TOP TEN LIST: Top Ten Reasons It’s Better to Be a Mets Fan Than a Yankees Fan






Top Ten Reasons It’s Better to Be a Mets Fan Than A Yankees Fan.



10. The Yankees dumped Casey Stengel, the Mets turned him into a legend.






9. Lucas Duda does not have any paintings of himself as a Centaur.


8. Derek Jeter cannot close the deal with hot women, David Wright can.







7. It’s less crowded at Citi Field.

Citi Field

6. Yankee fans can never chant — “WE ARE FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE!” at games.

We Are Fiscally Responsible





5. The 7-Line Army blows away the bleacher creatures!

The 7-Line Army

4. We had all the 1986 Mets players when they were still good.






3. Sure, our owners are cretins, but at least we didn’t build a statue of them.


Steinbrenner Statue

2. Paul DePodesta has advanced statistics that show we have actually won more games this year!






And the number one reason It’s Better to Be a Mets Fan Than a Yankees Fan!

1. Matt Harvey


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  1. Very nice. Actually, friends don’t let friends become Yankee fans.

  2. Vinnie says:

    #11 – Keith, Gary & Ron vs Sterling and Waldman. Actually, I’d rather listen to Chris Russo sing Lady Gaga songs than listen to Sterling and Waldman.

  3. ZAP says:

    #12 “Shake Shack”

  4. eRIC says:

    Roads, Parking Lots and 7 train are not crowded

  5. […] when the two teams play each other I want the Mets to win. And I’m not above having some fun and poking Yankees fans when I […]

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