Good Stuff Around the Blogosphere: From Eddie Kranepool to Dominic Smith

Terry_Collins_PresserThe rain is washing away some of the things we can talk about today. On Thursday it appeared Terry was finally going to succumb to his innermost demons and play Turner in left, but the weather saved him. On Friday we all awoke feeling safe and content that we had made it to another Harvey Day only to see that postponed by Mother Nature. So with not much in the way of games to report on I will use this day to give some well-earned shout outs to some other baseball bloggers.

There are a lot of moving parts to building a major league team. When moves are made issues like how a transaction affects the 40 man roster, or when a player becomes arbitration eligible, is a part of the decision. The blog tpgMets is dedicated to keeping Mets fans updated with a great deal of interesting information. I highly recommend bookmarking the site.

Well, the Mets picked Dominic Smith with the number eleven pick in the 2013 MLB draft. I won’t pretend to be able to predict how he will turn out, but I can provide a link to a nice interview Mack Ade did with Smith.

I really enjoyed this piece by Rob Zloto on one particular sense that is abused at Citi Field. Thanks Rob.

Finally, William Miller has begun a series on his baseball blog the On Deck Circle titled, “You know Who Really Sucked?” His latest target was our own Eddie Kranepool. William is certainly brave, when you go after Kranepool you risk the wrath of an entire Society.




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  1. Thanks for the mention! I’ve already put on my flack-jacket.
    Actually, I always liked Kranepool as a person, not so much as a player.
    Thanks again,

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