JEFF WILPON ON WFAN: “We’re Breeding a New Type of Met,” Blah, Blah, Blah.


We are all familiar with the folk tale, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” Get caught in too many lies, nobody ever believes you again.

Which leads us to Jeff Wilpon’s recent appearance on WFAN.

Jef Wilpon

Let’s begin with this:

“We haven’t set a payroll for next year, but I can tell you we’re ready to invest with those big contracts coming off the books. We have the money to invest. We’re going to invest it prudently. Sandy is going to set a path. There’s no predetermined set way we’re going to spend the money, but we do have the money to spend, and depending how it all falls out … what trades can be made or can’t be made, and where Sandy thinks the best use of those funds are.”


This is the worst part of the All Star Game stuff. Fred crawled out of the shadows yesterday and spouted some nonsense too. This ownership has a major credibility issue, and they have earned it. Until they actually do something that shows they are financially committed I can only wait and watch.


They are fortunate the team got hot when it did. The mood has lightened considerably, or else they might have kept hiding under their rocks. In classic Wilpon form, Jeff deflected a lot on Sandy Alderson. Jeff was like, “Don’t look at me, the buck does NOT stop here!”


Yes, and we have seen that before. It’s very hard to believe that Alderson is not using any major payroll budget he has been allotted. Very hard.

At the same time Newsday published an article profiling how ballpark revenue has went straight down annually, every year since Citi Field opened. I wonder why that happened? In another article, Forbes lists the current valuation of sports franchises. Forget the Yankees, Jets, and Giants, the Knicks are valued higher than the Mets, by a large amount. A basketball team is worth more than the New York Mets, playing in a new park. Wow. When James Dolan is cleaning your clock on how to operate your business you should think about other things to do with your life.



I had to laugh when Jeff said, “It’s important to teach these kids how to win. Nobody wants to lose, and I think we’re breeding a new type of Met.”

A new type of Met! Baseball meets the Genome Project!


I’m never quite sure what to make of a Jeff comment. I think it was some clumsy way of trying to dress up this interminable rebuild.


No, Mike, I think he meant exactly what he said. They are secretly breeding . . . a new type of Met.

RoboMet: A new breed of New York Met.

RoboMet: A new breed of New York Met.



I’d pay to see that.


Jeff also said, for the 1,000th time: “We care about the fans. We want to put a good product out there. We live and die with the team, and we wouldn’t own it if we didn’t want to live and die with the team. This is our life, this is our business and we’d like to do a better job at it. And we need to do a better job, and we will . . . We’re going to do what we need to do to win.”

A tear actually fell into my beer while I listened to Jeff. I felt the love! He really does care about us.


Ha! They cared so much about winning in 2013 they sent down Travis d’Arnaud because if things break a certain way it could save them payroll years from now. Not now, years from now.

I never see the full commitment to winning from these owners. We talk about youth, but when Cespedes, Puig, and Chapman hit the market where were the Wilpon dollars? And before the new CBA we rarely went over slot on draft picks. That’s a funny way to build a farm system.

I’m totally from Missouri with these Wilpons.

Show me.



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  1. Eric says:

    It’s like ordering Lemonade and getting a Cold Glass of Piss…I wish they wouldn’t talk.

  2. To me, an interesting angle to this current ownership is that they are offensive even when you completely remove “fandom” from the perspective.

    I mean, just when you look at it as a business. The guy on the corner doing a crappy job with his deli. The new coffee shop that has no where to sit. Or whatever. The huge bank that steals from its best customers. We look around and see folks doing crummy jobs all over.

    Owning the NY Mets is pure gold. They are so lucky, so fortunate. They have this amazing opportunity in their hands and they are fucking idiots, plain and simple. Look at the state of things! Look across town. Remember how things were 25 years ago. Sigh.

  3. Eric says:

    My constant attitude is “Give Me Back My Team!!!”. I realize that’s an infantile way to look at it, but it’s such a degrading insult to “Fan” a team with this ownership.

    I live in Philly(past 25 years)….. it’s been a fabulous baseball town for the past several years in a great park. Accessible and wonderful place to be a fan. I envy my Brother who moved to Boston the same 25 years ago at a time when following an “out of town” team was virtually impossible.

    My Brother switched allegiances to the Red Sox….. I CANNOT do that in Philly—they are blood rivals!!! The Sox are rivals to the Yanks—No Problem for my ex- Met Fan Brother!!!

    I inherited my Fandom from my Father…a Broken Hearted Brooklyn Dodgers Fan. I LOVE the METS!!!!

    Wilpons!!!!!!—– GIVE ME BACK MY TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!

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