Some Thoughts on the Long Weekend: Abreu, CY, a Solid Bullpen, Jon Niese All-Star, and More

lucas-duda-5-baronIf anyone has ever uttered the phrase, “There is no such thing as too much baseball,” they might not have seen this weekend’s Mets versus Phillies series. I remember years ago reading a biography of Hank Aaron that included a tale of Hank getting sick from eating eight slices of pizza as a boy. Around 4:45 on Sunday, while not so breathlessly waiting for my first glimpse of Dana Eveland as a New York Met, I had a similar sensation. Thankfully Lucas Duda ended the latest madness in time for me to get a quick breath of fresh air before Monday arrived again. My lungs thank you for that Mr. Duda.

A few other quick thoughts from my lost weekend.

* I could never get too upset about Abreu. I figured he would mostly pinch hit, and that idea intrigued me. Now he is playing a lot and again I can’t see the harm. Who is he blocking? When we do have a lead, Terry needs to get him out of there late in games, but that is nitpicking. So far Bobby has been a big surprise, a positive one. I wouldn’t have predicted this level of success.

* Along those lines a little bit, Lagares heads to New York for an MRI. To stay positive, if Lagares goes on the DL, Chris Young pretty much has to play every day. He won’t be perceived as in anyone’s way, so any possible outside pressure on the guy should decrease. Hopefully he can step it up, because how he has been playing is tough to watch and not helping the New York Mets or Chris Young.

* Montero is headed back to Vegas, and he could be stuck there for a bit. The command that was advertised wasn’t there, but it was only a few games. Hopefully we see Rafael back before too long, and I wouldn’t mind if it has to be in a bullpen role in 2014.

* Speaking of the bullpen, you can’t play all these long games unless they are doing their job. Black looks way better than the guy we saw this spring. Black reminds me of Parnell in that I wonder if he would be better off sitting at 95 than at 99.

* Jimmy boldly predicted the All-Star game for Familia. It’s a little late now for that to happen, but Familia is showing the type of day-in-and-day-out performances now that make that prediction look more interesting.

* Speaking of the All-Star game, Jon Niese is quietly pitching like someone who belongs on the team. Awesome job by Niese going deep in yesterday’s game when it was absolutely needed.

Jon Niese


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  1. It’s frightening, as a Mets fan, how evenly matched these two teams are. Because I think of the Phillies as baaaaad. Also, curious to see Bartolo tonight. A ballpark that is not a great match for him.

  2. Eraff says:

    The Phils, like the Mets, are about 5 players short of a full load. At the top of their cycle, they would decide whether Victorino OR Werth were in the lineup for a game…they had depth and flexibility and their stars were young.

    The Mets could have a nice team with a 100-110 million dolar payroll RIGHT NOW. The Phils need the same additions On Top of their 180 million (wow!!!) payroll.

    • I just wish that Curtis Granderson could be bad the same way that Howard is bad, though that’s largely a function of the ballpark. Howard: .229 BA, .301 OBP — but 11 HR and 39 RBI. A brutally awful player on his way to another 30/100 season.

  3. Eraff says:

    I expect Curtis to hit 230-260 with 25 hr’s and 80-90 ribs. Not a Brutal failure. I always felt he was “off the mark” as a signing, but not brutally so.

    Choo was “The Fit”, but a longer commitment than they’d like.

    The rest of the menu on FA is/was totally unacceptable—the main attraction being short commitment. The $17 million to Young and Bartolo could have been spent in many ways…in many cases with a longer view and longer contracts.

    I don’t see the “taking advantage of market inefficiencies”, 4 years in.

  4. I worried Jon Niese might be toast this Spring Training. Didn’t he go for two MRI’s? Not usually a precursor to the type of season he’s had so far. #goodtobewrong.

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