News & Views: Drew, Parnell, Matz,Tanaka Flies High, and More

stephen drewMike:

The weeks drag on and Stephen Drew remains unsigned.


Wait, what?! I haven’t heard anything about this! You’d think there would have been some kind of news item, or blog post, or something. Stephen Drew, golly. He’s a shortstop! Are the Mets interested?


The Mets may or may not have interest, the truth on this has been pretty murky. The latest rumor was Drew would sign for as little as two years, but that he wants an opt out clause after the first year. I don’t like the idea of that at all, but as I’ve said before, I don’t like the idea of Drew.


The opt-out doesn’t work for me. I like him at two years, because it (theoretically) eliminates that hole going into 2015, a season which now represents — realistically — what 2014 was supposed to be. I don’t see the value in getting him for one year and returning to square one come October.


When we signed Bartolo Colon I didn’t understand it. It was a lot of money for a very old pitcher with a PED past. Now the much more reliable Bronson Arroyo signed for similar terms. Arroyo is a true workhorse who does not carry the considerable baggage that comes with Colon. Sandy Alderson put a lot of stock in Colon’s 2013 performance.


The thinking is that Sandy went for high-ceiling rather than low-risk, which is something of a departure for him. I suspect he got fooled by the price Arroyo settled at. No great shame there. Many folks saw Bronson signing a more lucrative deal. Sandy took a real gamble on this one. Let’s hope it works out.


According to Metsblog, Sandy Alderson told season ticket holders the payroll would expand when fans started buying tickets again.


rip_hammerWHACK! Sorry, I just hit myself in the face with a hammer. Please, carry on.


I will skip a critique of the statement itself, but do feel compelled to ask why anyone should believe him. Just last week it was revealed that Bank of America has had restrictions on the payroll for years. During those same years the team has said there were no restrictions, many times. Overall, starting with Jeff telling us way back when that Madoff would have no effect on the team, all we have gotten is misinformation.

Sandy can say anything he wants on this topic, no rational Mets fan is going to believe him. In fact, every time he speaks about it, all it does is show how much of a tool of ownership he is.


In my opinion, he’s tarnished his credibility through his association with the Wilpons. Most Mets WinstonChurchillfans are in a “show me” mode. Because if management’s lips are moving, it’s probably a lie or, at best, spin — which as you recently pointed out, is merely the current feel-good substitute for lie. I should add that if “the plan” works out, if the farm system starts coughing up jewels on an annual basis . . . well, winning trumps everything, even lies. There’s a narrative where Sandy becomes our Winston Churchill, steadfast through the team’s darkest hours.


Bobby Parnell says he is about two weeks behind schedule. Are you worried at all?


Oh, hell yes, I am. On October 15th, I wrote:

It’s weird how the mild neck injury has become . . . Peyton Manning II. I’m a little worried, I mean, despite the Mets’ awesome history handling these types of problems. You know, how things have never, ever gone wrong in the past.

Now here we are, four months later, and the news is still fuzzy. Remember the initial report was that he slept on it funny? Ha-ha. In between, Sandy Alderson made a big offer to Grant Balfour (who should one day write a tell-all expose about life in the major leagues and title it, BALFOUR. But I digress). How can we not worry? This is the Mets.


There were a few reports on Steven Matz this week, who is healthy again and throwing well. Although we have a lot of starting pitching prospects, Matz is one of our only left-handed ones. It would be great if he could continue to progress. There is also a cautionary aspect to the Matz situation. He has encountered a lot of complications following 2010 Tommy John surgery. It’s a reminder that all surgeries are serious and everyone does not bounce right back.


Matz was the Mets top pick in the 2009 draft (72nd overall), taken out of Ward Melville High steven matz[3]School on Long Island. If he can continue to stay healthy, and become a real prospect, that’s a huge plus for the Mets. I’ll be rooting for him. As to the injury thing, baseball is a cruel game for young pitchers. So many of them never make it. And sometimes the really good ones, like John Maine and Tim Leary, quickly fade away.

Now here’s a pitcher who is living for today:

Mashahiro Tanaka recently chartered a 200-seat Boeing 787 Dreamliner for five people and a dog. Weirdly, it was not even a large dog. I could see if it was a Rhodesian Ridgeback or some other large breed that needs room to roam. The trip set Tanaka back $195,000. Chump change after you sign a $155 million contract.



You would think with that kind of money he could buy himself a real dog.


On an unrelated note, want to buy Roberto Alomar’s house?


Built in 2001, the ballplayer’s massive estate sits on nearly three-and-a-half acres in the ultra-exclusive community. The home itself, a modern Mediterranean masterpiece, has eight bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a theater room, a wine cellar and separate staff quarters.


No, not yet. Now, once the major blog money rolls in…we can talk.

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  1. PeeKay15 says:

    Mets signed RHP Jose Valverde to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training.

    Feb 12 – 10:10 AM

  2. IB says:

    I could swear I read you were giving up fat jokes and then, by golly, I read, “Arroyo is a true workhorse who does not carry the considerable baggage that comes with Colon.”
    Must have been untintentional……….

    Kind of on subject/off subject. I was flipping through the channels Monday night and caught a few innings of Tanaka in a Japanese league game. I’m no pro- ball evaluator, but I don’t see this guy having the stuff to be an ace in MLB. Threw mostly fastballs, hung a couple of sliders and most of his stuff is upper half of the plate. Good control. The weird part was that a lot of these guys were getting on top of the high fastballs and chopping them to short. Sort of counterintuitive.

    Well we’ll see if the Yankees got their money’s worth soon enough.

    Baseball is here. Hallelujah.

  3. Patrick Boegel says:

    I’ll start buying tickets when they start getting cheaper. ;0-

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