This Year’s Father’s Day Gift from the NY Mets: They’ve Cleared Your Summer Calendar


You know how it is, especially if you’ve got kids.

The summer calendar fills up fast. A camping trip here, travel baseball games to coach, the daughter playing soccer, a vacation to plan, and . . . oh yeah . . . work.

Life gets busy.

It’s hard to squeeze everything in and still enjoy some peace and quiet, too.

Father’s Day comes along and suddenly, for one day (and one day only), folks ask, “What do you want?”

My answer is always the same: Free Time.

busy-calendarGive me a few hours when everybody just . . . leaves me . . . alone. I don’t have to be anywhere, drive anybody around, hustle off to the next thing.

Just let me sit here, you know. Catch my breath.

Well, there’s good news.

The New York Mets organization — as if recognizing my plight, and the situation of so many fans — has stepped in to make our lives that much more manageable.

We really don’t need to go to Citi Field this year.

It’s not just a huge financial savings. It gives us the greatest gift of all. Time. Free time.

jaybobblehead-webI’m not saying you shouldn’t ever go to the ballpark. The Mets will always come up with compelling reasons for us to visit the ballpark. There’s the 50 Cent concert and Jay Horowitz and . . .

I’m not calling for a boycott. If you love the game, sitting in the park is a great way to spend the day. Win or lose. I personally love being at the ballpark. So by all means, if you want to, go. Enjoy it. I know I’m planning on getting to a game with my boys this summer. But probably just one. Maybe two. No biggie, either way. I don’t expect much.

And as far as television goes, the New York Mets no longer qualify as “must see” TV. More often than not, there are better ways of spending your time. Or even better things to watch than a four-hour grind of uninspired baseball. Another sorry slog through 9 innings.

Of course, I’ll still watch. But not as often. And not nearly as often as I would if the games meant something. They don’t. Middle of June, it’s all pretty much pointless. Tejada batting leadoff. Chris Young in the 5-spot. Teagarden and Recker behind the dish.

So thank you, Fred & Sandy & Saul & the entire NY Mets family, for Clearing My Summer Calendar.

You’ve uncomplicated my life.

The franchise may be in ruins, but on the bright side . . .



-And, yeah, less joy and excitement, too.

Oh well. Can’t have everything.

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  1. Michael Geus says:

    I spent so many Father’s Days at Shea I do not know the count. I wasn’t there for Bunning. Both as a child and an “adult” and Father.

    For the second year in the row I have picked Belmont over Citi Field for Father’s Day. The odds of winning are greater.

    That is your legacy, Fred, Saul, Jeff, and Sandy.


  2. Eric says:

    Happy Father’s Day gentlemen! I would be more interested if it felt like they were building towards something. Colon pitches well and all I read about is how great it is that they can hopefully trade him and Murphy. When will we see progress from this team, and a change in the loser mentality?

    Oh well, I am sitting by the lake upstate, just me and the dog while the wife and daughter are in the house. “Alone time” and I am still thinking about this dreadful squad.

  3. Belinda Broido

    This Year’s Father’s Day Gift from the NY Mets | 2 Guys Talking Mets Baseball

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