Quick Bullpen Rant: Collins & Warthen Are Not Helping



Okay, to begin: The bullpen is 100% Sandy Alderson’s fault. This annual failure is on him.

But Collins and Warthen are not helping.

This is what we know, for example, about Scott Rice:

In 2013, here’s the salient split:

  • LHH: .174/.244/.223 for an OPS of .468
  • RHH: .362/.507/.448 for an OPS of .955

Okay, you see that. Right-handed batters got on base against Scott Rice more than 50% of the time last year.

For the sake of comparison, Rice turns every LHH into something worse that Alcides Escobar (.559 OPS), whereas every single RHH who steps to the plate turns into David Ortiz (.959 OPS).

Conclusion: Rice should never, ever, ever pitch against a RH-batter.

This is obvious. Documented. Well-known to one and all. And guess what? Opposing managers know this information too. Because: The Internet!

Yet in the top of the 7th, Collins brings in Scott Rice to start the inning against Scott Hairston, who has made his career by killing left-handed pitchers. It’s the sole reason for his existence, to bash the Scott Rice’s of the world.

True story: I saw Rice come in and started to text Mike, “Rice should NEV –”

And at that moment, first pitch, Hairston lines a single to LF.


I didn’t even have time to send one declarative sentence before the shit was shot.

Collins was probably looking down the road, wanted Rice to face the 2nd and 3rd hitters in the lineup, who were both left-handed.

Sorry, but that’s too clever. Just go with Familia and stop turning everything into a dizzy “mix-and-match” mashup. In one batter, when the game was still close, we witnessed a bizarre combination of over-managing and being out-managed at the same time, since Williams made the obvious move of bringing in Hairston.

Anyway, yes, the pen is not good. It is Sandy Alderson’s failure. The two obvious replacements down in Vegas are scheduled as starters, so, um, that’s terrific. Jake deGrom needs to be working out of the pen right now, today. Unless you think the Mets really need a 9th starter?

On the bright side, as I said before, it looks like losing our closer is not going to be that big a problem after all.

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  1. Eraff says:

    He Did Not know what to do, and so he did….. Nothing”
    TC on Ruben Tejada

    “He did Not know what to do.”
    Eraff on Terry Collins

    • Michael Geus says:

      When I saw that quote, “He did not know what to do, and so he did. . . nothing,” I just assumed Collins was talking about Alderson’s performance this winter.

  2. Eraff says:


  3. Raff says:

    I’m still sticking with the NO NEED TO PANIC mantra Michael intoned, just 3 days ago. I’ve been upbraided by the “management” of this board, frequently, for using he word “WE” instead of the word “I”, when voicing my opinions. Fair enough. But seriously -Did WE, collectively, begin this season embracing the poopy-cock and balderdash of 90 WINS? (attribution and thanks to Arthur George Rust) … Stick your hand up and state if you did. I don’t think WE did. I DIDN’T. We have 3 positions which aren’t “figured-out” -SS, CF, 1B. We have a rookie catcher, and a number of stop-gap possibilities in the OF, Starting Pitcher, and Relief. We have “questionable” ARMS, moving forward… . There are 159 games left to play. I don’t think there will be MEANINGFUL games in September. I don’t even know if there will be meaningful games n July, in the classic sense. What I do think is that we are going to see a settlement of some of the roster issues, and we are going to see an influx of the young organizational talent, with time for them to play and time for the Mets to evaluate them for 2015 and beyond. This advent will represent meaningful games to me. I’m accepting this season for what it is. The wringing of hands and all the bitching is over for me. Now, I just want to be a fan.

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