Some Quick Thoughts: Dumb and Dumber, Insanity at Shortstop, Wheeler Struggles, and More


A few random thoughts today, as our series with the Dodgers, the team that Bud Selig allowed to be free, continues:

– Speaking of free, somewhere between 3:00 and 5:00 on Friday my Twitter timeline basically exploded, with the “FreeLagares” stuff. I don’t have much to add on the issue that was at hand, I’ve been upfront for a long time that Lagares should play a lot more than he played the last week. As for the outcry, most of what I saw was directed at Collins, I would say 90% of it. But if Terry is dumb, or a fool, or an idiot, or whatever else people called him this weekend, what is Sandy? The thing that made Lagares a no-brainer choice to be our everyday center fielder was the price tag. Yet Sandy signed Chris Young as his very first move of the winter at over $7 million, and promised him playing time. Look, if anyone wants to rail at Terry over this, be my guest. I didn’t hear one word from Collins over the weekend in his own defense that makes me interested in defending him. But Terry didn’t create this mess, he just can’t figure out how to manage it. I do promise more on Collins tomorrow, a lot more, for now this is all I can muster as I found the entire uproar exhausting.

– Okay, what the hell is going on at shortstop? Insanity here too, for way too long, from the top to the bottom of the organization. That’s it, that is all I’m going to say on the topic, I’m not wasting my brainpower trying to make sense out of this.

Sandy Alderson, getting mad at TC for not properly explaining why Tejada is Sandy's favorite son

Sandy Alderson, getting mad at TC for not properly explaining why Tejada is Sandy’s favorite son

– Mack Ade does a great job every day with his Morning Report, but he outdid himself Monday. Picking out one quote from this is tough, and I urge folks to click on the link I’m providing and read all of it. But I did have one favorite,

“It looks like the Mets will once again be burdened with two more long-term Alderson-clunker deals. Remember Frank Francisco (2-yr, $12mil)? Why does it always seems the minute after Alderson closes a multiple year deal, we’re writing about what we can get for them during the next all-star break trading season?”

Kudos, Mack.

– Zack Wheeler is officially struggling. There is nothing strange going on here, what was strange was Matt Harvey showing up and just being awesome right out of the gate. Also, keep in mind, Wheeler might never figure it out. Or he might, and Noah Syndergaard might show up and never be anything special. On the other hand, maybe Jake deGrom will end up the bomb. I’ve said this before, but I get truly excited when a player starts to prove himself at the major league level. Getting too excited about minor league statistics is a good way to set yourself up for a lot of disappointment. I root for the Mets and the Knicks, I already have my share of that.

Dolan on GuitarJeff-Wilpon






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  1. Eraff says:

    Wheeler looks like……….. A Young Pitcher.

    If a guy is making his major league bones and projects as a long term competitive starter He CANNOT be considered a disappointment. This delusion that they’ll promote a Parade of Next Gen Cy Youngers and HOF’ers would seem funny if only it weren’t so Maddening.

    This is the exciting part of watching a young team—there IS some unreasonable hope and expectation, and it’s Fun! Management needs to fill in around all of that to support it, and make the team competitive and balanced.

    • Patrick Boegel says:

      The delusion is what they have been selling and pimping the last three plus years. Wait until the arms arrive, wait until the arms arrive.

      Now I know, everyone is not going to be lights out, hell I was making that argument three years ago when the pimping began.

      Here is the problem though, the sucker fanbase that points fingers at anyone who doesn’t “gotta believe” kept wagging their fingers and flapping their gums in defense of the process, foretelling of the coming arrival of the “NEXT 1984″.

      It ain’t happening, sorry to say. Because in 1984 there were pitchers and position players a plenty, to field on a roster and dangle in trades.

      The best position player hopes the Mets have currently are both still playing in A+ ball. And thank god, because whenever they arrive at CitiField lord knows what scrap heap free agent will be forcing them to play in a rotational outfield.

      I’d have love to been wrong, but 2014 is rapidly shaping up to be another 74-88 season of abject boredom and disinterest.

      The worst of the possible four outfielders in the Quad keeps getting trotted out is some mishap love affair as if he was the key to the Mets going “.500″ from June 11th on last year!

      It is unwatchable baseball.

      • When they are still trying to figure out what they’ve got with Ruben Tejada, you know you’re f**ked. Or, I mean, you know they are lying through their teeth, taking you for an idiot.

        It sucks. I’m feeling a little too bitter about the state of management these days. Last night, I watched a few innings, then turned it off. My wife asked, “Is the game over?”

        “No, I just . . .” my voice trailed off. I just figured there was a better way to spend my time.

        In the morning I read that the game lasted more than four hours, the second-longest 9-inning game in Mets history. Valverde, Edgin. Ruben Tejada pinch-hitting. I missed all of that and more. And all I felt was relief, like I had dodged a bullet.

        • Michael Geus says:

          In todays New York Post I caught a quote from Sandy, he has only seen Flores play short once. So you are not the only one who finds this team tough to watch.

  2. My friend asked a great question this morning. We were talking about the hitters, and Hudgens, and Howard Johnson — and how David Wright looks these days, and so on — and he finally asked, “Is Bill Robinson still alive?”

    Because, you know, maybe that’s worth a try. And even if he isn’t . . .

  3. Eraff says:

    Luckily (Ha!), the Mets have been on TV recently as my Cable Provider has been working out a snafu in my Extra Innings Order— I finally got the package back uo and running in the Middle of the first inning last night. At 10:30 I began PRAYING for the end of the game. Having waited a couple of weeks to get the programming back up and running, I refused to bail out on the game—- 7 pitchers/ 4 plus hours….. must be a better way!!!

  4. Eraff says:

    Bill Robinson Died in 2007. I remember him as a prominent mention as a possible managerial candidate at some point…he quickly (mysteriously?) faded from Mets View….spend his latter days as a hitting instructor

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