Final Roster: The 25 Mets Who Would Make Our Cut



The Mets are due to make their final cuts, to determine the group that goes north for the April games. Before I list the 25 players, I will preface it by talking about three omissions:

* Noah Syndergaard: I accept that he is a Super Two guy. But unlike the cases for Harvey and Wheeler and Montero, I actually think that Noah will benefit from the time at Triple-A, where he has yet to throw a single pitch. In addition, because of the innings limit, it will be easier to manage his outings in Vegas, where the games don’t count.

* Rafael Montero: Due to the absurd CBA rules, the Mets stand to control Montero’s service time for an extra year if they delay his arrival by 3-4 weeks. I believe he is ready now, and I expect him to be up by May 1 or at the first opportunity — preferably as a starter.

* Lucas Duda: For four years now, Duda and Davis have been redundant, two LH-hitting first baseman. It has never made sense. Ike goes north, and there’s no value sitting Lucas on the bench. It’s sad and mismanaged, but those bench guys make a difference in wins and losses. In this case, I am bowing to the inevitable; it was always going to be Ike’s job unless Lucas knocked down the door in Florida. The hamstring injury made that impossible. All said, I prefer Duda over Davis, but it’s close. For the Mets, there are $3.5 million reasons why Ike gets the nod.



  • Bartolo Colon, rhp
  • Dillon Gee, rap
  • Zack Wheeler, rhp
  • Jenrry Mejia, rhp
  • Jonathon Niese, lhp (begins season on DL)


  • Juan Lagares, cf
  • Curtis Granderson, rf
  • Chris Young, lf


  • Ike Davis, 1b
  • Daniel Murphy, 2b
  • Ruben Tejada, ss
  • David Wright, 3b
  • Travis d’Arnaud, c


  • Eric Young, of/2b
  • Wilmer Flores, inf
  • Josh Satin, 1b
  • Anthony Recker, c
  • Andrew Brown, of


  • Bobby Parnell, closer
  • Jose Valverde, rhp
  • Vic Black, rhp
  • Jeurys Familia, rhp
  • Carlos Torres, rhp
  • John Lannan, lhp
  • Scott Rice, lhp

What do you think, Mike? A minor detail is who gets to go north for a few days before Niese is activated, a pitcher or a reserve? Would you have picked Duda over Davis?


I would have picked Duda, non-tendered Davis, and if nothing else spent that money on one more bullpen arm. But that time has passed. At $3.5 million you have to give Ike the first shot. He also has more upside. Duda still makes my roster, though, over Brown. Other than an Lucas Duda Gameemergency I don’t see a need for a fifth outfielder, and if it’s the 14th inning, Duda has been out there before. Lucas could be an interesting pinch hitter, capable of blasting a late game home run. As I would keep Flores and Satin, as you did, as right-handed hitters on my bench, I see no role for Brown. And it’s not like Duda has to go to Vegas for playing time, at this stage of his career that is a total waste. Duda makes my team, and if Ike goes zero for his first twelve Lucas gets a start too.

Otherwise I’m in agreement with your picks, although I have to admit I’m less aggravated by the prospect of Matsuzaka making the team than many fans. Matsuzaka is a gamble that could have a payoff. A few years ago the Yankees had Colon when he was supposedly done at a bargain rate. Last year the Indians hit with Kazmir. Now both are $10 million a year pitchers. Three or four starts to see if Dice-K can be that type of comeback pitcher isn’t crazy. Also he has a pending opt-out in his contract, and Niese could be done at any time. For all of those reasons I will not scream if he is kept on Opening Day over Meija.


I think that’s a reasonable take on Dice-K, though I believe his opt-out is May 1st. (If he is sent down to Vegas, they have to pay him an additional $100,000 as a retainer’s fee.) Personally, I go with the best man. To my eyes, that’s Mejia. We’ve talked about these issues before, that young players build value by succeeding in the MLB, not the minors. Keeping the kid down in Vegas doesn’t maximize his potential as a player or as a trading chip. But, again, I understand that it’s not an easy decision. The more cautious move would be to name Dice-K as our #5 and I can’t hyperventilate over it. We should note thatĀ April games do count in the standings.

I understand your thinking about Duda, but how long can the Mets play this out? A week, a month, another season? It puts both players in a bad position, which is why Sandy wanted to trade Ike in the first place. Oh well.

