NEWS AND VIEWS: Santana, K-Rod II?, Matt Harvey Dominates, and More!

Johan SantanaHere we are, the end of another work week, TGIF, and all that. The plan for today was for Jimmy and me to bring you some News and Views, but Jimmy is slightly under the weather and I’m going to have to fly on my own today. So here we go, News and Views, solo edition.

* After much muss and fuss earlier in the week, there are now reports that Johan Santana will make his first Spring Training start next week. Mets fans will keep their fingers crossed. This gets me to a popular point of view that I have never been able to embrace, Johan as some future tradable asset. This just smacks of wild-eyed optimism to me. I’m not thinking money here. Even if the Mets were to pick up the salary, I do not think we can get anything near a Wheeler or Syndergaard for Santana. There is so much risk with that shoulder that even if Johan had a good to great first half it would be buyer beware. The memory of the second half of last year can’t just be erased. With Santana I’m hoping to get as much as we can out of him so when he pitches I will just enjoy it. And I would love to have him around Harvey and Wheeler as long as possible too.

* Hey, isn’t it great that K-Rod would consider a reunion with the Mets. We have made his short list of 30 major league teams he is considering. What a sport! I can’t seriously believe we would want him anywhere near our locker room, and so I am not concerned. If anyone from the Mets has other ideas, hope they remember how well Bobby Bonilla, the Sequel, went.


* When you see some of the lineups this week without David Wright, it is frightening. Batting cleanup, Marlon Byrd! Oh, boy, I hope David is very careful this year.

* The blog Around Citi asked this question in a post; “What’s Justin Turner worth?” Wait a minute, we answered that last week.

Would the Mets accept this in a trade for Justin Turner?

Would the Mets accept this in a trade for Justin Turner?

* Carmelo Anthony has a bad knee. No he doesn’t. Yes he does. He asked to come out of the game the other night. No, he didn’t. See — it isn’t just the Mets! This would all make me feel a lot better if I wasn’t a Knicks fan too.

* I had a fourteen-hour day yesterday and then a special two-hour commute that should take one hour. Working for a living is so overrated. But in the car, I heard the following update on WFAN, heard it five times in fact. Matt Harvey pitched four-and-a-half no-hit innings, striking out five. So I held off and didn’t go postal.

Okay, that’s all for today folks, thanks for bearing with News and Views solo edition, remember, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

A Mets fans motto!








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  1. Michael, after working for 32 of the past 33 years, I can now happily say that I am a stay-at-home dad. I’m letting the wife have a go at it for a while. So far, she’s doing better than I ever did.
    Harvey is a monster. If he’s allowed to pitch 180 innings this year, he’ll come close to 200 K’s.

    • Michael Geus says:

      I agree on Harvey, it is going to be a lot of fun watching him pitch this year. As for the job thing, I am getting to a point in my life where I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Looking very hard to see it, that’s for sure.

  2. DD says:

    Pinning one’s hopes on a Spring Training invite is a lot like taking a chance on a penny stock, which is probably why it is so compelling. Right about now I am wondering whether I should invest a dram of emotion in Anthony Recker.

    Why Recker, beyond the fact that he came through at the plate with two outs yesterday? Because he might, maybe, be a bit better than he has shown so far.

    He signed late; apparently he really did want to go to college. Still his career was advancing nicely, if not spectacularly, through the minors, making AAA in his 4th season and putting up .261/.333/.449 in 306 Plate Appearances at that level. Yes, it was the PCL, but it was also Sacramento, which I read somewhere was the most difficult park in all of baseball to go yard. Recker was 25 that year.

    Then, it all stalled for Recker, and taking a look from this distance at who the A’s were running out there at catcher those years it’s hard to say why this happened. He would put in 400 Plate Appearances at Sacramento, shuttling in for a few appearances with Oakland in 2011 and 2012. He didn’t hit with the big club, but he hardly got a chance to show what he could do; fifty-something Plate Appearances in parts of two seasons. He didn’t QUIT hitting at AAA; he kept doing about what he had been doing.

    So, I bear in mind two things: that Bill Robinson and Mike Easler, two guys who contributed to some pretty fair Pittsburgh Pirates teams a million years ago, both required multiple opportunities before they showed that they could hit.

    The other thing I remember is myself going giddy over the prospect of watching Jon Nunnally play ay Shea. Nunnally looked real good in Spring of 2000, not so hot once the season started.

    So, I make my little investment, and remind myself it’s just a penny stock.

    • In limited sightings, Recker is a big kid — 240 pounds — and he moves like it behind the plate. When it came to describing his reflexes, cat was not the animal that sprang to mind. Horse-like reflexes? From a backup catcher, I need ONE THING. And not a specific thing. He can be a oaf he can mash it over the wall once in a wall. He can be great with pitchers but can’t hit a lick. But I want him to be something. And I’m not sure that Recker has one one quality we can use. But point taken. If he wears the uniform, I’ll be wishin’ & hopin’.

  3. IB says:

    DD – I’ve handicapped my way into picking a lot of long shots at Belmont. When they come in, you feel like a genius.

    Hope you picked a nice one here. Go Recker!

    • Michael Geus says:

      I fear Recker is more like the Horse who ends off carted off in an ambulance after the race. But for a penny, hey, if you are going to dream, dream big!

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