Quick Takes: Brandon Lyon, Ike Talks, and Some Zeppelin Too

Tyson ChandlerBefore we get to a few Mets items today, one quick basketball thought. It is fun to watch Carmelo Anthony do his thing, and J.R. Smith is always good for a chuckle. And as he has rounded into shape, Amare Stoudamire has looked fantastic. But the one guy I love to watch game in and game out is none of those guys. It’s Tyson Chandler. This is a guy who played defense last year while being coached by Mike D’Antoni. He was probably getting fined every night. It is great he is an All Star this year and certainly deserving. The offense might flow through Melo but the defense flows through Chandler. They are equally indispensable. Okay, back to business.


Hold on a sec, Mike. I have the same thought when watching Chandler: This is one of the only guys in today’s NBA whom I could imagine fitting in seamlessly with the ’69-70 Knicks. He wouldn’t have to change his game or his attitude. By the way, J.R. always reminds me of John Starks. When he’s hot, he’s hot. When he’s not . . . he keeps shooting. Carry on!


* Sandy Alderson is on a roll with pitchers. First Shaun Marcum, now Brandon Lyon. I’m serious, dead serious, Lyon should be an excellent pick-up. Closing would be a stretch but not much else. I expect reliability from Lyon and that is a rare commodity in many relievers.

* Marlon Byrd. Yes, Sandy is on a roll with outfielders too. He’s rolling craps. At this point he really should just walk away from the table.

* The waiting game goes on with the Bourn saga. I just can’t get too into this thing. It doesn’t feel real to me, it feels like we are being used. I guess I still remember when we were going to swoop in and get Vladimir Guerrero on the cheap. This feels exactly like that.


* Tip of the hat to the folks at Studious Metsimus — Ed Leyro and Joey Beartran — for their 13-week series of “The Mets That Got Away.” The series seeks to spotlight players who established themselves in New York, only to become stars after leaving town. Last Monday it was Jeff Reardon, and before that: Nolan Ryan, Melvin Mora, Kevin Mitchell, and Amos Otis. I’m thinking guys like Ken Singleton, Jeff Kent, and Rick Aguilera must be on their list. Lastings Milledge, not so much. The series is well-researched and nicely written. Great job, guys, thanks.

* Every huge baseball fan should make the pilgrimage to Wrigley Field. It’s a timeless sojourn to a great city. Mike and I went together 4-5 years back, enjoyed two games, and had a hell of a steak dinner, too. If that sounds good to you, the folks at The 7 Line are cooking up a road trip. They’ve organized events at Citi Field in the past, with group games of 860 seats, but this is a new endeavor. Check it out, tickets won’t go on sale for a couple of weeks. You may remember 7 Line founder, Darren Meenan, from the photo below. Oh well.



Now working for the Mets?

Now working for the Mets?

* At one boring point this offseason I joked about possible 2013 Marketing Slogans. I remember last year I kept saying it should be, “We are going to be better than you think.” Why? Everybody was saying it. Collins, Anderson, even Ike Davis. What a terrible thing to ever say about your own team, the implications are so negative. Can you ever imagine a manager of a good team saying it? So the other day Mike Francesca called Davis out on it and Ike said, “First of all, seventy-four is a lot more than you thought we were gonna win. People thought we were gonna lose one hundred games. I said we’d be better than you thought.”

Ha! These guys are mind readers, they knew what we were thinking! Well, Mr. Davis, you are wrong. I thought the 2012 Mets were going to win 107 games, so you guys failed me, big time. Next time you are going to say that, call first, this way there will be no misunderstandings.

* Ike also listed 100 walks as a goal. I get it, patience is a virtue, but when your outfield projects to be the teams 6, 7, and 8 hitters don’t you want your slugging first baseman hacking?

* In the end I can’t stop thinking about Turner’s walk-up song. It just has to change. In the meantime we keep searching for the right one. Today’s nominee is “Custard Pie” by Led Zeppelin, suggested by my partner, Jimmy. And if any of you want to chime in, I’m always open to suggestions.






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  1. I love Zeppelin, but always thought “Custard Pie” got a little too repetitive. How about, “Stuck in the Middle With You,” by Steelers Wheel?
    As for Davis wanting to draw a hundred walks, that’s a great thing. More patience at the plate means he’ll get more good pitches to hit. Look at the great hitters in the past who put up big power numbers, but also walked a lot. Why give away outs swinging at the pitcher’s pitch? Dave Kingman used to hit some homers, too, when he used to hit the ball at all. Hacking is for softball teams and beer-keg leagues. If the Mets outfield is going to suck, Davis isn’t going to improve it by hitting the occasional solo homer while going 0-4 two days out of three.

    • Thanks for the comment, William. “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right.” Hmmmm, you might be onto something, though I’m not sure Justin should be the one pointing fingers.

      I was thinking that Turner would relate to the “pie” in the title and that for his walk-up, they’d only play about 10 seconds of the tune. The important thing, the essential thing, is to move him off “Call Me Maybe.” I think we can all agree on that.

      My hope is that d’Arnaud can become the RH-bat in the middle of the order, behind Ike, that this offense desperately needs. Or maybe they flip-flop Wright and Davis until d’Arnaud shows up, even though Ike is no one’s idea of the prototypical #3 hitter?

  2. By the way, William, I just added your fine blog, “The On Deck Circle,” to our sidebar. Pretty sure now you can just sit back and watch the money roll in. If the chicks get to be too much, let me know and we’ll take it down.

  3. LOL! Thanks for the complement, man. Yeah, those baseball blog groupies can be a nuisance. I’ll let you know how it goes :)
    Thanks again,

  4. About Bourn: It feels like Davis and Wright will be both be disappointed if this doens’t get done — and so will a large segment of the fanbase. Alderson has painted himself into a corner with this one, from a PR standpoint. I think he almost has to do it. I’d go 4 years, try to keep it around $55 million. A Bourn signing changes the narrative completely, whereas if he goes to Cleveland or wherever, spring training surely begins on a sour note.

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