News and Views: Parnell Down and Out, Nimmo Healthy, First Baseman Bingo, and More


The good news. Brandon Nimmo is healthy and considered a breakout candidate in Port St. Lucie. The Mets system is very shallow in high-end position player prospects, it would be great if Nimmo took a big step forward. The bad news, Nimmo’s hand injury in 2013 was misdiagnosed all year.


2983674_ProductDescriptionYes, I saw that. His initial X-Ray was taken with a Fisher-Price doctor’s kit. But, yes. He’s reportedly gained 20 pounds of muscle and is ready to roll. He’s naturally a kid who shows patience and plate discipline, so he’s a fit with the organization’s ideals.


When I heard Daniel Murphy was going to miss Opening Day due to the birth of his child I didn’t even think about it. That is not a story. Yes, one more example of why my nickname is not “Scoop.” This has somehow turned into the biggest Mets related news item in a very long time. I saw Good Morning America do 15 minutes on Murphy Friday morning. Of everything I saw, Howard Megdal recreating Mike Francesa having a conversation with a baby was my favorite.


Howard does great work, I’ve come to really respect and enjoy him. I cannot say that about Boomer Esiason, who is still an idiot. Every time the ex-Jet opens his mouth, he offers up the verbal equivalent of a pick six.


It’s a few weeks ago, but I can’t let this one go by. In a post titled, Solving the Riddle of Citi Field, Greg Karam begins with a picture of a beaming Sandy Alderson and the following teaser:

“Sandy Alderson has said he wants to figure out why the Mets have performed so poorly at home during his tenure. There’s evidence to suggest he might already have an idea.”

An idea?

Spoiler alert Sandy, it’s outfield defense! This is not a mystery, and Sandy Alderson shouldn’t need any data to confirm it. Tell him to just go up to the Promenade Level, open his eyes and look outward.

I often picture Sandy, frozen in place at his home, unsure if day has arrived, waiting for a printout confirming that the sun has risen.


DataTNGYes, some guys absolutely need the data. I hated that article with every fiber of my being. Karam was actually praising Alderson for unraveling the mystery, thanks to all the new data available through “advanced statistics.” The article unintentionally made sabermetricians look bad in the process, reinforcing the suspicion that some of them never watch a game. Last season we noted that the Mets opened the season without one plus-defender in the outfield. Remember: Lucas Duda, left fielder! We were not geniuses for recognizing that it would not work in Citi Field.

And for the record, I’m not at all anti-SABR. I’ve read original research papers by Voros McCracken! Just the other day I was quoting Zack Wheeler’s “contact %” via FanGraphs. But no one ever needed a slide rule to figure out that outfielders need to be able to run and catch a baseball.

So, Mike, Rafael Montero threw six scoreless innings in Vegas the other day. Thoughts?


Some of those innings could have really helped our bullpen this week, but it would cost us a year of control in 2020. And so, one day it will be worth it. Because it is a lead pipe cinch that Montero will be a productive, healthy, major league pitcher in 2020. Always bet on the future over the present with pitchers, because nothing bad ever happens to them.

By the way, Fred Wilpon will be 84 years old in 2020. Or dead. Somebody should remind him about those facts.


I came across this Youtube video the other day. It was originally posted in 2010, but remains starkly relevant today. Fortunately, today’s it just funny. Three days ago it made me cry.


The more things change. . . .


Oh, hey! Terry Collins announced that Lucas Duda is going to get a sustained shot at first base after doing nothing to earn the job. Most analysts I’ve read have termed the decision-making process “ridiculous” and “a complete joke.” What in the world are the Mets doing here?


And this announcement ended up meaning absolutely nothing, as Davis ended up starting on Sunday. When it was announced I started analyzing the logic, but that was just silly of me. No more, when it comes to first base I will just enjoy the daily surprises. They have no idea what to do and the initial results have been wonderful.


It’s really been amazing so far, Duda hits two bombs on Friday, Davis responds with a Grand Slam on Saturday. I don’t know what to think anymore. After Ike got two hits on Sunday, Terry is all confused. He praised Ike up and down after the game. When asked about who’s on first — ha, it sounds like a comedy routine! — Terry said, basically, he had no idea. Not a clue.

I guess “extended look” ain’t what it used to be.

As always with this organization, you wonder why they say anything. Collins didn’t need to make an announcement. Let me put it this way: When what you say doesn’t mean anything, don’t say anything! Because they just look very bad. Steve Keane at The Eddie Kranepool Society had some harsh words on the topic. Steve is at his most entertaining when he’s feeling grumpy.

I shook my head when I read the initial reports that the odds of surgery for Bobby Parnell were 50/50. Really? Were they considering duct tape? It reminded me of that line from Woody Allen’s “Love and Death.” Diane Keaton tells him, “I guess you could say I’m half saint, half whore.” To which Woody replies, “Here’s hoping I get the half that eats.”



Well, I don’t want the team flipping any coins for me. The results are in, Parnell is having season ending surgery.

Don't worry, Bobby. This is a Civil War amputation kit.  Pretty cool, isn't it?

