GUEST POST: “The Ship Is Devolving” and Some Fans Are Slowly Souring on Sandy

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To paraphrase Michael “Sugar” Ray Richardson:

“The ship be devolving.”


As much as Terry Collins is currently under fire, and to an extent, deserves to be, Sandy Alderson somehow remains above it all.

Sandy is a gentleman who has decided that major league managers hold the designation “middle management” within the framework of a big league corporation. On its face, this is fine. What is difficult to understand, however, is that Sandy, on his exalted upper management perch, is somehow immune. To just about everything, evidently.

Do the Mets really have what it takes to land Shin-Soo Choo on the open market this winter?

Do the Mets really have what it takes to land Shin-Soo Choo on the open market this winter?

Immune to people giving his “We’ll compete for players at a fiscally responsible level” the thorough examination it merits — as if Shin-Soo Choo is going to be dying to play for the Mets next year on a three-year $30 million contract after hitting .300 and knocking in 90 runs this year. Sandy will offer this deal and then act shocked and dismayed when other teams better this offer by several years and tens of millions of dollars. He’ll then inform us that he couldn’t extend to that level as to protect the long-term financial flexibility of the team.

It’s this sort of nonsense that leads to our big off-season acquisition being Shawn Marcum. Four million guaranteed and eight million if he has a good year. Sounds great, Marcum wins 13 or 14 games and we’re happy to pay him the money. What a bargain! Sandy’s a genius!

But how about Marcum goes 3 and 7 with a 5.99 E.R.A and his arm falls off. Viola! Four million for this? It just seems that this scenario unfolds time and again when teams shop in the bargain bin.

We all know that Sandy is going to be around next year to implement his plan. I’m not suggesting he not get the opportunity. I will say that with his cocksure attitude, and with so  little to show for it, Alderson is REALLY starting to wear out a large segment of Met fandom. Upper management or not, his day of reckoning might not be far off.


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  1. Alan K. says:

    Sandy isn’t going anywhere because he is the spokesman for the organization and is there to take the owners out of the line of fire. Sandy is deserving of criticism but clearly the problem is an ownership that has no business owning an MLB franchise. Alderson is also here because Selig wanted Fred to hire him and Fred needs Bud to stay afloat. The fact that Selig has given the Wilpons a pass to run this franchise into the ground is absolutely disgusting.

  2. So should Bud Selig be the target?

    • Alan K. says:

      I think he’s a big part of the problem. He worked hard to force McCourt out of baseball while not holding Fred or Jeffrey Loria in Miami to any standard of accountability.

  3. Michael Geus says:

    I agree that the Wilpons are the biggest problem here. I’m hoping the NY media will use the All Star Game to shine a light on this but with the Daily News in bed with the Wilpons it is difficult.

  4. Alan K. says:

    I’d love it if Mets fans who were present at the game did something of a public nature to express their disgust with ownership and publicly embarrass the Wilpons. Maybe Michael Sergio can parachute onto the field with an anti-Wilpon message

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