THE BIG LIST of 32 PREDICTIONS for the 2013 Season — Including W-L Record









Mike: Marlon Byrd is going to be really bad.

Jimmy: But it will take 400 ABs for Terry Collins to notice.

Citi FieldMike: In my crystal ball, I see empty seats at Citi Field.

Jimmy: Shorter lines at the Shake Shack!

Mike: No, longer ones, it is the only reason people are at the park.

Jimmy: Somebody, somewhere, will longingly refer to “The Cecchini Era.

Mike: David Wright will be a true All Star.

Jimmy: Sean Marcum’s arm will explode.

Mike: Ike Davis becomes a legitimate middle of the order hitter.

Jimmy: In future psychological tests, when therapists mention the name “Ike Davis,” Mets fans will immediately answer, “Walked and stranded on first!”

2015_GENERALboxart_160wMike: Sandy Alderson begins saying “2015” in every conversation.

Jimmy: Um, Mike, I think that’s already happened. Royals GM, Dayton Moore, will accuse Sandy Alderson of plagerizing his “plan.”

Mike: Lucas Duda will not hit. It hurts me to type this one.

Jimmy: Lucas Duda will run into a wall. But do not fear, the wall will be in his own bathroom. He’s a little klutzy that way. Out two weeks, those towel hangers hurt.

Mike: Bobby Parnell has a big year.

Jimmy: Jordany Valdespin will get three hits in a game, including a HR, and sit the next day.

jtcreamMike: You will text me, disgustedly, every time Justin Turner starts a game

Jimmy: Terry Collins will put out a “gag lineup” with Jay Horowitz in RF. Not everyone will find that hysterical.

Mike: Matt Harvey is the most fun at the ballpark all year.

Jimmy: No, Zack Wheeler will electrify Ciit Field at times. He won’t be perfect, he won’t be ready, but he’ll be dominant.

Mike: Travis d’Arnaud comes up and is not a “difference maker,” as it is too late to make any difference.

Jimmy: Poor Reese Havens will make it to a MLB roster by the end of the year, in a different uniform.

Mike: John Buck is traded for a player to be named later and $11,000.

Jimmy: SNY analyst Bobby Valentine is going to piss somebody off. Too easy?

Mr. MetMike: Mr. Met tears his labrum during the fifth inning T-shirt toss.

Jimmy: The Mets crack medical staff puts him in a walking boot for four months, due to a mix-up with the files.

Mike: Aarron Laffey doesn’t make anyone forget Pat Misch.

Jimmy: Terry Collins will leave in Greg Burke for an inning too long — eight times this season.

James DolanMike: At the urging of David Howard, Jeff Wilpon joins J.D. and the Straight Shot as the new bass player.

Jimmy: Keith Hernandez will comment about the Mets right fielder playing awfully shallow, only to be corrected by Ron Darling who points out that it’s Daniel Murphy playing awfully deep.

Mike: Every Mets fan under 50 will continue to wonder which team Archie Bell played with.

Jimmy: The Mets will wear 37 different uniform jerseys, and 16 hat variations, and I won’t give a crap one way or the other. This isn’t Project Runway.

Mike: Over 70 wins baby! 71.

Jimmy: Not quite, Mike, 67 — this isn’t spring training anymore, we only play Houston 6 times. But more to the point, something will go wrong, because something always does, and the paper-thin Mets won’t have the reinforcements down on the farm.

OKAY, READERS, HOW ABOUT YOU? How many wins for the 2013 Mets? Be the first to get the correct number and win some crap from Mike’s basement!!!








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  1. Tom M says:

    73, and the first one is today. Also I’m pretty sure Jeff has jammed with JD already.

  2. 74 wins, including one against the Nats.

  3. Eric says:

    It’s a 68-74 win club…horrendous!

    IF they are rebuilding they should have the core of an 78-85 win club ON THE FIELD on August 10th. That would mean that the Major League USEABLE spare parts would have been traded for a variety of Now and Later upgrades. The young, high level outstanding prospects would be on the roster—starting and contributing. You should be able (on August 10th, 2013) to look at a team that is 2 off season moves away from competing in April 2014.

