Mets Sign David Wright: 2 Guys React


It is being widely reported that David Wright has signed a seven year extension to his contract. When you include the year remaining on his current deal, the Mets now have Wright signed for eight years. The seven-year extension is for $122 million.

As a Mets fan I am very happy today. Wright is our own “homegrown” star, and I am excited that he is signed to a deal that should make him a career-long Met. That also has real business value and will offset some of the financial downside that might appear in the end years of this deal.

As far as the contract itself, I think Alderson did a solid job here. I was hoping for a six year extension at similar numbers, but I have also felt that Wright had the upper hand in this negotiation. When you look at some current signings this week (BJ Upton!) this looks reasonable to me.


Sorry for the delayed reaction, Mike, but last night I sustained a non-baseball-related injury in the local pub. You know how nowadays we have to be careful with head injuries, take the recovery slow, one sip of coffee at a time, but I hope to return to the “active” list soon.

Speaking of hope, I’ve been thinking about Pandora a lot lately. Not the music service, which is fine, but the figure in Greek mythology. Molded from clay, Pandora famously opened the box that released all the evils into the world: anger, illness, hate, despair, Bernie Madoff, street mimes, the DH, and the Kardashians (every single stinking one of them). Reports vary, but from the best we can piece together, Pandora, realizing her mistake, quickly slammed down the lid — too late, too late. Then she heard a knocking, the faintest call from inside. She opened the lid again, and out came a fragile, fluttering thing . . . hope.

As a Mets fan, I’ve learned to become suspicious of hope, as it is usually followed by heartbreak or Jose Lima. All things being equal, having David Wright is obviously much, much better than not having him. So, sure, I feel that little stirring in my chest, a quickening I can’t suppress. It began when they dumped Jason Bay to the curb. A move that struck me as decisive, forward-thinking. Now they’ve retained Wright. I’d like to see them keep Dickey, too, and flip Niese, perhaps to Kansas City, but somewhere/anywhere, and bring back a good, athletic, young bat. Gee comes back and his arm doesn’t fall off. Wheeler joins the club in June (a move delayed for arbitration-eligibility reasons), then maybe we do something at catcher, etc.

Maybe, maybe, maybe. Hope, hope, hope.

Wright can’t do it alone, that’s been conclusively established. Cynically, this could play out to be another of Fred’s famous half-measures, enough to ensure mediocrity, SNY profits, and a grim repeat of previous seasons. But I really believe — oh hope! — that Sandy finally realizes he can’t bring back the same team from last year. He has to do something bold, he has to act, he has to try to win. I honestly think it’s possible, a slender hope. Call Kansas City — offer ‘em Ed Hearn again! Maybe Fred loosens the purse strings ever so slightly, emboldened by the insane appreciation of SNY. Today I have more hope than yesterday. Look, there it flies, a glimmering thing, on butterfly wings.

What could possibly go wrong?





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  1. Terrimac says:

    I was so happy to wake up to this news this morning. I was afraid to even let myself think of Wright not on the Mets. Wright is part of my Mets family, and I’m thrilled he’ll be in Queens for the next seven years. Now, I just have to hear the same news about Dickey, but for today, I’m smiling for the “Wright” news!

  2. Dan says:

    Thsi is great news for all Met fans. This is a fair deal for both sides. Wright is better than Zimmerman, and more durable than Longoria, therefore, he should be paid accordingly, as this deal does. Wright is a high character guys that will represent the franchise well. Now let’s sign some other players to compliment Wright for this year. As there are no real good free agents available, we probably need to look at next year for the splashy sign, unless someone attractive is available via trade for a pitcher.

  3. Cynical Yankee Fan says:

    I am glad to see that the other NY team has a REAL 3rd baseman signed to a long term contract. I hope it works out better for the kids in Flushing than it has and will for the boys in the Bronx.

    I do believe that this is another example where the Mets are paying for David’s past success. Let’s see how everyone feels about this deal in year 5,6, and 7.

    Cynical Yankee Fan

  4. Dan says:

    I am not sure where all this talk of past success is coming from, based on today’s market, Wright is being paid appropriately. He is the best 3rd baseman in NL, and is only 30 years old. This is what the current market is, longer term contracts. Longoria has a 10 year deal, Votto has a 12 year deal, Zimmerman has 8 year deal, Pujols signed a 10 year deal. I am comfortable with thsi deal.

    • Not a day to quibble over this deal, which is fine in isolation, but when you compare Wright’s 2005-08 numbers vs. 2009-12, his production goes down in every offensive category. Yes, Citifield is part of that. But he was on track to being a HOF in my opinion, and nowadays he’s no longer on that track. Hopefully it all works out.

      • Michael Geus says:

        His 2012 was fabulous, a 6.7 WAR. I should be in a decline like that.

      • Dan says:

        They also had a better team 2005 – 2008, Jose Reyes leading off. This team has no lead-off hitter and no speed, lost RBIs because of lack of speed. Wright has had 5 100 RBIs season compared to Zimmerman’s 2. Yet no one seems to care that Zimmerman makes $17MM/year, why would anyone expect Wright to get less. 93 RBIs with this team is nothing short of a miracle. With a real lead-off hitter, Wright would have had 110 RBIs, and we would have paid him $20MM per year. In 2012 Wright batted .317 with RISP. By comparison, Pujols batted .283 with RISP, but had 103 RBIs on a much better team and Hamiliton batted .296 with RISP.

      • Dan says:

        This deal looks better every day. I heard jon Heyman from Newssday on the FAN the other night, he says other GMs were telling him Wright left money on the table, Wright could have gotten $24MM a year for 8 – 10 years. Either way, when compared to a 37 year old Scutaro getting 3 years $20MM, Victorino getting 3/39, Pagan getting 4/40, The Mets made a good deal with Wright.

  5. Alan K. says:

    The Mets had to do this. I don’t think they could have withstood the fallout if Wright were traded or left as a FA.
    They had to give their fans some reason to feel good this winter.

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