Top Ten List: 2013 Mets Marketing Slogans

With apologies to David Letterman, we have our first “2 Guys” Top Ten list.


10. We Have the 2013 All Star Game — And Nothing Else 

9. Outfielders? Outfielders?! We Don’t Need No Stinking Outfielders!

8. If You Don’t Like What You See, Lower Your Expectations (Thank you, Dan N.)

7. It’s Still Omar’s Fault

6. Buy a Ticket or We Are Bringing Back Mike Nickeas — This Is Not an Idle Threat

5. Hey, $63 Isn’t What It Used To Be

4. Because Sometimes You’ve Just Got to Say, WTF!

3. Now With Less CHIPPER!

2. Bring the Kids — They Don’t Really Know Shit About Baseball, Anyway! 

And the #1 Top Mets Marketing Slogan for 2013 . . .

1. That Creepy Elf Dickey is Gone!



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  1. One of our rejected slogans: “If it doesn’t kill you, it will only make you stronger!”

  2. Another: “Maybe you’ll get to see that red-headed clown throw a pie!”

  3. Huge credit to Sandy for discarding some of the biggest symbols of ineptitude last season, and the prime targets for fan frustration: Bay, Torres, Nickeas.

    I don’t think he can flip Francisco until July, if he’s healthy & hasn’t imploded.

    Can Justin Turner be far behind?

  4. ZAP says:

    Hey guys, you missed:

    “It’s Opening Day, and here is the first pitch…and the seasons over!”

    (From Fox’s Family Guy)

  5. Ken H. says:

    Honorable mention for #11:

    At least we don’t have Mark Sanchez.

  6. Oh, I got a new one!

    Good Seats While You Wait.

  7. ZAP says:

    I’m dating myself with this one:

    Original slogan from AVIS: “We Try Harder”
    New METS slogan : “We Try Hard”ly”

  8. ZAP says:

    by Alex Giobbi (analyst)

    “More Like ’62 than you think”

  9. Dan says:

    If the Mets played in the NBA, they would be suspended for taking a dive on 2013.

  10. Tom M says:

    #2 is still my favorite

  11. Hazmet says:

    Number 5 resonates. When I was at a game last year the slogan I thought of was: “Come for the parking, stay for the game”.

  12. srt says:

    9. Outfielders? Outfielders?! We Don’t Need No Stinking Outfielders!

    3. Now With Less CHIPPER!

  13. […] forced. After all, “patience” is the byword of the Mets organization. It could be the new Mets Marketing Slogan: “CITI FIELD: Where Patience Is King! If You Like to Wait, You’ll Love This […]

  14. […] I look at it now, the one that rings the truest is one that neither Jimmy nor I submitted, but a statement that one of our readers sent our way. Thanks, Dan […]

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