Strawberry’s Grill Strikes Out

A small quality of life issue hit me last weekend when I headed over to Strawberry’s Sports Grill for lunch only to find out that they had went out of business. When it comes to food and ambience everyone has their own tastes and I enjoyed Straw’s place and frequented it on a number of occasions. Clearly not health conscious but neither am I and I thought the Ribs and Chicken were very good and the Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon was stupendous. I know it seems a little over the top to rave about Mac and Cheese but it was that good.

We ran into Darryl twice and he couldn’t have been nicer and his brother Michael was always at the place and was a congenial host. There was a lot of cool Met and Yankee stuff up and business seemed brisk enough to me but we primarily went on the weekend.  I’m guessing the location was hurtful; you have to know Queens to know where it is, at the end of a dead end block by the Douglaston train station. Being right by a LIRR station used to be a great location but the world is so car focused now and if you didn’t know the Grill was there no one was ever going to pass it.

Anyway, goodbye Strawberry’s we hardly knew you.

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  1. Alan K says:

    Sorry to hear the restaurant closed, especially since I never got the chance to visit the place. I recently read that there is a 60% failure rate for a restaurant in the first two years, so Darryl had an uphill battle, especially since the location seems to have been an issue. I used to go to a restaurant Frank Viola and John Franco owned in the early 90’s called Frankie and Johnny’s. Although the food was very good and they had a better location than Darryl (on Union Turnpike, a few blocks from St John’s, that restaurant didn’t last more than a year or so.

    • Michael Geus says:

      Remember it well,went there a few times on my way to SJU basketball games. But yes, closed rather quickly indeed.

  2. James Preller says:

    I used to eat at Richie Hebner’s place. When you walked in, he punched customers in the face. It was weird. I don’t think, deep down, he ever loved playing for the Mets.

    OTOH: Long live Bobby V’s!

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