NEWS & VIEWS: Josh Satin, Josh Edgin, and a J.P. Ricciardi Sighting!!


I’ve thought about it and I still hate Josh Satin. I mean, I don’t see the point of giving that guy time at first base. We know that Lucas Duda can’t play the outfield. This is a certainty. Bring him in from the cold. Let him establish himself at the bag, see what happens. In the meantime, tell Ike Davis to play LF. Screw him. Or, seriously, he might enjoy the distraction. In fact, I’d bet $10 that Ike would be a better corner outfielder than Duda. In the meantime, call up Andrew Brown who is hitting around .360 last time I looked. I realize Las Vegas numbers are stupid, but still: the Mets can’t score and this guy is hitting .360 with pop. We can’t give him more than 15 ABs? He can platoon with Jordany in LF.


All these $10 bets lately, I’m starting to worry that you have a gambling problem. Get a grip, man.

Brown, Satin, who came up doesn’t matter to me. But this is the chance to move Duda to first, and see if we can at least plug that spot. I mean, does anyone really want to see Ike again in 2014? How could you sell that to any Mets fan?


You can’t, he’s dead to us. But you never can tell, this is only June. Some folks say to move Murphy to 1B, but that’s crazy IMO. That would take most of Murphy’s value — as a 2B who can hit — and downgrade him to a 1B with no real pop. Leave him alone.


Moving Murphy would be so dumb I’m kind of expecting to see it.


copperfield-1I joked that we knew Leathersich was good because Sandy won’t bring him up. But really, Josh Edgin? Did something miraculous happen in Vegas that I don’t know about?


Well, that David Copperfield always blows my mind, but that’s me.


Are you drunk today? You seem especially funny. My son was complaining about Anthony Recker the other day. He’s something like 2-36 with RISP. I hope we don’t have to do a whole song and dance before Travis d’Arnaud is deemed “ready.”


You are giving him too much credit, it is 1-24. I tweeted it the other day, with the following hashtag, #ontherightteam.


People say I’m missing out on the whole twitterverse.


Well, I would like to tell you I have it covered for us but, no, I’m the Robert Carson of twitter most days. It’s not my fault, I have bad thumbs, on my father’s side. It’s an issue for the entire family.


I think the whole concept of Wheeler being “ready” or not is a farce. That is, I’m saying: He doesn’t have to be ready. It’s shouldn’t even be a goal. In that, it’s ridiculous to wait and wait for a guy to become incrementally better when he can help you now, and learn now, on the job. Ready for what? To dominate? We’re going to wait for that? Look at the history of young pitchers in the MLB. The overwhelming majority of ‘em struggle at the beginning. And that’s perfectly okay. We are not in a pennant race. People say, “Look at Harvey, he dominated out of the gate.” And I say, “So freaking what. Harvey is the exception. And, secondly, he should have been up sooner.” Lastly — again — pitching in Las Vegas is not going to help anybody. You can’t throw a curveball in that atmosphere, how in the world is Zack Wheeler going to refine his command of the pitch while working in lousy, stinkin’ Las Vegas?


I was thinking about Harvey the other day. Look, he has been great from the get-go so there is that. And maybe he wouldn’t have been as good if he came up sooner. There is no way to know for sure, I also understand that. But let’s remember, we were eight games over in July last year, including all the games we gave away with Batista and the like. All while Harvey simmered on a back burner in Buffalo. So if it’s about money, how do we know that last year was not the most important year Harvey could have pitched for us? We were eight over. That’s not happening this year, and right now it takes a lot of imagination to figure out when it will. Harvey is pitching in front of empty green seats on a beautiful Saturday. They saved him for that?


I was saying that at the time. Bring him up. It was an easy move that might have been a shot in the arm (and helped the pen, too, btw). Believe me, I was nearly alone on those message boards. Folks were throwing rocks at me. Saying the exact same things they’ve said about Wheeler, this out-sized fear about “rushing” a prospect. I think most of them just lack historical perspective. It doesn’t have to be this way.


pork-spiediesHey, did you pass Jeff Wilpon on Interstate 88 last week? He stopped by to tell the locals the Plan is on track, give or take. Even better news, the article mentions how J.P. Ricciardi left his house one day this year and went to Binghamton to check out Rafael Montero. J.P. should get a bonus for that! I suspect he was just craving a Spiedie, but it is still nice to see him up and about again.


