Ike Davis and Lucas Duda: Who Will Be the Last Man Standing?


There’s a terrific scene in The Dark Knight when The Joker is faced with two aspiring henchmen. He snaps a pool stick in half, throws it on the floor, and basically says [sic], The last one standing gets the job.”


That’s my plan for Ike Davis and Lucas Duda.

These guys have been in each other’s way from the beginning, and there has never been room for the both of them, because they are both left-handed-hitting first baseman. Management has always sided with Ike. They put Lucas out to pasture in the outfield and clearly — clearly, let there be no doubt! — that’s a complete disaster.

It could be that we don’t want either one, ultimately. But let’s start by picking one guy, please, and dumping the other one. Keeping both only gets in the way of meaningful progress.


That sounds good to me. I was all for playing Duda in left earlier in the year. I didn’t think he could do it but wanted that look at his bat. And there was this — who was he blocking?

In the meantime Ike Davis fell flat on his face, and seems to not be able to really get up. This current “run” of Ike’s, mostly walk-driven, doesn’t scream power bat to me. Since his return from Las Vegas on July 4, Davis has one home run, hit in the ninth inning of an 11-0 blowout.

As for Duda, while doing a good job of proving he has no business in a major league outfield, he did not yet prove he has to be in a major league line-up. Mostly all he did was hit a little better than Davis.

young_eric_jr_640And now things have evolved. We added Lagares and Young Jr to the roster and our outfield defense improved tremendously. As with Lucas and Ike they are no sure things either, but a further look at them can help the team’s decision-making process for 2014. Additionally it’s hard to make a case that the team will play better right now if Duda was reinserted in left. After watching Young Jr. win last nights game with his glove in the field and legs on the base paths I’m not making it. So let’s assume that is off the table. That leaves first base, and since both Davis and Duda are so similar we are left with where you started off, a decision needs to be made.

I would rather give Lucas one last look, but soon enough one of these guys is going to have to go. There might not be a use for either of them, but we know there surely is no need for both.







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  1. Eraff says:

    Duda is NOT Arbitration eligible until 2015. They don’t have the same urgency with him as they do with Davis—he’s probably an arb. award of 4-6 million dollars.

    Pure faith and continued hope could keep Davis with the Mets. I believe a “decision” on Young may have bearing on that. Young should probably get a contract/arb award similar to Davis..maybe more….and signing Young does not mean STARTING Young at a specific spot. How tight are the Mets going to be?

    The Mets need to re-sign Young…. Davis is a crap shoot—I’ve seen enough of his Crap. Duda?…I always thought he could hit. There is absolutely no urgency to “find out” anything about him, and I don’ think he’s capable of showing you anything quickly. Treat him like any 26 year old “fringee”… make HIM ofre You, not the other way around.

  2. Don P says:

    This front office has proven that it is best at doing nothing. Doing nothing in this case solves the problem. Ike is non-tendered, he walks and becomes someone else’s head case.

  3. Michael Geus says:

    Well, Duda was just optioned to the minors, so there is a decision.

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