Top Ten Things the Mets are Close To!


Remember the old game, “The Match Game?” Sandy Alderson decided to play the other day when he addressed a group of season ticket holders. When not doling out lifestyle advice that day he began a phrase with the words, “I really do believe we are close.” But he didn’t finish the sentence, he left it there. Gene Rayburn would not be impressed. Anyway, there are so many possible answers to this one, for now I will give my Top Ten.

So, with our usual apologies, here are our Top Ten Things the Mets are Close To:

10. Another Losing Season






9. Maximum Social Security Benefits for Management

8. Closing the Upper Deck

empty citi field





7. Another .50 cent Concert!


6. Leading the NL in Walks!

Ruben Tejeda works yet another deep count . . . and the fans . . . go . . . wild.

Ruben Tejeda works yet another deep count . . . and the fans . . . go . . . wild.









5. Sandy Koufax

Koufax and Wilpon

4. Bankruptcy






3. Trading Daniel Murphy

2. Having a Beer!

Rheingold 2013-12-22 001 (643x800)






1. Oblivion


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  1. Eraff says:

    Hitters 6-9, 2/15 including a pinch hit for Campbell…

    Time for a new philosophy– HUNT FOR HITTERS!!!!

    Bad Baseball players giving away runs on the bases and in the field— the frustration was showing in abundance last night. That’s GOOD! The look on Recker’s face after Murph’s Zone Out on Wong’s steal— three Defensive air balls in one inning.

    Does this kind of thing qualify as “not playing for the Manager”? Mostly, they’re BAD—last night they were bad and they played like losers. Inattentive, lack of mental hustle…. Niese should Sue for Non-Support.

  2. Eraff says:

    btw—that 2/15 for hitters 6-9— that barely represents a “slump” when you compile their averages.

  3. Reese Kaplan says:

    I read an article elsewhere this morning that made my hair stand on end. It included a passage from Joe Morgan about Terry Collins’ management style as one of panic as if each day was game 7 of the World Series. He is deathly afraid to fail and made the Astros feel the same way, choking their way out of contention. When he was replaced by Larry Dierker with a more laid-back attitude, they prospered.

    Now Wally Backman is anything but laid back, but please put the team and fans out of their collective misery and take the lineup pencil out of Collins’ hand.

  4. Frank Dunne says:

    The best thing about this season for me is waiting for the next comical post by Mike and Jim. I take that back,,,this isn’t comical. It is true and sad. I still watch though. That slight glimmer of hope that we all have year after year.

  5. Mettle from Blue and Orange Nation says:

    I think most of these are true. I do not think they’ll trade Murphy as all hell would break loose with ownership and the front office. I believe that Collins goes within 3 months and Sandy goes in less than 6 as well.

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