If at First You Do Succeed, Try, Try Again

Update 4:40 PM:

What a difference a day makes. Congratulations Ike. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s game, I want to see what Satin is going to do to top them both.

Original Post:

After Thursdays loss, Terry Collins announced that Lucas Duda would get an extended shot at the first base job. After all these years of Davis and Duda, who knows what that means? When it comes to first base, the Mets seem incapable of making a decision. For one night the decision was made for them, by none other than Lucas Duda.

Lucas Duda

















Although there was more to it, there always is, there was no doubt the story of the night was Lucas Duda. His two bombs powered a much needed win and for one day makes the ongoing saga of first base moot.

I’m kind of expecting Lucas to get the start today.

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  1. Michael Geus says:

    It is a beautiful day, and a Saturday. And the stands are empty, again.

    So sad what the Wipons have done to this franchise.

  2. wkkortas says:

    Could the Mets’ front office bungled this one more spectacularly? After a Leningrad-siege length time period where the Mets couldn’t decide which player, if either, was a more appealing (or perhaps less appealiing) option–a time period where Alderson painfully overvalued them–you have to make a grand public gesture after one series? What if Davis asks for a trade (God knows I would in that situation)? What value does he have now? The Pirates have DFA’d Vin Mazzaro, who is better than nothing–frankly, if I’m Sandy, I’m thankful I could get that for Davis now; if he thinks he can stlll get a rotation piece for a backup first baseman, he’s a bigger fool than he appeas to be. Lord, what a woeful and misbegotten ballclub.

  3. Raff says:

    Sorry mis-posted this
    Meanwhile, back to being a baseball fan – What a beautiful ending to the game today. Ike “sits” on a strike one pitch which would have been difficult to hit (questionable called strike up and out), and he belts a second pitch hanger into the clouds for a salami…. Did Cincy NOT have any lefty to pitch to Ike? What was going on inside Bryan Price’s head? (Cincy Mgr)

  4. Eraff says:

    I was thinking Lefty….and thinking that I’d send Satin up instead of Ike…..well,,,good for Ike!!!

    • Raf says:

      So – the Reds would rather pitch to Ike than Satin
      Here’s the rule:

      (b) If the pitcher is replaced, the substitute pitcher shall pitch to the batter then at bat,

      or any substitute batter, until such batter is put out or reaches first base, or until the

      offensive team is put out, unless the substitute pitcher sustains injury or illness

      which, in the umpire-in-chief’s judgment, incapacitates him for further play as a


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