Dillon Gee Makes Me Stop Thinking About Sharknados

SharknadoI have to admit I’m tired this morning, it was tough to get this post out. As I’m sure you know, it was the theatrical release of Sharknado at 12:00 A.M. Now yes, the movie has already been shown on television, but some things need to be seen on the big screen. Shark Tornadoes clearly fall into that category. Now I’m not tired because I went to the movie, if I get three hours sleep I’m good for the weekend. But I got none. This Sharknado thing really has me upset.

In case you are one of the few people who do not know what a Sharknado is, sharks kill people all over the place on the land. On the land! With help from a tornado, of course. And yes, it is a movie, and people say it isn’t real, and that we don’t really have to fear Shark Tornadoes. Well, I live on Long Island and that’s what people always told me about hurricanes. This has me thinking it’s not if we are getting a Sharknado, it’s when. That caused a sleepless night.

Now before I had to leave for the movie there was a Mets game. We won but the game itself was alarming, with David Wright coming up lame. On the bright side Dillon Gee pitched great. While I was awake I had some time to look up a few numbers from Gee. Here are his career home and road numbers, before last night’s game:

  • Home – IP 222.1, ERA 3.21, WHIP 1.229
  • Away – IP 206.1, ERA 5.02, WHIP 1.435

After checking those I went back to staring at the ceiling. While staring, I thought how those home numbers were accomplished while Gee was enduring Lucas Duda in right field, maybe Valdespin in center. Or Lucas in left. And all the rest of the lumbering folk we have employed. Which got me thinking that logically his home numbers could easily improve. And so then I checked Gee’s numbers since we acquired Eric Young Jr. That was the turning point for me, the day this organization finally stopped ignoring defense. These numbers, by the way, include last night’s game as I wanted them as complete as possible.

  • Home – IP 27.0, ERA 1.33, WHIP 1.00
  • Away – IP 24.4, ERA 5.16, WHIP 1.39

Now I know it’s a small sample size but I think it’s interesting and not all about Gee. Dillon is Dillon, look how similar those road numbers are to his career numbers. But at home, in spacious Citi Field, defense matters greatly for a pitcher like Gee. I can’t say he will have a long-term home ERA of 1.33, but if it goes down at all from an ERA of 3.21 it is going to be great.

A few last notes on it all. I believe Gee is extremely valuable to us, and that we could never get enough value back in a trade. Other GMs know he pitches wildly better at Citi Field too and what you would get back would be worth less than exploiting what we have.

On a team with many misfits we have a guy who fits well, Dillon Gee. Now that’s a comforting thought.

Maybe I can get a nap.











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  1. It seems like it might be logical to try to limit his starts on the road, and get him out there on the mound regularly at home. If they’re really going to go with a six-man rotation, with the occasional off-day, it should be doable.

  2. […] but it would certainly create less excess. We know we need hitters. That ERA of 1.33 that I cited for Dillon Gee during a recent four game stretch at home? That netted the Mets a record of 2-2. Matt Harvey, […]

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