Mets Play Yankees, Mets Beat Yankees, Rinse, Repeat

geeWhen we previewed this year’s Subway Series Monday I wished that the team could give the fans a few good games. Mission accomplished and then some. Some quick last thoughts on a memorable week of Mets baseball.





*  Watching Marlon Byrd bang home runs out of Yankee Stadium puts Vernon Wells’s season in perspective. Every ball to right field is a potential home run.

* We had great starting pitching all week. And notice when that happens how the bullpen looked. It does all start with starting pitching, keep thinking good thoughts about Wheeler, Montero, and the rest of the clan.

* What the hell was Gee throwing tonight, it looked like a knuckle curve? And where has it been all year?

* Lost in all the “We are killing Scott Rice” hoopla is this; Scott Rice is pitching fantastic. A tip of the hat to Sandy and his crew on this signing, we all know how valuable a good late inning lefty is.

* This is the year they cut the Subway Series to four games? I want more!

Bring on those rough and tough Marlins.



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  1. Nice, but: Those were not the Yankees.

  2. eric says:

    Nice series for the Mets. The season is still defined by the ability to locate, define and establish players who can be part of the future squad or who can be traded for the future squad. The wins and losses are not the real indicator.

    I came away a bit hopeful about both Hefner and Gee. It’s hard to get “excited” about pitchers who really on approach, location and geometry, but Gee and Hefner could establish as usable long term pitchers. Both need an outpitch versus lefties.

    Lucas Duda has added a good bit of aggression recently. This is a good development for him and his future usefulness and trade value. He could be a valuable chip at the deadline if his approach continues to develop. I don’t believe the Mets are going to clear 1b for him.

    Parnell has been impressive… hot arm and a real approach is developing. I maintain my SELL HIGH rating. I root for the AL East race to remain tight, with many blown saves in Boston. Parnell and Jackie Bradley Jr. would be a nice looking start to a trade package. How about Parnell and Niese for Bradley and Garin Ceccinni and Daniel Nava—show me that you’re actually rebuilding.

    Shaun Marcum’s recent success may have HIM moving forward as a trade chip for talent…… he could be in a Package at the deadline.

    I maintain my opinion that the possible “move ahead guys” are Wright, Harvey and Niese. There are several nice and usable players, but there are groupings of players who combine similar weaknesses without many platoon advantages.

    If the individual players emerge the trade deadline could become transformative—-I am hopeful they will participate this year.

    • Good thoughts, Eric. My expressed “plan” is similar, for Alderson to be both a buyer AND a seller this deadline — very active — plus we will have d’Arnaud and Wheeler. They must add a true outfielder one way or the other.

  3. Terrimac says:

    What a great day to be a Mets fan! Going into this series, I must admit I was a bit apprehensive. I was wishing for at least a split so I could be proud of my team. But wow, never expected this euphoria I’m feeling today. Speaking of pride, the Mets players can all stand tall today … everyone of them got a shot of adrenaline from this 4-game series, which hopefully will stick with them for a nice run going forward. They can all stand tall, every player from the obvious Harvey, Wright and Parnell, to Duda, Murphy, Buck, and yes, even Ike Davis in the third game, The only guy I have to say should perhaps not keep his head tall is Quintanilla…you should remember head down, glove down! That ball through your legs could have ruined my celebrating today, but luckily, it ‘s Friday, and here I am, very proud Mets fan. Kudos Mets players!

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