Here’s an idea: While Niese is on the DL for the first week of the season, the Mets bring up — Anthony Seratelli New York Mets Photo Day _xsEmbQhs8Wldrum roll, please — Anthony Seratelli for the first cup of coffee in his 31-year-old life. Let him know that he’ll be sent down when Niese is activated, but give him that moment. It’s not all sentiment. He can run, he can fill-in defensively, he is a useful part. Give the kid his moment, then send him back to Vegas.

The pen looks underwhelming to me, but I don’t get too fixed on April bullpens. The important thing is to not get locked into anyone, to be responsive, open to discarding and picking up. It might be that Montero fills that gap.


One reason that Seratelli might not get his day in the sun would be that he is not on the 40- man roster, and somebody would have to come off to make room for him. If Dice-K and Valverde make it the same issue applies. Of course, when players such as Ryan Reid, Juan Centeno, Zach Lutz, and Kirk Nieuwhenhuis are on our 40-man it’s not really an issue, but in the past this front office has seemed to agonize over cutting equally inept guys. One thing to keep in mind is our organizational bad penny, Omar Quintanilla, also is not currently on the 40-man. That means keeping Quintanilla over Seratelli does not assist with any roster maneuvering.


Just wanted to add that I like Taylor Teagarden, he showed he can play, but I gave the edge to Recker for his superior power. An experienced backstop like Teagarden should be helpful down in Vegas. Glad to have him.


The Official Candy of Sandy Alderson and the New York Mets!

The Official Candy of Sandy Alderson and the New York Mets!

Another note, mentioned by Adam Rubin yesterday, is that the Super 2 crap hangs over the Meija versus Dice-K decision. So for all of those Jenrry fans I would brace myself for the worst. Because he is going to Vegas. Nothing comes before manipulating service time for this organization.

Certainly not winning.

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  1. Eraff says:

    I believe you 2GUYS pretty much nailed this one. The one change I’d look for is denDecker instead of Satin. Satin is a RH bench bat… bad speed…limited glove…no power. A RH bench bat with very little flexibility other than “starting against very tough lefties” is a No Trick Pony.

    Andrew Brown has a few hundred Minor League games at 1b…Flores has experience as well. Those RH starting ab’s are better spent on Flores. The late game switch and PH ab’s are easier to utilize with Brown/Flores versus Satin because they are more versatile defensive players. In Brown’s case he runs better, plays OF and has power. Flores…we think he will have more power and more offensive upside, and he can glove 4 Infield slots (yes..counting SS).

    Duda should go to AAA. Ike should be on a very short leash. The Mets have some ready RH bats in Campbell and Lutz—both of whom profile better than Satin, although they are similar guys.

    Ike, obviously needs to be on a short leash.

    Let’s Go Mets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It was a missed opportunity that the club refused to play Fores at 1B — especially when both Ike and Lucas were out. At this point, without any experience at the position, I think it’s unrealistic to throw him out there in regular-season MLB games.

      Campbell had a nice spring and opened some eyes. Worth keeping an eye on, as he might offer more flexibility than Satin (who has done everything they’ve ask, including a complete embrace of “the approach”).

      I like Brown more than Mike does. The concern here is the lack of a LH bat on the bench. But since the starting lineup tilts to the left, I’m not sure how much of a necessity it is.

      Den Dekker had a great spring. He has many talents. But I don’t see much playing time for him in April, and for that reason would prefer to see in start the season in Vegas. I almost considered Kirkkkkk for that rarely-used role, then remembered that I hate looking at his face.

      Decisions, decisions.

  2. Eraff says:

    oh…denDecker—speed, power, great defense across 3 of slots—- he’s ready to help— a good Late LH bat/switch/pr…. he’s extremely usable right now.

    • Michael Geus says:

      One thing with den Dekker now cut, this bench is slow. The only one who can run will be whichever OF is left on the bench (EY, or Lagares.) And den Dekker is no kid, more time in Vegas doesn’t do much for him at this point. But Matts biggest selling point is his glove and we don’t have a need for defensive replacements in the outfield. That changed dramatically from a year ago today and is a huge positive heading into the season.

