Meet the Mets’ Current Fifth Starter, ?

With R.A. Dickey now traded, the Mets could definitely use another starting pitcher. The opening day rotation at this time is as follows.







Two of those pitchers ended 2012 on the disabled list, and the fifth starter is a Mysterian to me. To use Sandy Alderson’s pet phrase, our in-house options are Jenry Meija, Jeremy Hefner, and Collin McHugh. Personally I can’t take Hefner or McHugh seriously, they have talent that screams, “Long Reliever!!!” as a ceiling. That leaves Meija, and I’m fine rolling him out there in 2013 and seeing what he can do. 2013 is a good time for that.

Again though, that still leaves us right at five with two guys coming off surgery. We don’t just need outfielders!

I have thought all offseason that the Chris Young reunion was just a matter of time. I can still see that happening. Young can be a placeholder, and I’m guessing a good guy to have around all our young pitchers. He is as fragile as an egg, but we know that, and at some point Wheeler is coming or something has gone very wrong with “The Plan.”

But there is a guy who intrigues me more and should not break Fred’s precious piggy bank —

Shaun Marcum.

Marcum has made a career of pitching well or being hurt. He is coming off elbow issues from 2011. Because of that he may not get more than a one-year contract, but I do think he could end up with a two-year deal. If I’m Alderson, I’m very interested, and two years should not be an issue.

Our 2014 commitments are very low. Santana will be gone in 2014, Wheeler or no Wheeler. And besides, you never have enough pitching. The downside is you sign Marcum for two years and he makes 10 starts total.

Well, when you bottom fish you need to take chances. I would rather take a shot at someone with real upside. A guy like Carl Pavano (another name you see) you know exactly what you are going to get.

And guess what?

You won’t like it.


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  1. Alan K. says:

    Marcum makes sense even if it requires a two year deal. If he’s pitching well in July, he could be a useful trade chip.

  2. Don P says:

    I think Marcum is probably more than the Mets are willing to do. I think we’re more likely to get someone like Bedard or Joe Saunders

    • I agree, Don — and I also don’t think it’s the right move for this team at this time. Marcum comes with a huge injury risk and several white flags. His fastball lost a lot last year, and there’s a theory that’s been gaining currency about the shelf life of Tommy John surgery. Marcum could be very good for two years, it’s true, but he could be a total bust. I just don’t see the need for the Mets to roll the dice at this time, assuming that Marcum is after a Liriano-type contract. I was a wet blanket about Cody Ross, and I feel the same way about Marcum. I’ll have to pull together more thoughts on that for a post on another day. However, if the contract made sense, one-year, incentive-laden, sure, but I don’t see it happening.

  3. Ken H. says:

    Unfortunately, Marcum was a little too good in 2012, so he’ll be too expensive for the Mets’ diminutive 2013 budget. If they don’t go with Mejia, I’m guessing someone more like Bedard or Jair Jurrjens.

  4. […] Tip of the hat to my blogging partner, Mike, for identifying Shaun Marcum as his primary target for #5 starter back on December 24th. I see Marcum as a major injury risk with high upside. For a one-year deal, […]

  5. […] before we signed Marcum, I was an advocate. Marcum’s history has been that of a pure injury risk. He certainly has, at the least, a mild […]

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