Fred Wilpon Talks Tough, Says Mets “Better” Win 90

What’s in a number?

For one thing, we know they can be “rational” or “irrational” or “imaginary.”


Just to be clear:

A number r is rational if it can be written as a fraction r = p/q where both p and q are integers. In reality every number can be written in many different ways. To be rational a number ought to have at least one fractional representation. For example, the number

((√5 + 1)/2)2 + ((√5 – 1)/2)2

may not at first look rational but it simplifies to 3 which is 3 = 3/1 a rational fraction. On the other hand, the number √5 by itself is not rational and is called irrational. This is by no means a definition of irrational numbers. In Mathematics, it’s not quite true that what is not rational is irrational. 

Or as Kanye might say:

“That shit cray.”

Which leads us to this gem, according to John Harper:

At a staff meeting a couple of days ago, Sandy Alderson told Mets executives and baseball personnel that he strongly believes that the ballclub can and maybe even should win 90 games this season.

At which point Emperor Fred Wilpon chimed in, “We better win 90.”


How’s that for throwing down the empty gauntlet?!

Big talk, all around.

In the old days, this might have been called giving a man enough rope to hang himself. Or, more likely, hang somebody — it usually starts with the clubhouse boy, works its way to hitting coach, then the manager.

As Harper pointed out, the Vegas line has the Mets at 73.5 wins.

Baseball Prospectus projects the Mets at 73-89 based on PECOTA.

My blogging partner, Mike, is calling for an 85 win acid test. Not that he’s predicting it, but that 85 should be the measure. It’s time to produce on the field. Or the fecal matter should hit the winding turbine.

Meanwhile, I’m still not seeing an 80-win team.

Maybe I’m wearing the wrong glasses.

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  1. wkkortas says:

    Where did Wilpon learn to talk tough? From the judge in the Madoff trial?

  2. RAFF says:

    Wilpon Sandy and the Staff sit around making dumb statements, and then they “leak it out” It’s like the HARUMPHING scene
    in Blazing Saddles- In the words of Casey Stengel- You could look it up

  3. Michael Geus says:

    I’m in the always uncomfortable position of being with Fred. Sandy was hired in October 2010 and has put out bad and boring teams for three straight years. Attendance and ratings have plummeted, costing the Wilpons a ton in lost revenue.

    And all this time the argument was that time was needed to rebuild. But when you watch the actions of the men being paid a hell of a lot of money to do this rebuilding you find very little. Does any team in baseball transact less then the Mets? The only thing Alderson and his staff did all winter was spend Fred’s money. Did Bank of America put a restriction on making trades?

    I have been loud that it is shameful that a NY team is investing this little in the product, and that is on Fred, but the pace of this rebuild is on Alderson.

    Unless Sandy is right and this is a playoff contending team. According to the article, Sandy confidently predicted that the team could win 90. So if anyone is delusional it is Sandy. Hopefully he is not. His actions fit these words. Let’s look at the three moves he made. Young is for one year. We were the only team in baseball to offer Colon two years, to make sure we had him for this year. Only Granderson can reasonably be expected to help next year.

    Fred just reminded Sandy its high time we win. He didn’t say he agreed we would. Good for him.

    This team has a chance to win this year and prove that Sandy Aldersons vision is correct. I’m rooting for him, it would be great if they do. If not, it’s time to wonder if he is up to the job.

    • I think you are one year early on this. Most of the fruit has not ripened yet.

      • Michael Geus says:

        Could be another year, could be two, could be never. All I’m saying is that if this team is no good again this year it is a fail. Time frames matter, and we spent $30 million this offseason. If I owned the team I would expect improvement, or want to know why the money was spent.

        By the way, you said the exact same thing a year ago about the fruit.

        But here is the thing, you were right! Montero is now ready to help this team right now, on the field or as a trade chip. I strongly believe Syndergaard could help this team right now too. And Flores, and Lagares.

        It’s up to the farmer to get that fruit off the vine. If he does I can see 85 wins. Seriously. It’s 2014, it is time to balance long-term goals with short-term goals.

        There will always be guys in every system who need another year. If you keep looking at those players as a reason to lose there will always be a built in excuse to lose.

        I see guys who are ready now but being held back. That’s fine if the team can win without them, if they are blocked by superior players.

        If that is the case the team will win too, so I’m okay with that. I’m not fine with losing.

        There has been enough of that.

