NEWS & VIEWS: Marlon Needs Better Shades, Feliciano Could Have Orosco’s Career, Eric Young Is a Keeper, Tejeda Still In the Doghouse, Etc.



I must have said it a million times: Trade Byrd before it gets sunny! Those shades are for cosmetic purposes only. Did they listen to me? Noooooo.


When Josh Edgin went down I was pleased to see Pedro Feliciano back. If we want to look at any young arms in relief we have all of September for that. Until then, any decent bridge from guys like Harvey and Wheeler to Parnell can help their development. Two games, but so far so good.


I like Pedro, he’s a true lefty specialist with south-to-north stuff that’s murder on lefties. If he’s truly healthy, even with diminished speed, he’ll get guys out for years. He can have Jesse Orosco’s career.


With Wright down it looks like the initial plan includes more playing time for Justin Turner. We don’t want to overwhelm this guy, I think he has to pass the pie baton. I could see Baxter embracing this role. Let’s hope Terry sees it this same way. The other night it was Hawkins, which concerns me. I don’t see how he can be on point every day, and I know how you feel about the mix-and-match.


I like Hawkins on pie. But I don’t think he can go three games in a row. However, with Wright out, I don’t foresee that being a problem.


Eric Young Jr. Walk-offFrom what I’ve seen from Eric Young Jr. at worst he can be a solid utility player. And you can’t fake the real concern he had for Tim Hudson, which says a lot about him as a person. It’s hard for me to imagine Young Jr. becoming a club house problem. For me, this was Sandy’s move of the year. Many would point to Byrd, which has worked out great, but that is a one-year deal in a down year. We can keep Eric around. I’m really hoping that’s what we do.


I think he brings some intensity to the table, a good thing on an otherwise mellow team. That said: Eric Young is not my idea of an everyday corner outfielder.


I’m happy to see Scott Atchison back, I thought we had seen the last of him. With guys like this every injury might be the one to end a career. He was a late bloomer, and could use a few more years of major league money.

Ike Davis Strikes OutJimmy:

Man on third base, less than two outs, Ike is the guy I’d least like to see step to the plate.


Or man on third, two outs. Or bases loaded, no one out. Or leading off an inning.

You get the idea.


Very glad to see Josh Satin at 3B on Sunday. To me, that was always the first option before even Flores.


It’s not either/or to me. We are playing a human train wreck at the other corner, we can find room for Satin and Flores.


Omar Quintanilla is currently hitting .231. I really like him, but are we really going to wait until September before we get Tejeda back in the lineup? I realize that calling Ruben up will result in the likely loss of Omar but, well, those are the breaks in the MLB. Ruben is 23, hopefully he’s learned some things, and can take his job back as placeholder until Gavin Cecchini is ready (cough, cough).


Cyclone RollercoasterHey, I’m heading to Coney Island this week, I’ll let Gavin know you can’t wait to see him. As for the Tejada thing, if we really wanted to keep Omar couldn’t we just cut Baxter? Tejada, unlike Davis, seems to have totally fallen from grace. He might be done already around here, he is arbitration eligible in the off-season.


It is strange, I get a vibe that he’s being punished. Let’s hope Sandy’s #1 pick from 2013, Dominic Smith, gives us something. Because it’s starting to look like our #1’s from 2011 and 2012 will be disappointments.


Hopefully we are just cornering the late-bloomer market. It’s all the rage, you know, the new market inefficiency.


Meanwhile, every time Sandy mentions Travis d’Arnaud, he talks September. What the hell? Are we afraid of losing Recker, too? I don’t get the reluctance. On a related note: If John Buck’s wife takes any longer, she’s going to give birth to a full-grown catcher — shin guards and all.


They have mentioned the possibility that we would see d’Arnaud for a few days when Buck is out and I have tickets for Thursday. So, no rush, Mrs. Buck, everything in it’s own good time.


Hey, Mike, I meant to mention this. I’m going to Ireland this Wednesday, bringing the whole family. Won’t be back until the 18th. Do you mind holding down the fort while I’m gone?


Las Vegas 51s mascotNow you tell me! I will be keeping the lights on for a while but need to scoot out-of-town myself this weekend, so for a few days our legions of readers are going to be out of luck. I know the timing isn’t perfect but they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder. We will know in a few weeks. I will make sure to leave a goodbye so nobody stumbles on to the site and becomes concerned we have been abducted by aliens.




One more news item on this off day. Two members of the Mets organization accepted 50 game PED suspensions today, Cesar Puello and Jordany Valdespin.





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  1. Eric says:

    “Mike and Andrew” are going to platoon in Left…keeping the spot open and warm for Duda?

    And Justin Turner is playing….. and Ike is STILL playing?===are they really going to re-up him?

    Do you really need to see EY play second? Is there some doubt that he could play there—versus the D you get from Murph?

    If you’re moving Murph around….. doesn’t it make sense to move him to 3rd and let Flores Play 2b?… or Let Valdy have a last shot with the Mets (he’s hitting .466 at AAA!) or…

    ….move Murphy to 1st and play valdy at 2b and Flores at 3b—-that would be interesting….and a good test/opportunity to see some young players.

    So…we’re getting Baxter and Andrew in Left—–Byrd is STILL here in RF!!! Diuda will be STANDING in LF soon…STANDING….when he’s healthy enough to STAND. Ike is STILL at 1b.

    This is the team you want for an entertaining and competitive end of season charge?

    I TRUST that TDA will be here soon?…… Turner, Duda, Byrd, Ike—-Buck—— These are the guys you’ll be seeing….and probably NOT to be seen in 2014…. does this make any sense?

  2. RAFF says:

    Past is Prologue> Viewed from this perspective- and given this current regime> It makes PERFECT sense.

  3. James Preller says:

    It was how I concluded a recent post, and so the snake swallows its tail. Round and round we go.

  4. Eric says:

    OK—what I said…..MINUS JV1

  5. Brian Joura says:

    There was lots of good stuff in this entry.

    I particularly liked the idea of Feliciano having Jesse Orosco’s career. I now look forward to trading him to the Dodgers.

    Shortstop is crying out for a platoon. Call up Duda and Tejada and send down Davis and Turner. Both of those guys have options remaining and can be sent down without exposing them to other clubs.

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