TOP TEN LIST: Things Jordany Valdespin Might Have Said to Terry Collins

top-10-list-2010-resized-600.jpg-300x228Well, the Mets made a roster move before the All-Star break, and sent Jordany Valdespin to Las Vegas. Reports vary on how the conversation between Valdespin and Collins went, some indicate Valdespin was upset and acted immature but we find that hard to believe. He has always been such a true professional.

Anyway, with our usual apologies and maybe more to come, here’s our Top Ten List of Things Jordany Valdespin Might Have Said to Terry Collins.


10. Is it a dry heat?

Dry Heat

9. But I’m the Man!

I'm the Man

8. Craps, Poker, Blackjack, Slots, so many investment opportunities.

7. And people thought there would be no Hangover 4!

Hangover 4

6. Is Ike coming with me?

Ike Davis

5. I heard that Wally Backman is a real ****sucker.

4. What happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas – until I tweet it!

3. You are going to miss me when I’m gone.


2. Man, I feel like Justin Verlander just hit me in the nuts with a fastball.

Jordany Hit

1. It’s not you, it’s me. No wait, it’s you.




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  1. Now we know why it took the Mets so long to send Jordany down to AAA: They were afraid to tell him.

  2. Eric says:

    Kid Gloves on Duda and Davis—this kid gets 70 ab’s and they can’t stop spanking him in public. Every JV move or utterance is disclosed, rebroadcasted and responded to publicly.

    :Lovehim..Hate him—you don’t PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE (YES–PUNCH!!!) with a cream Pie….you don’t tell another team to THROW AT HIM….

    I hate this team.. I love the Mets…… This shit has to stop.. You wanna tackle a problem—go after a core guy—kick his ass in public and the mnedia.

    What a Gutless assortment of PUKE

  3. RAFF says:

    It’s almost as if they just kept Valdespin aboard so they could kick him around in public, when they were so inclined. Don’t get me wrong- It Sounds like he’s a real problem-child, and sending him down was a long foregone conclusion. In fact> Cutting Him loose completely seems to be the only logical path at this point… Giving him the boot from time to time seems to have been the only point of the last 60 days of his “Big-Show” tenure…

  4. Michael Geus says:

    Valdespin was a guy with some speed, but not a real burner, some power, but not a lot. Zero baseball instincts, and he can’t field.

    And then sprinkle in generously that all reports have been that he drove everybody nuts. Yet no matter what he did they never just sent him down to send a message to him and the rest of the team.

    So it did sound like he was a problem child, which will always make me wonder why nothing was done about the guy.

    Now reports are that he went a little nuts when he was finally sent down. Can you blame him? The message these guys sent him all year was that you can do anything you want and it’s O.K.

    The first time the guy was out of line he should have been shipped out. Coddling Valdespin was wrong on every level, and the person used the most in the process was Jordany. If they gave a crap about him as a player he would have been dealt with, he was treated as a disposable asset all along.

    William Miller pointed it out in our comments section a long-time ago, Valdespin was giving the front office a diversion in the first half of the year. Now that they feel they don’t need that anymore he is gone.

    Don’t expect to see him again.

    Nobody comes out of this looking good to me.

  5. Eric says:

    I’ll be a little bit surprised if V has a career..a little, He has Talent and Testes to play the Game. He couldn’t field SS when he was a SS….and he couldn’t field 2b either—and THEN, he was a Learn on the Job Outfielder….

    …. and I wouldn’t be overly surprised to never hear from him again.

  6. Michael Geus says:

    He clearly has the Testes.

  7. RAFF says:

    Aristotle postulated that Nature Abhors A Vacuum. Valdespin filled a convenient space in the Mets’ “Vessel” – a common point of focus at which to direct the angst and derision which exists in a failed organization. A Pain in the ass on his own accord, to be sure – But A CONVENIENT pain in the ass that they wheeled out and periodically flogged publicly to exorcise the demons of their failure. NOW – He is gone – and he no longer represents the Common Enemy against whom the management and players can rail & deride in a united fashion. Rule Of Order can fill the Vacuum – But does anyone out their see authority or any degree of unanimity in the Clubhouse, The Manager’s Office, or the Front Office & Management which predicates the inculcation & Adoption and Acceptance of a Rule Of Order for This Franchise? They have Bad Players, Vacillating Field Management, and a completely incoherent – NO,,, NON-EXISTENT Overall set of Front-Office and Management Core Philosophy & Direction. There are other “bad-eggs” in that clubhouse. Perhaps one of them will step up to take Valdy’s place and restore the only order they have established.

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