Mets Say “No Way, Jose!!!”

Jose AbreuOn the free agent front it is one up, one gone, as Jose Abreu signed a six-year contract for $68 million with the Chicago White Sox. I’m on record that Abreu was a risk, and that so is every potential signing. In this case I advocated the signing, and I still do, but I also never thought it would happen. I suppose it is fitting how many strikes the Mets players take given how much looking this team does at players without ever pulling the trigger. Now, fine, it is extremely early, it is October 2013, not April 2014. But given recent history and our gaping hole at first base our lack of interest in Abreu is not a good first sign of where things are heading.

mets 40 man rosterNow one thing to consider is that Sandy Alderson and his staff were too busy this week to consider the Abreu situation, as he had to tackle the arduous process of removing four players from our stacked 40 man roster. Mike Baxter and Robert Carson were both claimed on waivers and Greg Burke and Sean Henn were out-righted to the minor leagues. Imagine the angst in the Mets war room over these cuts? Some days it must be hard to be Sandy Alderson.

Baxter seems like a nice kid, and he gave up his body to preserve Santana’s no-hitter. Of course if he was a better left fielder and took a better route he wouldn’t have had to do that, but I guess I’m being overly tough on Mike. Lucas Duda would not have made that catch, so thanks, Mike. I’ll never forget you, but I can’t say I’ll miss you either. Enjoy the Dodgers minor league system.

Carson is lefthanded and a relief pitcher, so you never know. But he was a special kind of awful every time the Mets tried to use him, it’s time for another staff to tinker with Robert.

Overall the biggest thing I got out of the 40 man stuff was when I heard Sean Henn was on the 40 man roster I had to laugh. Because that got me back to thinking about Abreu. Forget the 40 man, we have a 25 man roster littered with AAAA players and once again we turn our nose up at a player.

All excuses are gone, this team needs to assemble a real 25 man roster by April or everyone associated with the team are either bold faced liars or in over their heads. Or both.

The clock continues to tick.

Sandy Alderson Clock


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  1. blastingzone says:

    Amazing this is the most important year for the mets, its the year that Sandy and the Wilpons either turn the mets around and gain back the trust of there fans or
    lose a lot more of them! The viewership for SNY was down 31% this year and
    unless the mets make some big moves that could drop to 50% or more and with
    less and less fans showing up at the games they could lose a lot more than
    10 million in 2014! They needed to make a big splash this year and by not even
    putting in a bid for Abreu shows me(and the fans) this is going to be another long
    and very cheap off season! I guess Sandy will be shopping at the bargin counters
    again and if that’s the case the mets will be lucky to draw 15,000 fans a game
    next year! 68 million for 6 years is very cheap for a power hitting first baseman
    who is 26 years old and coming into his prime, is he unproven in our ML’s
    yes, is he a risk yes, but so is depending on Davis or Duda next year or
    signing a 38 year old Beltran or a 37 year old Byrd as far as them staying healthy
    all year! Choo is not worth $100,000,000 dollars and as a matter of fact Abreu was a lot cheaper and has a lot more power than Choo! Which leaves trades as
    the only real way to get a younger hitter with power but that will cost the mets
    some of there young and up and coming pitching like Montero and Syndergaard and/or Niese or gee where as Abreu would have cost you only money! If the
    mets had signed Abreu then Beltran and other FA’s might have wanted to come here but I doubt they would now and can you blame them, who would want to
    come to a loosing team especially if your coming off an appearance in the WS
    or at least the playoffs! Byrd might but then the mets would almost be in the same situation as last year good pitching and a little offense and without Harvey
    and if you have to trade some of our pitching even worse unless of course you
    sign some FA’s like Arroyo and Kazmir then maybe they will still have a good pitching staff but that would also require them to spend big money so I wouldn’t
    count on them to do that and who says they would even want to come here!!

  2. Alan K. says:

    I doubt the Mets ever seriously considered Abreu. I can’t see this front office making a bold move like that, especially since they cling to the hope that Ike Davis can be a productive player. I also really wonder whether Alderson sees the same urgency as the fans do especially as his job does not appear to be in jeopardy.

  3. Alderson is like the uncle in your family who comes over for Thanksgiving Dinner, never smiles, never interacts with the kids, and always comes across as if he’s done you a big favor even showing up. Yet he fully expects to be served a nice, big dinner. And you keep telling yourself, “Next year, we won’t invite him back.” Yet year after year, there he is, stone-faced and silent, plate piled high, offering nothing in return.

  4. Eraff says:

    I’ll reserve Judgement to see what THE TROIKA does. I expect two Real MLB Bats plus some Bench and Pitching help. It’ll be interesting to get a measure on there INCREASED expenditures versus the constantly shifting words—Is it 45, 35, 20 million?….. babble babble

  5. Stubby says:

    I’m really tired of the Alderson bashing. Really tired. I think he’s done a helluva job turning around the franchise after the carnage wrecked by Omar. Oh, I know most of you worship at the altar of Omar because he wasn’t afraid of (over) spending for (non) talent and pulling the trigger on (really really bad) trades. What did it get you? Sure, once in a while, the team played “meaningful” games in August, but they were never going to be winners because there was no foundation and he stripped the farm system clean. Sandy’s building a foundation which, if his successor isn’t Omar Jr., will have the Mets competitive for a decade. But that doesn’t happen overnight. I sure as heck wouldn’t pay Abreu 11 mil. a year. Wpouldn’t do it. Wouldn’t want my team to do it. Dominic Smith is our first baseman of the future. Bank on it. I do expect Sandy will bring in (via trade or free agency) one (just one) solid bat in the outfield for next year. A foundational guy that’ll still be in the heart of the order with Wright when we ARE a contender 2 or 3 years from now. A real contender–not that mirage stuff Omar always put on the field. And if you were expecting a contender next year, forget it. It was never in the cards. And now that Harvey’s down a year–and its good that he wised up and went for the surgery–there’s little chance of our being much different than we were this year. But that’s OK. We’re building something here. Something real. Honestly, you’re all like those stinkin’ kids in the back seat crying “Are we there yet?” when we’re only half way. Go root for the Red Sox.

    • I really appreciate your comment, thanks for taking the time to write it. I’d love to see your point of view better represented here in the comments section. Obviously, I don’t agree with much of what you wrote, but I am glad to hear your voice in the room. I hope you speak up again.

      My best, Jimmy

    • Michael Geus says:

      Thanks for the comment.

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