NEWS & VIEWS: Ike Heats Up, A Question Regarding Wilmer Flores, and Some Harvey and Wheeler Too

Ike DavisJimmy:

What about Ike Davis — Pacific Coast League Player of the Week! That place can cure any hitter on the planet. Have you seen Ike’s slash line as of June 27th. In 63 PAs: .306/.460/.714. He’s fixed, and he’s only two months older than Allan Dykstra in AA!


Is it Las Vegas or being kept in quarantine from Dave Hudgens? Hudgens has said nary a word about the home runs. What good are they? Want to get Dave excited, don’t just do something, stand there. Here is his latest on Ike from last week when Davis walked twice in one night,

“I judge [progress] more on the walks almost more than on the hits because that means he’s recognizing pitches, laying off the curveball down, laying off pitches,” said Hudgens, who has been in daily contact with his counterpart, Greer. “Obviously, I know he can hit. I want him to recognize pitches so he lays off pitches he shouldn’t swing at.”

If Ike ever wants to get promoted he better put that bat down!


As I type this, the Mets have the lowest BA in all of baseball and, call me crazy, but I believe the corporate approach has something to do with it. But the Mets are 25th in Runs. So maybe Hudgens is onto something here. Walks can help. I mean, how many times have you watched a close game in the late innings and thought to yourself, “Come on, we need a big walk here.”


Yes, and it just happened this week! Bases loaded, one out, and Jeremy Hefner up. Hefner’s batting line for the season, 21 at bats, zero hits, 13 strikeouts. On a 3-1 pitch Hefner swung and grounded into a force out at home. Apparently the hitters need to take two strikes but Hefner has a green light. But I won’t get on Jeremy too much. He pitched well, again, which is becoming commonplace. You know, Hefner is not a rental, he is under team control until 2019. That is starting to look like something we could actually care about.


I had to laugh when I saw Terry Collins gave Valdespin a rare start against tough Chris Sale. Set up to fail once again. I would say they should bring up Wilmer Flores, who is crushing it in Vegas, but there’s no playing time for him with Daniel Murphy holding down the fort. That’s a big decision: Is Flores good enough to take Murphy’s spot?


MLB: Spring Training-New York Mets at Detroit TigersI would really hate to see Murphy move on. It is so impressive how he has taken to second base, and Murphy can flat out hit. It’s interesting with Flores. Before spring training many writers and bloggers that had seen Flores opined that there was no way he could play second base. Now he plays there all the time and every time I read something about him it’s about his hitting. All these beat reporters are following Ike around, one of them doesn’t think it’s worth it to comment on Flores defense? We know he can hit, that wasn’t the question.


I’ve been in Chicago on business over the weekend. Did I miss anything?


Harvey was crazy good again. It’s becoming bizarre, almost ho-hum. I’m practically expecting a perfect game one of these days. You know, I went to over 50 games in 1984 and 1985 when Doc was just dealing, so unlike some I can’t say I have never seen anything like this. But Matt is right there, and that is rarefied air. Oh, but we lost the game.

Saturday Gee pitched well, the bullpen bounced back, and the Nationals threw the ball around. A win, 5-1.

Today, as you know, is Zack Wheeler‘s first home start. I’m heading out to Citi Field to catch that one in person. Should be fun.



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  1. Eric says:

    They are finally rewarding players based on Production… and Terry TALKS about playing young guys for exposure— “To show fans that the future is close”.

    Terry says some strange stuff… The Manager is concerned with showing fans that the Future is close?????…THE MANAGER!?

    The on-field team needs to focus on playing ball. This isn’t an “exhibition” for 2014 and forward…NOT for the On Field Guys!

    In the past month they’ve begun to reward play based on Production…that’s the only way to treat the game on the field. Broadcasting this kind of crap (in addition to his recent statements about Inning Limits on Harvey) is a de Fact announcement—” TODAY DOESN’T COUNT” !!!!

    All of his comments may be valid FACTUALLY, and even important for the organization—They are ILL TIMED and they are coming from the wrong source. It’s distracting to the team!

    TERRY—- Talk about the Games you’re plan…STFU about everything else!!!!

    As an overview, I don’t care about wins as much as development of the team…even so…Players NEED TO COMPETE… don’t distract them.

  2. Brian Joura says:

    Ike Davis was born in Minnesota but graduated high school and went to college in Arizona. He played four games in Tucson and in those he went 8-13 and hit 4 HR. His slash line in Tucson: .615/.722/1.692 for a 2.415 OPS.

    In his other PCL games, he’s 10-49 (.204) with 1 HR. And that’s with playing 10 games in Las Vegas. He’s played seven games since the Tucson series and has gone 5-23 (.217) in that stretch.

    • To be fair, and clear, Ike in 78 AAA PA’s has a slash line of .290/.436/.629. I don’t think it’s fair to cherry pick out his hot streak since averages are, well, averages.

      But my comment, “He’s fixed!” was sarcastic.

      I do look at what Crush Davis is doing in Baltimore, and his history of struggles, and I’m not as ready as Mike to say it’s absolutely over for Ike with the Mets.

      Likely, probably, but to my mind, not definitely.

      An aside, my niece lives in Vegas. She says it’s insanely hot out there. Dangerous. Cashman Stadium has no indoor batting cages.

      • Michael Geus says:

        Davis is not with his original organization. I’m not saying Davis career is over but a change of scenery is in order.

  3. Eric says:

    My recollection of players in horrendous batting slumps goes as far back as Tommie Agee. My father tells stories about Brooklyn Dodgers fans praying for Gil Hodges in their churches.

    I don’t recollect any player with two such deep slumps as Ike….certainly not within such a brief span!

    He may be a usable player, long term. I don’t think you can compare this to any talented player who emerges after struggling with the final stages of development. This is very specific to Ike and his personality and the specific flaws in his swing. The hyper-athleticism of executing an over complicated swing is very similar to an over complicated pitching delivery—Steve Blass….Dontrelle Willis. Just a slight loss of SOMETHING (flexibility….????) ruins the entire thing—–I believe that may account for some of this. The rest?….. personality.

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