Help Wanted: “2 Guys” Team OF


Well, with the selection of Ray Knight last week, our “2 Guys” Team officially resembles the 2013 Mets. There are no outfielders. Now, over the years, we have had a Stork, George Theodore, in the outfield. And once, a dove exploded in front of Kevin McReynolds in our outfield. I’m sure none of us will forget the night Emil Brown patrolled right field for us. Yes there have been great moments and many players to enjoy. In fact, to date, according to the Ultimate Mets site (thanks again Ultimate Mets), 285 players have manned the outfield for the Mets. As we look at who were the toughest, grittiest guys out of that mass of humanity, we wouldn’t mind if our readers culled the herd for us.

I would say some basic ground rules make sense. When I used to play fantasy baseball you needed to play a certain amount of games at the position to qualify. I’m thinking 50 career games in the outfield as a Met, at minimum. And no more than five nominations per voter, we are trying to shorten the list here, thanks.

As we did with our big Hunt/Backman vote ,you can add your nominations right here as comments to this post. We will be accepting nominations until midnight Sunday, after that we will begin working on our final three selections. And to be clear, all nominations will be considered but this is not a vote — the blue ribbon panel will be selecting the three winners from among the nominations.

Got it?

Great, then get to it.


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  1. Don P says:

    For me, two are easy. I’ll take Dykstra and Agee. The third is more problematic, but I’ll go with one of my favorite Mets of all time Le Grande Orange.

  2. Old Fan says:

    Joe Christopher, Jimmy Piersall, Mike Cameron, Ron Swoboda

  3. FL Met Fan Rich says:

    Clean Jones, Tommy Agee, Darryl Strawberry

  4. Ken H. says:

    1. Lenny Dykstra – If you don’t think Nails was tough and gritty as a Met, I’m sure he will be after 3 years in the slammer.

    2. Kevin Mitchell – In the minors, he once punched the opposing team’s owner. Now that’s tough and gritty.

    3. Steve Henderson – It’s not easy being associated with the guy we traded to get you.

    4. Joel Youngblood – How many other players can you name to get two hits for two different teams in two different cities on the same day?

    5. Dave Kingman – First player to hit 400 HRs and not be elected to the Hall of Fame. Before the Steroid Era, you had to be really tough and gritty to carry such a dubious tag.

  5. Terrimac says:

    My nominations for outfielders who actually hustled and weren’t afraid to get their uniforms dirty are Rusty Staub, Mookie Wilson, Kevin Mitchell, Lee Mazzilli, and guess just have to add “tough as Nails” Dykstra.

  6. Tom M says:

    I’d like to nominate the stork George Theodore and Don Hahn. after being able to get up after that collision that was an inside the park home run they have to be tough. Also George Foster, he was a mean sob that liked no one.

  7. Cynical Yankee Fan says:

    I watched my first Mets baseball game on a Philco B&W set. I vividly remember Cleon Jones playing for the Mets. I thought that Cleon was an unusual name.

    Well, lets get to the nominations. All of the following players had one criteria in common.

    I submit for your consideration:

    Elliot Maddox
    Rickey Henderson
    Gary Sheffield
    Shane Spencer
    Xavier Nady

    There are others but they have already been nominated.


    Cynical Yankee Fan

  8. Alan K. says:

    Dykstra, Kevin Mitchell and Rusty Staub. Staub’s performance in the 1973 WS
    (.423 BA) despite playing with a separated shoulder was the epitome of toughness and grit.

  9. People, please: Moises Alou pee’d on his own hands! He didn’t use batting gloves. And guess what? He urinated on his own hands!!!!!

  10. Michael Geus says:

    All gross team no doubt. We can keep that in mind.

  11. […] nominations are now closed and we have some great candidates to pick from for our “2 Guys” Team […]

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