NEWS & VIEWS: Adam Rubin, Long Island Memories, Lucas Duda, Dice-K, Bad Seats, Mets Police . . . and Lenny’s Out!

Nassau Mall, still gorgeous after all these years.

FLASHBACK: The Nassau Mall, still gorgeous after all these years.


I’m watching the game Friday night and all of a sudden I see Mike Baxter up, pinch hitting. I had been away and all, and there have been some ups and downs with the roster, so I must admit, I thought he was gone. Well, now he is, as Lucas Duda is back. I saw the news on Twitter, from Adam Rubin, and a tidbit that by making the move now the Mets do not burn an option on Lucas. Shortly after the tweet it was up on his ESPN site. The option information explains the timing, and why this might not mean much for Duda as far as playing time. The move seems administrative. Unless Ike is pushed aside there is no spot for Duda.


Rubin is probably the most poached writer in the Mets blogosphere. His original reporting is quickly refashioned into opinion-based blog posts, sometimes within minutes. That’s the way the world works, once the information is “out there,” it’s a feeding frenzy. Which is another way of saying: I appreciate the work that the guys in the trenches do, while I sit at my desk eating stale Hostess Ding Dongs. That’s why on our blog roll (sidebar), I list the reporters above the bloggers. Of course, they get paid, we don’t. Sorry, Mike. I interrupted you.


Adam is always getting accurate information out on Twitter and his blog quickly. Better yet, he tweets a lot about Macarthur High School Sports, which is reason enough to follow him. Unlike New York City, Nassau County High School athletics is under reported, and I have ties to the Generals program myself. Don’t forget softball this spring, Adam!


Levittown! Just down the road. One of my first jobs (after Jones Beach and the Circle M diner) was working in a record store in a “mini mall” on Hempstead Turnpike, near Wantagh Avenue. I think it was called the Nassau Mall, but that was long ago.  I used to hitchhike to work after school, and my dad would pick me up at closing. The big album that year, which the owner played constantly, was “Saturday Night Fever.” We needed punk rock to break, badly. The corrective.

Meanwhile, Lenny Dykstra’s out of prison, and he’s looking good:

Former 1986 NY Mets baseball player Lenny Dykstra, who recently got released from prison, arrives at JFK Airport in NYC


Lenny Dykstra, the walking, talking example of what a stock market bubble is. When Lenny Dykstra is an expert giving market advice, it’s time to get out.


I don’t know if you saw it, but this bullpen brawl was about the most inventive prank I’ve seen in a while. Hilarious, too. (Hat tip to Aaron Gleeman for the link.)


Dice-K is here and already paying dividends for me. When I found out he was pitching Friday I cancelled my plans of going to the game, and I sure didn’t miss anything. I know why the team signed him, but there is no way I’m going to any Dice-K games live. Bad and slow is not my idea of a fun night in the big city.


I’m getting a serious Jose Lima vibe with this move. Oh well, I get it. He’s a warm body. I wonder if it might have been easier to slot Torres back into the rotation and find an alternative body for the pen. The all-important minor league playoffs limited the club’s options, I guess. I’d like to see the Binghamton closer, Jeff Walters, get a shot. He’s 25 years old, has 36 saves. Why not, you know.


It was a beautiful day on Wednesday so I went to the game. They sold me a nine dollar ticket, and I went over to check the view of the seat they sold me. First of all, I have to show a picture of the view.

View From Citi Field Seats

I can never get over how many terrible seats are in the place, not only was I about 1 million miles from home plate, half of centerfield and leftfield was obstructed from view. I get it, nine dollars, but what’s the point of any amount if I can’t see the game? They have Shake Shack on Old Country Road now.

Of course I moved somewhere else, as the place was crazy empty. The announced crowd was 22,935 but perhaps half of that number showed up. This is constant, and if anyone wants to see the documentation I recommend they just visit The Mets Police, who post crowd shots almost daily. I always get a kick out of those posts, as you see what is really going on at Citi Field, not like the carefully shot views from SNY telecasts.


Mets Police has been on top of the Willets Point stuff, too, and I find that political jostling semi-fascinating — from a distance. Not a big issue for me, but John Buck gets the Harvey start today. Poor Matt. This Mets team simply doesn’t have an answer to the likes of Cabrera and Fielder.


Harvey was solid, not outstanding, but at best he would have gotten another no decision. It was another day where we wasted solid pitching. There are a lot of those.


Oh, hell, you’ve made me nostalgic. Here’s a photo of me, around 1974, 7th grade, when I wrestled at Wantagh Jr. High. Sun’s out, guns out! It reads, “Wantagh Grapplers.” And believe me, I loved that shirt. But who wouldn’t?

Long Island memories -- the feared "Wantagh Grapplers." Circa 1974, I'd say.

Long Island memories — the feared “Wantagh Grapplers.” Circa 1974, I’d say.


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  1. Michael Geus says:

    Maybe I’m just feeling optimistic today but I do expect Walters to get a call up at some point in September. We finally have some interesting bullpen arms in the minors too, I really liked Huchingson when I saw him in Binghamton. And Leathersich is known, and we can’t kill him for his Vegas numbers, because who knows?

    • I am feeling I should get out to Binghamton to catch the Syndergaard playoff start. But you know how there are those guys who say, “I don’t mind driving. I could drive all day, it doesn’t matter me.” Well, I’m not that guy.

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