Tuesday Takes: Welcome Rafael Montero, Saul Cries Uncle?, the True New Yorker Test, and More

subway-seriesWell, one game into the 2014 Subway Series and the Mets are now 1-0. Lucas Duda, Yankee killer, strikes again.

Boy, talk about the novelty wearing off, the buzz surrounding this year’s edition has been nonexistent. I’m sure it will boost attendance this week at Citi Field (though don’t be shocked if the extra bodies are Yankee fans) and ratings will be a little higher, but that’s about it. It’s easy to just think that these games do not matter at all, so I will remind everyone of a quick story from last year. Leaving Citi Field after the Rivera Show game (with special guest star Lucas Duda), I saw a dad with his little girl, who was beaming and had her index finger held proudly up in the air. That image reminded me of all the kids going to school this week, and how hard it must be some days to be going there as a Mets fan. So, as Keith would say, “for all you kids out there,” Let’s Go Mets! Baseball is for the fun of it and for the fans. Beat the Yankees already.

Some other random thoughts on a wonderful Tuesday morning in New York.

* Hello, newest Met, Rafael Montero, who will start Wednesday night against the Yankees. I am pleased to see Montero, but surprised by the timing, as this is about as high a pressure situation as the team could have engineered. Very intriguing move, and Wednesdays game just got more interesting.

*Speaking of interesting, the New York Times reports that Saul Katz might be ready to cry “Uncle,” and sell his shares of the team. I recommend he use Nike for advice here.


* I found the recent losing all the more painful because the games were close almost every Charlie Brown Footballday. I have two problems with this. The most obvious is that while the games are transpiring you keep thinking you will finally see a win. I felt like Charlie Brown falling for the same trick, over and over. But my second problem is that there will be an element of people falling for the idea that it is all just bad luck. Nonsense. This team has good starting pitching, no hitting, and, wait for it, an atrocious bullpen. That is a recipe for close losses, and they have not been due to bad luck, they are the result of bad design. Hopefully, the infusion of Montero and shift of Meija can help. It certainly worked out that way last night.

* Speaking of design, Adam Rubin wrote an excellent piece for his blog yesterday. I agreed with it so much I had to check and make sure I hadn’t clicked on 2Guys by accident. Of all the correct points Adam hit on, I would like to highlight this one:

“There may come a day in the next few seasons that the Mets realize that 90-win goal. And then people might praise Alderson for leaving the organization in such good shape. But if the price was, say, six losing seasons under his watch first — plus the two from Minaya that preceded it — was that really great front-office work? Or if you fail enough seasons, is it simply inevitable that at some point you’ll accrue enough young talent to be competitive again?”

Exactly. Time frames matter, and every year while Sandy dithers Mets fans are dying. Some figuratively, some literally. Nice to see some action yesterday.

* Sunday came word from Terry that Familia is “getting closer” to being the closer. Or maybe Joint cartoonMejia is, what time is it right now? The situation is sadly much more fluid than my joints.

* I always consider myself a True New Yorker. Not once in my life have I made eye contact, much less spoken to, a stranger. Is that no longer the test?

Oh, before I forget, Steve Keane is loosening his standards again and I will be his guest on Sounds from Shea at 8PM tomorrow on BlogTalkRadio.

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  1. Eric says:

    Glad to see some of the kids coming up. I’m hopeful these moves will solidify the bullpen. If things break right, you could be looking at a solid foundation, going forward.

  2. IB says:

    What happened to Super 2? Could this be a sign of real change? Sure hope so.

    thanks for the Katz link. Interesting.

  3. We will have more on this tomorrow, but I am very happy with this series of moves. Montero always seemed to be about retaining an extra year of control, rather than “Super 2.”

  4. Eraff says:

    There seems to be a groundswell of “show us what you got”…Fans, Media, and maybe even Ownership.

    Patience is a virtue…so is Urgency… It’s all in the timing, and It’s Time!

  5. IB says:

    I thought Super 2 and retaining another year of control were the same thing. By bringing Montero up now they’re playing for the here an now. Finally!! Like you always say – these games count.

  6. James Preller says:

    IB, due to flaws in the CBA, teams can retain an extra year of control simply by waiting until early May before starting the clock. It’s a rights issue. Super 2 is more complex — there’s a formula — but it relates specifically to Arbitration Eligibility. It allows a team to wait another year before the arb process begins.

  7. James Preller says:

    One other thing: Abreu needs to sit. He is a pinch-hitter only. EY should DH.

  8. I’m still waiting for Burgamy to get his call up, super 2 be damned, the guy is 33 and stuck at Binghamton.

    Ok, I am happy they beat the Yankees twice and Montero is pitching tonight.

    • Way to embrace the positive, Patrick. It’s not easy, it will be a struggle. Just take it one day at a time. This week, at least, we’re walking on the sunny side of the street.

  9. Eraff says:

    Not so Random WHEELER comments:

    Sloppy mechanics with lack of repeat…. makes him inconsistent… lacks Control, much less Command/Location.

    I’m a big fan of these young guys failing to success, but he looked like a mess last night. It’s easy to love the gun and the bullpen stuff, but his in-game was pure slop last night.

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