Start to worry, Bobby. This is a Civil War amputation kit. The Mets bought it on discount!


We’ve now seen every starting pitcher in the Mets rotation. They’ve collectively looked solid, though I’d say that Bartolo was, in just one start, the least impressive. Not solid so much as . . . gooey? A cream-filled center? Anyway, great to see Niese throwing so effectively. He looked sharp on Sunday until he faltered in the 6th inning. A healthy, productive Niese should be a huge plus.


It’s hard to not still be concerned about Niese, but even so I consider starting pitching to be the strength of this team. Imagine how good these guys would do if they ever got to face our lineup.


After six games, the Mets are last in hits in MLB with 33 (that includes the 4 they banged out yesterday). But you know what? It was a good overall series against the Reds. They provided some nice moments. Let’s hope they pick it up a notch.

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  1. I often wonder when the Mets will ever sit down in a room and outline a policy on how they want to handle speaking in front of a microphone.

    • In Terry’s defense, he’s a beard — still trying to maintain the illusion that he actually makes out the lineup cards. I keep waiting for him to let down his guard and say, simply, “You know, Sandy hasn’t told me yet.”

      • Sure, I can see that, but why even then say anything about Duda last Thursday, only to then take a detour because of a pinch hit grandslam on Saturday.

        It is all crazy town when the mics are on. And now we live in a time when the mics are on 24/7.

  2. Reese Kaplan says:

    If not for Chris Young’s injury, Juan Lagares’ butt would be Krazy-glued to the bench due to Collins’ man-love for Eric Young (he of the one solidly hit ball to the outfield thus far).

    The first base situation can’t fully be laid at the feet of the nutty Professor. Alderson failed in his job to resolve the situation in the off-season or in the roster composition.

    Anyone notice Ruben Tejada, after a quick start, spiraling to 2013 level? There’s another Alderson failure. I can’t blame Collins for that one either (as much as I’d like to), and having Quintanilla on the roster is Alderson’s fault, too.

    I am having fewer and fewer people support me on this one, but Travis d’Arnaud will be fine. I’m much more worried about Curtis Granderson not turning into Jason Bay II.

    • Michael Geus says:

      Like Jimmy I do not think Collins has much authority, if any, over the daily lineup card. But I’m not on the inside, it is speculation on my part.

      But even if Collins is the person pushing Young Jr, or anyone else, he works for Sandy. Sandy is the guy who hired Collins and just extended the guy. At the least it is safe to deduce that Alderson is very happy with how Collins operates.

      Now, I fully understand this is not what you are saying, Reese, but I want to make a further comment on this. All over the internet I see and hear from people who hate Collins and love Alderson. Again, Collins works for Alderson, if Collins is a problem Alderson could end that problem by snapping his fingers.

      Hiring Collins and extending Collins are either huge moves by Sandy (if Terry has real power) or Alderson is making the decisions people pin on Terry.

      If I’m only going to lash out at one guy I’m not picking the one with less power. It’s like kicking a dog.

    • Even seen enough of Lagares now that Chris Young is going to be a nice fit in the Derek Bell column, assuming he ever gets off the DL and on the field.

  3. Here’s something fun to read while we’re all waiting for the next Mets juggernaut to come around:

  4. Eraff says:

    6 games is very early to draw conclusions on an established player like Grandy– I would err on the side of expecting his “Baseball Card” results.

    d”Arnaud— Patience…. It’s a short slate of results versus the expectations and the scouting reports. He’s Catching and establishing his knowledge of hitters— I will suspend judgement. I see a quick bat and a balanced hitter—I’ll wait a bit.

    1st base– The roster situation remains an atrocity… despite the production of the past 3 games.

    Tejada– he looks like what he looks like—a capable MLB quality Mid Infield “part”—NOT a starter. No outstanding game or athletic skill. H’e much better than his “worst” and a good deal less than you’d hope for in a starter. He’s NOT a Starter—that doesn’t/hasn’t/won’t change.

    If they fix their bench mix (q, satin and two lefthanded statues), and get some resonable bullpen work they will chalelnge a .500 record. The starting Pitching is generally competitive and Good.

    BTW—- major big impressions on Lagares so far— his ab’s are competitive, smart, resourceful. He’s been very impressive. It is also a short sample, but it’s been an impressive APPROACH (there’s That Word!) …and it has included results. Go LEGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • James Preller says:

      I agree with every word of this. With Tejada, the ceiling just so low, any team would be looking for an upgrade. Except for one.

  5. IB says:

    One of those odd coincidences- this very day i was thinking of Love and Death. “My piece of land!” Woody’s response to the half whore/half saint thing is pretty interesting. Enigmatic. I need to think about this.

    The Duda/Davis thing comes back to the same thing – why does TC ever open his mouth? It just makes him look like an imbecile (and well he might be) when you see Davis penciled in a day later.

    • James Preller says:

      Yes, “Love & Death” is one of my favorites. Many classic lines in that one. His response is enigmatic and also vaguely lewd; it sounds dirty, though we’re not sure why.

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