    Their wins this year are unimportant—- that’s because I’m dismissing any possibility of competing this year. WOW—I hope to be the biggest fool in the world, but that’s my outlook. All the same, I’d like to believe in the Re-Build….and I’d like to believe they aren’t in Purgatory Management— I want to see player progression and I’d like to see some decisions/moves based on the reality that the entire scenario will not be Home Grown. They need to re-balance and add…..and it’s Time to do it.

  4. It is truly sad, I don’t think I have ever cared less about opening day since I began regularly caring about baseball in back in 1983 when Tom Seaver returned to New York. My sister in a household deep with Yankee fans was consistently working the behind the scenes magic for the better part of the 70s and the return of the franchise gave her bold poetic licence to pull me in completely. While she was sure there were rumors of good players on the horizon, she could never have imagined the arrival of Keith Hernandez and the speed at which the Mets would go from laughing stock, to stocked. All the while Seaver’s return would be but for a summer.

    But I digress. If all goes exceedingly well this year the Mets will win 75 games. They will start relatively strong and manage to repeat the same illusions of 2001 and 2012. Only to buckle under in August when there is no one to trade to really bolster the teams roster and the kids while they are going to be strong (the top shelf ones) simply are not able to pick up the 2nd half struggles of Wright, Davis and Harvey.

    If all goes exceedingly poorly this year the Mets will win 75 games. Yes I said that and here is why I think it makes sense. They start god awful and by Memorial Day Terry Collins is bid adieu. Pressured to show some sign of a pulse that things are changing Sandy Alderson brings in Wally Backman to replace Collins, not Tim Tuefel or some other cast away in the wings.

    Instead of sulking and pouting through the final stages of a long tormented summer, Wright, Davis and Harvey are driven to succeed as Travis d’Arnaud arrives equipped with papers that say see you in 2019, along with Backman. The Mets wait until after the all-star break with Wheeler purely because he is pitching well but inconsistent with strikes early in the year.

    People will be overly optimistic about 2014, which can only ride on the success of the minor leagues, so that players can be packaged to get a couple of premium pieces for the major league roster.

    In the end, 2013 is a lot more about how the guys behind d’Arnaud, Wheeler produce in the system.

    • Eric says:

      Good observation about “the guys behind d’Arnaud and Wheeler”. As for “what they produce”—some of that may be production in terms of Player Assets. THAT will be the test of this Front Office— Are they Willing and Capable…will they be ALLOWED to manage a Big League Team in a Major Market?

      IF this is to be a successful season it will be judges by the 2014 outlook, NOT 2013 wins. The 2013 Season would include the progress of “other prospects”, and it would also include Mid Season moves that point toward 2014 contention.

      • I ended up picking 67, which surprised me, as it’s a pretty negative number. It could have been 71, like Mike, but that seemed pretty boring. Patrick used that phrase, “If all goes exceedingly well.” So that’s how I landed on 67, but all never goes exceedingly well. If Ike struggles, if David gets hurt, if one of our 2-3 good, healthy pitchers goes on the DL, there’s no replacements. You look at the AAA starting rotation and it’s not impressive. The outfield? Not impressive. I just don’t have how this team answers the call if there’s any bad luck at all. That said, it’s awfully hard to lose 95 games, especially when you have such gamers at Wright and Harvey, Niese and Davis and Parnell, so I hope I’m wrong about this season. Without d’Arnaud & Wheeler, where does this farm system rank? If Sandy doesn’t trade two Omar signings, where are we?

  5. Alan K. says:

    69 wins. The Mets hare some talented young players but as a whole the talent level is lacking. I think that Alderson will come under fire by the fans and media but Terry Collins will take the fall.

  6. Eric says:

    James…I think that’s really an off the mark statement. AAA is now a Quick Polishing Station for the top tier talent, and a Shuttle Stop for MLB “spare parts”. Most of the big talent spends just a partial year at AAA—that’s a big gripe for AAA team owners.