It’s nice that for $1.5 million a year, J.P. Ricciardi is willing to leave his home in Massachusetts every once in a while. I mean, cops have to live in the county where they work. Mets Vice Presidents don’t even have to live in the same state.

By the way, did you realize that it’s super easy for “2 Guys” readers to receive an email every time we post a new article (once a day: rough estimate)? They just need to fill in their email address, promise us their first born, and click on “subscribe” at the bottom of the right column. It’s fast and easy.


Don’t worry, folks, Jimmy is just joking about the first born thing. I didn’t even want to raise my own kids, just ask them.


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  1. IB says:

    Duda has bust written all over him, if you ask me. The thing you get from moving Murphy to 1st is it opens a slot for Flores. Like Wheeler, let Flores cut his teeth in the majors a couple of months. This team is dreadful with Duda in the lineup every day.

  2. But according to Sandy on WFAN yesterday, the Mets need more guys with Duda’s approach. The big problem with the offense, according to Sandy, is that we don’t have enough guys with the “right” approach at the plate.

    Quote: “I think that our problem offensively is that we have too many players who don’t approach the offensive side of the game the way it should be. And I’m not focusing exclusively on the Mets and saying, “Look they don’t focus on it the way the Mets want to focus on it.” Every team in baseball is really trying to achieve the same thing with players: get a good pitch to hit, put yourself in a hitting count. That’s from Team A to Team Z. The Yankees are looking for that, we’re looking for that. When you don’t have it, or when you have a preponderance of players that don’t follow that approach, it becomes infectious in the wrong direction and right now we’re relying on some players who just don’t have that approach. Whether they don’t want to have that approach, they’re not capable of having that approach, those are issues, certainly.”

    The word APPROACH, 5 times in one answer.

    Does anybody really believe that’s the problem here?

  3. Reese says:

    The question is whether you would get the power from Valdespin in LF or some platoon of Valdespin and Brown in LF that you were expecting to get from Ike Davis at 1B. Right now it wouldn’t take much at all.

    Moving Murphy to 1B to open up 2B for Flores is conceding defeat power-wise.

  4. IB says:

    Flores has been an RBI machine in the high minors and the power capability is there.I see they played him at 1st last night, so who knows what the plan is?

    If Davis is forever lost, the Mets need a 1st baseman and Alderson said last night that Duda was not part of the future core.

  5. Don P says:

    Why are we picking on Anthony Recker? He’s having a career year! His 0.171 batting average is his highest average after more than 21 ab’s ever. He’s 0.013 above his career average. He has struck out 40% of the time. If you can’t hit the ball, you don’t ground into double plays. So that’s a plus!

    • I’m sorry, Don, but we can’t tolerate that level of cynicism here at “2 Guys.” You need to watch some Mets Classics right away. No worries, if d’Arnaud is “ready,” we’ll see him in September.

    • Michael Geus says:

      Anthony Recker might be the most impressive signing I have ever seen. Finding a guy worse than Nickeas takes special ability, it’s not easy. But considering that the position is catcher and Recker can’t, you know, catch balls well, Nickeas was better.

      Color me impressed.

      • Now let’s try to imagine what Landon Powell must have done in Vegas to get released by this organization. He hit .159 with two bombs. I don’t see the problem.

        • Seriously, for a moment: Landon Powell has had a tough year with a very sick infant. Very sad. My guess is that he asked to be released. It might be time for him to be home right now. Besides, the Mets don’t release players with Powell’s stats. We promote them.

  6. W.k. kortas says:

    Frankly, I can’t understand why Wheeler isn’t in Citi Field yesterday. The more info you have on him going forward, the better. Unless Alderson needs to see more of Marcum and Hafner.

  7. Eric says:

    I’m starting to hope on Hefner….needs a pitch to get lefties out—could end up being a spot/5th/long man

  8. Eric says:

    Reyes (re-sign), Bourne(sign), and T d’Arnaud could have been on this roster on day 1 of the 2013 season. They’d be at .500 and CLIMBING.

    Total cost— 28 million this year… How many added wins?…added Fans?…. you would have lost 1 draft choice (smith)….you would have gained 3-4 years of BASEBALL…

    …don’t kid youself EVER…. this pickle is all about MONEY–lack of it–NOT Bad Contracts.

    They’d STILL have the depth of Minor League arms and prospects—- This Ownership Sucks!!!!!

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