Dog Day Afternoon: Top Ten Reasons to Bring Your Dog to Citi Field

Bark100The Mets brought my mom much joy over her lifetime, that was never in doubt. I had one last quick example of that just a week before she passed. We visited her that day with our lab, Bellatrix, who mom adored. As she sat playing with the dog we made small talk and I mentioned that we had just bought tickets for “Bark at the Park.” Bellatrix, I told her, is going to go to a Mets game. Well, part of our relationship always included me pulling her leg. So, no fool, mom was not buying what I was selling.

“Ha. Sure, you are! A dog at the game!”

I kept trying to tell her I wasn’t kidding but she never did believe me. In fact, as other people came by she would tell them what we said and laugh mockingly. She was having none of it. So once again the Mets had given her a good laugh.

Nothing wrong with that, nothing at all.

Well, Saturday was that day, and now that we are back I want to address the craziness of bringing a dog to the game the only way we know around here. So with our usual apologies, here is our “Top Ten Reasons to Bring Your Dog to Citi Field.”


10. They can crap on the field if they want, just like Aaron Laffey

9. They don’t whine about wanting to go to Shake Shack

8. People think you are a little crazy and are more wary of you

7. They have no idea of what is happening on the field


6. Given a chance the right dog would rip Bryce Harper’s head off

5. Sandy loves dogs because dogs love to walk!!!


4. The $10 dog ticket brings down the family average

3. No chance of overstimulation


2. You can play with your dog during the endless pitching changes

1. Your dog has a better understanding of what you have been putting up with since 2006





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  1. eric says:

    i have never understood this

  2. Tom M says:

    The crap from the dogs can actually help as fertilizer for the grass. The crap from Laffey just makes you nauseous. Not sorry to see he was sent down. What a waste.

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