NEWS & VIEWS: Ankiel Arrives, Atchison Departs, Wheeler Injured, and We Reunite With Carlos


Mets Win! Mets Win! Okay, I can exhale, that feels good. Murphy is officially hot, and best thing about today, Jon Niese looked good. Including a great curve today.

Mets Win!


AnkielWell, we have a new Met, Rick Ankiel. In a cost cutting move he had to play his first game without a glove as, you know, next day delivery costs more. Let me make a positive comment about this move. When Alderson was asked about it he emphasized defense over and over in his response. I was happy to finally hear the word used and I’m strangely okay with the move. Somebody has to play center for the time being, I like the idea of it being a guy with a good glove. At least once it arrived.


I hear your point, defense is important and it’s been woefully undervalued by management. But Ankiel struck out 37 times in 66 ABs for the Astros. Come to think of it, with 5 HRs, he’s probably as close to Matt Den Dekker as you can humanly get. No wonder this move pleases you, Mike! As for me, no, I’m tired of this. I want real outfielders, please.


Well, the bullpen has totally imploded. Familia is on the DL, and now Atchison goes on as well. With Familia it is very troubling to see.


I mentioned disliking Familia’s delivery in the past. It’s not the windup you’d want for your son. I’m not smart enough to predict injuries, but certain windups do appear to put more strain on the arm.


As for Scott, nothing against the guy but this seemed to be the deal he was stuck with. He was injured the end of last year and other than us nobody wanted any part of him. We kind of abused him but he received six more weeks of big league pay, and now some more while he is on the disabled list. It’s a living. And Robert Carson is becoming must watch TV if you want to see a long home run. I don’t see why it is mandatory to have a second lefty if he cannot get anyone out. What difference does the arm make if you are putting the ball on a tee?


The lefty thing is dumb. Carson can’t get guys out. We are in year three now, I’d like to see some solid decision-making. I feel bad for Atchison, who needed proper care and handling, like a Siamese cat. Too bad he landed in the worst situation possible. But again: No long man! What were they thinking would happen?


I hate to bring it up, the fact that Zack Wheeler was sent to New York with a sore clavicle. But people have to be braced for this. Pitchers get injured at a high rate. Gee sure looks he is still hurt too. All this pitching depth that is being projected for the Mets for the second half of this decade assumes every prospect we have comes through and stays healthy. That would be grand, but it is more than unlikely.


You said it to me two years ago, and I kind of winced. To quote, “We might be looking at a lost decade.” I wanted to point to the sky and shout something about “THE PLAN! THE PLAN!” but felt like Herve Villechaize on “Fantasy Island.”



I wish I could tell you I changed my mind. I get the sense that people are getting very angry that this team is this bad. We expected this team to be this bad. I’m more frustrated that it might not get better for a long time. There is only going to be one way it is going to get better. The owners have to spend. Or clean house. Because if there is one sure fact it is that Sandy Alderson is incapable of finding decent cheap major league talent. Sandy has been GM since 2010. Name one above average player he acquired on this major league roster. Ike makes more solid contact.


I haven’t seen it mentioned quite in this way, but damn, Daniel Murphy is beginning to look like the key to the offense. He started hot and the club functioned; he got cold and it fell apart. I still like Murphy, but he’s a complementary guy. Duda is hitting .213 and everybody seems thrilled with him.


John Buck is proving once again that he is John Buck. There are worse things. But there are much better things too. Here’s to hoping Travis d’Arnaud gets cleared soon to resume baseball activities. He needs to get to the major leagues as soon as possible.


And again, Buck is getting over-worked. Catchers wear down, we know that. Unfortunately, the team has no depth and Terry only seems to be living for today.


Brandon Nimmo only has five extra base hits. Did we use our 2011 first round draft pick on the next Mike Baxter?


Is that true? Only five? Yikes. I’d love for him to become the next Shawn Green, but it’s a long distance from where he’s at right now. Thing is, by all reports he’s a sweet, manageable kid: current management seems to put a lot of value in the box ticked off on the scouting report labeled: GETS ALONG WELL WITH OTHERS, WORKS COUNTS TOO! At this point, right now, I think it’s more likely he’s a bust than a star. But really I have no idea.


Only two stolen bases with one caught stealing, I don’t think he has plus speed either. But, like you, I’m just looking up the guys statistics. Nothing to excite us yet, that’s for sure.


