….. I could.

  8. Don P says:

    First, it’s good to see the Mets spend money. We have all clamored for that.

    But I can’t say that I like this – if we’re making a move to keep 2014 relevant, Colon is not the best way to do that. His record in the 7 years prior to last years aberration was 35-40 with an ERA north of 4.00.

    If we’re still building, I see a team with lots of pitching prospects. We should be spending on offense – how about a shortstop or a first baseman.

    This only works in the context of additional moves to come, perhaps to trade some pitching prospects for position players. Tulo !? perhaps?

  9. Michael Geus says:

    As for the bullpen, Alderson cited age when he did not go for $2.5 million with Hawkins. Which only makes this more of a head scratcher.

  10. Don P says:

    Tim Kurkjin is suggesting that the Brewers may be interested in Ike Davis? He said “it appears that the Mets, of course,, would be willing to trade Ike Davis.”

  11. Ken H. says:

    If the $85 million salary target is real, then this is an awful signing. With one last payday for his age 41 and 42 seasons, Colon can now comfortably flush the PEDs down the toilet. While there has been expected discussion on how Bartolo will benefit from moving from the AL to the NL, Oakland starting pitchers continue to accrue artificially favorable stats principally due to the vast acreage of rally-killing foul territory at O.co Stadium. (Ask Brandon McCarthy how moving from Oakland to the NL worked out for him…)

    On the bright side, we have a guy with a legitimate shot at hitting 300…POUNDS, that is. Big Bart already has his 2014 NYC Zagat Survey on order.

  12. Eric says:

    He has a legitimate shot at wearing a GameJersey the same size as the one I wear—- perhaps the BARTOLO Jersey should come ONLY in Bartolo Size… call him Relate-able

  13. You guys should realize that with every insensitive fat joke, an overweight Mets fan sheds a silent tear.

  14. RAFF says:

    I just received my Buffalo Bison’s Bartolo Colon Bobblehead, Circa 2001 – A commemorative of his days there…. One of only a couple left on Ebay… As Bobbleheads are Caricatures- It’s fascinating to see how the manufacturer obviously struggled with producing a head which is oversized for body. As a matter of physics, as well as a practical matter of design – This obviously could not be done. It’s a real beauty…. A little heavy.

  15. RAFF says:

    Re the head versus body proportions on the Colon Boblehead- Another example of Art Imitating life…

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