        • It’s also a guy like Plawecki. The DiamondBacks have an extra SS and are openly discussing their need for a catcher at the AA or AAA level. Maybe he’s valuable right now, maybe it will take 6 more months, but I don’t think he was worth much a year ago — and my hope is that he’ll be worth considerably more a year from now.

          I am with you 100% in that it is time to get the right players on the field. We’ve lamented the lack of urgency from Day One. I really think it’s a year away, however. I don’t feel that this is the make-or-break year.

          They lost Matt Harvey and are talking about making a 16-game improvement over last season. Lost Byrd, too. And now it looks like we’re losing Lagares’ glove in CF.

          How does Fred sit around and do nothing and then talk about how the team “better” improve by 16 games? Just because he wishes it?

          • Michael Geus says:

            Plawecki is a perfect example of a guy who should either be a proven commodity by now or not. We drafted him out of College and are bringing him along like we signed him out of the Dominican Republic at the age of 14. That is a good way to slow down progress.

            The goals for this year have been stated for years and years. 2014 is not a new target. Sandy had a long time to be ready for this year, and if the Daily News article is correct he is not making any excuses. He expects his team to win now.

            Good for him.

            No more free passes from me, they have all been used up.

  4. IB says:

    You sure Fred didn’t mean, we better win 90 or I’m f–ked?

  5. Michael Geus says:

    When it comes to the 85 wins, it is not my contention that Sandy should be fired if the team wins less games. He deserves five years.

    But anything less than 85 wins and I would certainly not extend his contract.

    • Patrick Boegel says:

      Terry Collins would.

      • Michael Geus says:

        Ha, I can’t argue that.

        By the way, I have been very supportive of Terry but if they don’t win 85 this year he has to go.That might prove to be unfair but life is not always fair and business can be cruel. No stone can be left unturned.

  6. Patrick Boegel says:

    The path to 90 wins is not all that hard.

    Ike Davis becomes the .275 35 HR threat he seemed he was headed toward.

    Daniel Murphy hits .300 with an .800 OPS

    Ruben Tejada puts up a .750 OPS

    David Wright plays a full good season.

    d’Arnaud wins rookie of the year at 30 (jk)

    Granderson rediscovers his days in Detroit

    Then all you need is Jon Niese 2012, Wheel to duplicate Harvey’s 2013, Gee to be solid and healthy and Colon not to die on the mound.

    There is a solid chance 3 of those 10 things happen.

    • Also, the bullpen is very dubious. While I think some exciting arms are in the pipeline, it’s going to be a trial by fire — games are going to be lost in ugly ways. My hope is that the team in August is significantly better than the team in April.

  7. Michael Geus says:

    Hopefully this is not a cruel spring (the news on Niese is a disturbing start but not a deathknell), but I get the feeling I like this roster a lot more than the average fan.

    I’m honestly optimistic there will be real improvement on the field. There has been so much dreary losing since 2008 that I think folks are beaten down.

    The team is better, we replaced $30 million of non performing contracts with living breathing baseball talent.

    This is the most excited I have been about the Mets since Alderson took over.

    Make a trade for a shortstop already and I might get giddy.

    • Eric says:

      I agree with you, Michael. It reminds me of when there is a bear market for so long, that people just assume the worst. I am cautiously optimistic about this season. I will go on record with 83 wins.

      Have a great day.

    • Patrick Boegel says:

      Tell me they are going to break camp with Syndergaard or Montero because they earn it, and then I can start believing in maybe 81 wins. But I see lateral moves in terms of what produced last year, not a lot of hefty improvement.

      I think they are a 74-75 win team, where if several things broke in their favor they would get possibly to 85.

  8. Michael Geus says:

    Did Lagares get injured today? Was he abducted? If he is one of our best players he should play, if not how is that a valid excuse for the current organization? It is the opposite.

    • I think Sandy has done a lot of little things wrong, but it’s possible that he’s done some of the big things right. But more on that, tomorrow. Losing Matt Harvey changed the timetable. Nobody wants to admit that, but it did.

  9. Alan K. says:

    I’d have more empathy for Fred’s statement if he put himself on the line by raising his payroll but that obviously didn’t happen. And what are the consequences if the Mets don’t win 90 and win the 77 games that many have projected? Does that means that Alderson and/or Collins will be fired?

  10. ERAFF says:

    77-83 wins…as is

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