Some Friday Quick Hits: Laffey, Hairston, Red Sox, and Our Outfield

* The Mets signed Aaron Laffey to a minor league deal. He apparently pitched for the Yankees, I don’t remember him. His statistics back that up, they are worth forgetting too. Pedro Feliciano stunk like this too, then he learned a new arm angle and became pretty good for a few years. Darren Oliver became good in 2006 for no apparent reason. Of course Laffey is more likely going to emulate Pat Misch. Let’s go with he will be in Vegas or we will be in trouble.

* I’m convinced Scott Hairston just finished his career year. With money flowing like water everywhere but in Queens, I’m surprised he is still unsigned. Given our current dearth of outfielders, I should really want Sandy to sign him but I can’t get there. This is the problem with the level of players we are currently dealing with post-Madoff. You never really want any of them.

* I was impressed with how quickly the Red Sox shed so much salary in 2012, unlike the Alderson water torture approach we have been enduring. It was very decisive, and showed how that is done. Not so the way it is being reinvested. Shane Victorino, Mike Napoli (maybe), Joel Hanrahan, Jonny Gomes, Ryan Dempster, and David Ross. Good luck with all that, Boston, I don’t think this team will win 82 games.

* There must still be a trade coming for an outfielder. Maybe we are going to do something bigger than any of us are expecting. We still have all these pitching prospects, and now we added another one in Syndergaard. Also, Flores is an awkward fit. We have movable parts, and are desperate for outfield help. We can’t really be trucking out this outfield crew, can we?



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  1. Eric says:

    Their budget is so restrictive that they make trades/moves 1 at a time…. their timetable does not seem to be at the same pace as the player market is running. The idea that they will acquire players next year when their budget allows is bogus….. it doesn’t match the reality of the player pool.

    Admittedly the market is overheated…..and their approach nay be that there is no reason (outside of fan discontent….which they obviously dismiss!) to do anything NOW…..they may be right!!! Why sacrifice a forward talent for a midrange player when you’re only winning 75 games or so?

    The solution may be longer range…a team loses a Catcher in June/july…. John Buck is now at a higher Value in the Market. The same may apply to a range of players on their roster who could become more valuable or just more “situationally” valuable…….

    • Good comment, Eric. I want to write about this soon, but yeah, sad as it seems, you may have hit the mark when you wrote: “…they may be right!” That is, it really might make the most sense — for now — to avoid foolish contracts for mediocre players. It’s why I thought Ross would have been a bad move, and why I think Marcum, for all his upside, presented too great an injury risk for a going-nowhere-this-year team in the Mets position. I’d rather gamble on youth than on a guy who won’t be on the team in 2015. Then again, I might just be suffering from Post Madoff Syndrome (PMS). Ha, that would be a good blog post: “Are You Suffering from PMS?”

  2. Michael Geus says:

    Welcome Eric, agree 100% that Alderson seems very constrained by ownership, including timing.

  3. A few things:

    * Been away, and man, I’m stuffed.

    * I completely missed the thrill of the Laffey signing.

    * I feel like I am definitely suffering from Post-Madoff Syndrome, where I don’t want any of these free agents. I certainly didn’t want Ross or Marcum. That said, I want Hairston; we need his bat against LHP. Yes, it was a career year last season, but not that far off the mark. He’s hit 17 HRs in part-time duty in 2008 and 2009. When you look at his numbers from 2012, they are far from his norm. He’s relatively cheap and, more importantly, I think you can keep him for a two-year deal. I think 350-400 PAs is about right.

    • Eric says:

      I like the Laffey signing…at least “structurally”.

      Laffey is a fairly young and (YES) Mediocre/competitive lefty…65 starts…100 appearances. Arb eligible, they decided to non-tender him and avoid 5-6 million bucks.

      That’s his game log from 2012—-I have NEVER IN MY LIFE seen him pitch— He has some pretty good outings against some pretty solid lineups(yeah—he has some bad one ones, but don’t forget: Laffey Means FIFTH STARTER in baseball speak.

      At 27 he has some innings….frankly, he has NO underlying statistical fundementals, but he is Lannan-Esque!!!… A guy who HOPES to be a pale resemblance to Jamie Moyer.

      SO…. the Mets get to Sniff on the Cheap…. Laffey tries to find a way to get big league innings in a BIG Big league Ball Park—with a chance to make a staff as a now and later option…and MAYBE an actual ML Contract NEXT YEAR.

      This i signing that makes alot of sense—maybe luck hits them.

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