I’ve seen him live, but only once. Very slight. He’s young yet, projectionable body, I guess. The speed looks like corner outfield to me, and that requires more from the bat. We’ll see.


carlos-beltran-cardinalsCarlos Beltran hit his 10th home run of the year against us the other night. The game was already over so no real harm was done to us, which was nice of Carlos this time. Carlos was one of the greatest players to wear a Mets uniform, what a combination of offense and defense he gave us. It’s hard not to get wistful sometimes.


It’s hard not to wonder about the path not taken — just keeping the guy and resigning him. I was on board with the trade since Day One, a no-brainer, but at this point it gets a little foggier each day. I didn’t realize that Alderson was so completely willing to screw over the fans and take a knee through the entire rebuilding process (cough, cough), which has come in fits and spurts. I still think he needed to trade Jose Reyes the first week he got here, just coldly assess the situation — we can’t afford to keep this guy, great as he is — and make the difficult move. Oh well, water meet bridge; bridge, water.


Beltran was done with us, he was going to leave, he is not a dumb guy. So that trade is the right move, no matter what Wheeler does or does not do for us. But when I see Beltran it reminds me of how far this franchise has fallen under the Wilpon/Alderson regime. Very sad.


Last point: the folks who love Sandy always point to Wheeler, his crowning achievement, building the team the right way. Well, that asset never falls into Alderson’s lap unless Omar Minaya talks the Wilpons into spending the most for the best free agent available. We got the hot-shot prospect because we spent money out the wazoo. BTW, Zack Wheeler would be pitching for the Cardinals right now. Look at the young, hard-throwers they are featuring. But, again, they are trying to win. Sigh.















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  1. Brian Joura says:

    I liked the Atchison/Siamese cat line.

    It all comes down to money. I don’t know how much blame you should give Alderson for not coming up with an average player when he is unable/unwilling to spend what it takes to get that type of player. He certainly got good value out of Chris Capuano and Scott Hairston and Jeremy Hefner was an excellent waiver claim.

  2. Michael Geus says:

    Feiiciano, Valentin, Pagan, Dickey, these guys were all brought in for less money than Capuano or Hairston.

    The guy can’t find cheap players and the owner won’t spend.

    Something has to give there.

  3. Michael Geus says:

    If Alderson is unable it is not his fault. If he is unwilling it is 100 percent on him. Year three and not one decent major league player on this years roster from the guy.

    When is he accountable?

  4. Michael Geus says:

    Since Hairston and Capuano were brought up as decent moves, let’s also remember this. When it was obvious that they were of no use to the Mets other than as a trading chip Alderson did zip. And now they are both gone, of no use to the 2013, or 2014 etc. Mets.

    And that is all on Sandy, dealing those guys would have saved the Wilpons some money.

    Even when he got a few things right he screwed it up in the end.

    • stephen says:

      How exactly is Alderson supposed to add a significant player to the roster while having to cut salary by 40 million? That means no free agents (other than the ones you eliminated because they disprove your point). Draft picks are also out because the first draft class is just entering its second full season. All that leaves are trades and two significant players should be up by the end of the year. What else are you expecting?

      • Michael Geus says:

        I listed four players above that were brought in for less than $1 million a year when acquired, a few for league minimum. Plus Alderson inherited a roster with Jose Reyes on it, and received back nothing more than a sandwich pick.

        I don’t expect this team to be contending but finding a few good players from over the years on the cheap is part of the job.

        • stephen says:

          Players signed for peanuts are nothing more than lottery tickets and expecting significant payouts puts far to high a bar for success on them. Very few have sustained success. Most are of the Capuano or Isringhausen type, which you’ve already eliminated.

          And the Reyes stuff has been done to death. He had so little trade value at the deadline that it wasn’t worth it. Had Florida not come over the top with a ridiculous offer that they had no intention of ever paying out he would have been resigned for something in the neighborhood of 6/80M. It didn’t happen but it was worth the small risk of only ending up with 2 extra top 80 picks in the draft.

  5. IB says:

    I’m with you on the Ankiel/Defense thing. Nobody can hit on this squad so you might as well put the best gloves you got out there. They’ll lose you less games in the long run.

    As I write here, Ike is 0-3 with 3 K’s today.Sheesh. Put Duda at 1st (hitting a solid .204, mind you) and play Lagares in left. Find a glove somewhere in right – when’s DenDekker gonna be back?

  6. Eric says:

    ike davis….157…4 k’s today…. a player goes through two streaks like this in back to back years?

    Sit him….out of mercy….send him for a check up….out of concern……come back in 3 games and try again…. then?????

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