Some Friendly Advice for Ike Davis

1960 Ford Falcon 2-Door Sedan. - 1Last week Ike Davis had to come out of a game because he was too tired to continue. Ike had to be pretty pooped, what with the half dozen or so appearances he made all spring. That got me thinking of Ike’s walk up song, “Start Me Up.” It’s wildly inappropriate, getting Davis started is harder than trying to get an old Ford Falcon to turn over.

So I thought it’s time to change it to something more fitting and came up with a few ideas.

Overall I’m open to all ideas, but there has to be something better than what he is using now.

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  1. Don P says:

    Hey! I had a Ford Falcon! It’s ONLY redeeming quality was it’s dependability! It was very unlike Ike! If Davis was a car he’d be a Delorean. Looks great, but can’t get it out of first gear.

  2. Joey Vito says:

    Great article but Ike does not accept taking advice. Funny when Im listening to the radio and “Start Me Up” comes on I immediately have change the station.

  3. Reese Kaplan says:

    Bunny Berigan did a more appropriate song in 1937 also covered by Billie Holiday and Coleman Hawkins called “I Can’t Get Started”.

    Then, of course, you could also use “Born Under a Bad Sign” though with the bunion forearm contusion that might be more appropriate for Jenrry Mejia, particularly the refrain, “If it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have no luck at all.”

  4. James Preller says:

    For the record, my Final Four remains intact. Mike has one team left.

    • Michael Geus says:

      Yes, good job. Once my Ducks fell it became domino-like. Now all I have left is to root against Wisconsin.

      I hate “flop ball.” Real men hold their ground, if only more referees agreed. All the flopping overall drives me nuts but the Badgers take it to a new level. I feel like I’m watching a diving team.

  5. Have never really been a fan of Ike Davis… and I can’t even tell you why. I guess it is a vibe I get from the guy. Every time I see him at the plate, I get the impression that he would rather be anywhere but there. Kind of like the kid in Little League whose Dad makes them play- no matter what.

    On a different note… has anyone noticed Eric Campbell? I spent most of this spring away from baseball and really was not able to follow closely. His numbers are impressive both batting and fielding. A real utility player. Had a decent spring totaling 117.1 innings. He played a respectable 47 innings at first. He hit .304 in 46 plate appearances. The few times I did watch a game, when he was playing, he did not give the impression of being fatigued. I know he doesn’t have much ML experience. With the ever looming debate at first base and the fact that this team has a pitcher heavy roster, I would think he is a lock for a place on the big team. What am I missing???

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