The 2014 Mets: No More Free Passes

Frank Francisco

Here we are, another September, and this Mets team is close to unwatchable. Okay, who am I kidding, it is totally unwatchable. Just in case you might want to peek, like at a bad car accident, now we have the daily chance that we might have to see Frank Francisco. This is an example of just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, well, it can. But let’s all take a deep breath; some of the current problem is the result of solid decisions. The team would be better off right now with Byrd and perhaps even Buck here. Just yesterday we spoke of how shutting Wright down would be smart. We are watching a bad team finish up. It’s human nature to be ticked off about it, and I find it all very depressing, but it also inevitable. So I am cheered by the fact that it is indeed September. Because it has been September from the start. This team has been run like it was mathematically eliminated since Spring Training. We made a big joke about all of this way back in December with our very first Top Ten list, the 2013 Mets Marketing Slogans. When I look at it now, the one that rings the truest is one that neither Jimmy nor I submitted, but a statement that one of our readers sent our way. Thanks, Dan N.

“If you don’t like what you see, lower your expectations.”

So cheer up, because the 2013 Mets death march is almost over. That is what this has been all along. Flotsam like Aaron Laffey was given to us to endure when Zack Wheeler was a phone call away, and other than dumpster diving we sat out the offseason, like some team awaiting contraction. And the message, much louder than a whisper, was this:

“You lasted this long, hang in there one more year, just one more year, c’mon, you can hang on with us one more year.”

Bad contractsWell, that year is almost over. And the Johan Santana and Jason Bay contracts, spoken and written about as if they are larger than the combined payrolls of the Yankees and Dodgers, mercifully end. You see, folks, a wonderful thing is coming. It’s hard to see because Frank Francisco is in the way, but it is right around the corner. Accountability. It’s time. No more free passes, no more excuses.

In the meantime it’s a beautiful day today, let’s play two. And don’t get upset; feel proud you have almost made it through another rough season, knowing 2014 will be different.

These guys would never lie to us, right?


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  1. RAFF says:

    So a simple question> What exactly has been accomplished?? — I mean other than just waiting for the year to pass and a couple of bad contracts to expire. BTW- let’s put this in proper context- I know this is review for most> they went from $93mm in 2012 to $73 this year- Bad Contracts and all… They’re 22nd in spending… They are in Small market spending territory… Another Question: If they have a target for $100-110 million, which is still very low for a big market team, then why didn’t they get there this year? Of course- these questions are all rendered purely rhetorical, because; All of Their answers, Their alleged plans, Their supposed spending targets… They’re all lies.

    • Alan K. says:

      The expiration of the Santana and Bay contract frees up money that the Mets ostensibly will use to address other needs. If the Mets don’t wind up investing that money it will indeed expose the owners as liars and raise new questions as to their financial viability.

      • RAFF says:

        They freed up almost $20 million last year, versus 2012- went from $93million to $73Million… Why didn’t they acquire a couple of proven major leaguers with that money? Has any Mets Official actually come out and stated for the record what they are targeting as a steadily funded annual payroll and when they are going to start spending at that target level?

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