    The bench parts are guys like Quintanilla, Lutz, Carson, Campbell—the quality and depth of ready players is about as good as I’ve seen from the Mets. Some of those “parts” will eventually have good careers.

    I find the AA Roster a bit short on top tier guys…and that’s were most of nthe really interesting talent and the dramatic POPS really happen in player development.

    The arms up and down the organization are interesting….. The top to bottom look will be dramatically different by August…That’s my hope

    • Well, I guess we disagree on “nothing,” by which I meant, “better then replacement level filler.” The roster is essentially the guys who came to came to camp and were not considered good enough to make the team: Hicks, Satin, Bixler, Powell, Brown, Hoffman, Havens, Lutz. Outside of d’Arnaud and Flores, there’s no young guy knocking on the door. Nobody with a whole lot of talent.

      Now I understand how it works, and the differences between AA and AAA nowadays. (Which is partly why, again, I’ve been up front in my belief that Wheeler and d’Arnaud don’t need more time at AAA.)

      So much is said about the farm system, the talent coming up, and my basic thought is, “Not in 2014.” Most of it still comes down to wishin’ and hopin’.

      The AAA rotation is Wheeler, McHugh, Laffey, Schwinden, and Torres. At AA, Montero looks interesting, though might just become a nice reliever. Gorski did not impress me; Pill is the soft-throwing, control guy, the little RHP; Mazzoni not all that different, though some folks seem very excited about him; Goeddel has some arm injury history, etc. There’s pretty much zippo at position players, in terms of guys who we could imagine starting and helping the Mets win a championship in 2014, 15, 16, 17.

      The logjam starts at St. Lucie –> which is a long way from NY. As a rule, I can’t get excited about those pitchers yet, though I’m most interested in Fulmer, Syndergaard, and Tapia. But I’m not an expect; we’ll see.

  7. Eric says:

    James— a Championship team LIVES on having plenty of Major League ready to perform Guys—- REPLACEMENT LEVEL FILLER is what you call them. The last contending Mets Squads DIED from the lack of those guys. QUALITY replacement parts are crucial—– They can’t all be allstars.

    I don’t refer to ready and able ballplayers as NOTHING. I love their AAA team—it has parts—I’m more concerned that the AA squad does not yet have a Knock Down Star Potential guy…maybe they play all of those games to “reveal” who’s who?

    • Eric, I think it’s an interesting POV. I invite you to write something up about the ideal AAA team — what it should look like, how it should function in today’s baseball — and talk about the Mets Las Vegas team in that context. That is, you “love” it. We’d post it here as a GUEST POST. It’s a good topic.

      The bigger issue here, for me, is that a blog such as this, or any good baseball conversation, can’t be about AGREEMENT. Healthy, respectful back-and-forth is essential — so I appreciate and value your input, even when you’re wrong. Ha.

      What about the Port St. Lucie regulars? I drew an almost complete blank when I glanced over the names of the position players. Is this the group that fared so poorly at Kingsport last season? (Obviously, I’ve got some research to do.)


  8. eric says:

    James… I’ll consider writing a column. Not sure of all the steps, how to get it to you, etc. I’m sure it will be much more challenging to submit a full column, rather than attacking your posts!…. “Hey Betsey, the flag looks good…I noticed a missed stitch or two, but NICE!”

    I enjoy the actual BASEBALL Talk here…and the opportunity to be Wrong….Thanks!!!!!

    • Eric, send me an email at I’ll help you through. Basically, just give me a clean copy on Word or whatever, and I’ll review, proof, add art, post. Note: 1,000 words maximum. Thanks for considering. In my wildest dream, this site remains a smallish place with a core of thoughtful, respectful, intelligent readers who comment and enjoy some back-and-forth. We’re glad you’re here.

  9. Michael Geus says:

    It’s not about right or wrong to us, it is about ideas. They are always welcome, we are a bunch of folks talking about the Mets.

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