      • Overall, I don’t think it’s a great bench. Seratelli has wheels enough to steal 24 bases last season, though it sure seems like Omar is a fait accompli for this club (reasons: unknown!). I think Matt is the next outfielder to come up. Let’s not forget that he strikes out all the time. And it’s not the strikeouts that bother me, particularly, it’s that they are indicative of a vulnerable hitter. This is another guy where Sandy’s patented “patient” approach works against him. Matt is the last guy you want to take two strikes looking before he gets serious at the plate. It plays into his weakness, not his strength.

        The big enemy of the game today is the 12-man staff, leaving only 5 reserves, one of whom is the backup catcher that nobody uses. With only 4 reserves, we’ve seen the rise of the flexible Joe McEwing types — he can play anywhere, badly. A team that could get by with 11 pitchers (and why not? WHY NOT?!) would have a real advantage on the offensive end.

  3. Michael Geus says:

    Mets have just announced that Flores, den Dekker, Lutz, and Kirk were optioned out.

    • No surprises here. Poor Lutz doesn’t have a position. Hands of stone. I am disappointed about Flores, relieved about Kirkkkkk. I think we’ll see den Dekker sometime this season — and that he’ll strike out more than 30% of the time. Playing everyday in Vegas will help him more than sitting on the Mets bench.

      Flores could help the NY Mets.

      Is Campbell still in the mix? Or did I miss that?

      How many outfielders will they have in Vegas, exactly?

  4. wkkortas says:

    The Mets have one slow, left-handed hitting first baseman too many. The Pirates have four pretty capable bullpen arms for three spots. Is the problem that a deal between the clubs makes too much sense?

  5. Eraff says:

    denDecker solves some problems as a late game replacement—speed, lh, some pop….. the 25th guy is supposed to SOLVE problems, not create them. Satin/Duda/Omar Q—- you’re really pickling your ability to make seemless double switches and maintain some level of defensive competence and offensive threat.

    Make no mistake—they remain committed to a very focused program of deferring payroll and building trade valuation for the scraps and rehabs that they’re carrying.

    This is clearly NOT about winning. Worse, it’s a needless developmental delay for several young guys. The only way a young player gets good is to flog and fail at the mlb level—within reason. I believe they’re doing a poor job at allowing for that. WINNING DEALS is getting in nthe way of EVENTUALLY Winning Games– The Forest…The Trees…. I believe they’ve lost their perspective.

  6. Reese Kaplan says:

    I think I psychologically came to grips with the idiocy of farming out Flores when camp began because it made too much sense to put your best team on the field. I’m thinking today anything short of a 6-run, 1st inning implosion seals the deal for Dice-K and Mejia similarly gets farmed out in that den Dekker mold of, “Work hard, show us what you’re capable of doing and we’ll keep a spot in Vegas warm for you.” In my mind I’m rationalizing that maybe it’s a good thing to keep guys with start potential like Mejia and Flores as far away from Collins as possible.

    I wonder how much physical pain it caused Terry to know that an old, washed-up reliever was being cut and younger players like Black and Familia might make the club instead?

  7. Eraff says:

    In Bringing back Collins, this front office has once again delayed THE CLOCK. They have allowed themselves the mechanism of losing and then firing the manager—– therefore delaying their own responsibility for WINNING.

    They would “wish” to win now—- they are Managing the Team within the reality that they don’t have to win now—They have one more Pawn to play before they are On The Clock.

  8. Given today’s developments, I’d guess that Dice-K, Duda, and Quintanilla make the team. The extra spot, until Niese comes off DL, could go to . . . ?

  9. IB says:

    Gotta wonder about Black.Another bad outing.

    • Yes, you sure do. Mike & I wrote a post for Wednesday that expressed our concerns with Black — but that was before today’s outing. Could be he doesn’t make club?

  10. IB says:

    I can see him getting cut. Very shaky out there.

  11. Raff says:

    I think Dice-K has an opening day roster spot, and they will give him 3-4 starts to see if he has anything left. As I don’t think they are a contender without a lot of BIG surprises, I can embrace this move. If Dice shows them nothing, they will choose between Mejia and Montero for #5 .. This is simply the way the Mets are doing business. In keeping with that- Duda goes down to AAA. They’re either trading him or getting him ready for a spot at 1B- And he needs to get AB’s to do either.

  12. Raff says:

    Final Bitching”- The time is drawing near towards opening day>>> Am I the only one who will be “tracking” Nelson Cruz and David Murphy, MClouth versus C-Young?

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