DAY 2 RECAP (so far) of the Mets Winter Meetings: Gloom & Doom Edition, Featuring Jeff Wilpon!

That’s right, we’re back with our “Blog-tacular!” Recap of Day 2 (so far) of the Mets Winter Meetings.

Remember, folks, that’s “2 Guys,” where readers get more opinion, less fact!




* It’s early, it’s crazy to overreact, but my core feeling right now is nausea. I’m leaning over the side of a boat on choppy waters, hurling. This is a day when it feels like it’s all spinning out of control and the Mets have no clue what they are doing.

* Pretty sure Bartolo Colon’s agent laughed the Mets brass out of the room — but not before they stuffed their jacket pockets with free croissants. Score!

* Cesar Izturis? Because: Proven Veteran! What’s he proven? Well, um, moving right along . . . but first, let’s meet with his agent and remember to stuff some of those tasty Yoplaits in our pockets!

* One Mets official was overheard to say, “Hey, let’s go talk to Freddy Garcia’s people. I hear they have a nice spread of all-you-can-eat empenadas.”

* Anthony DiComo spoke with that most dreaded of personas, “One Mets Official,” and came up with this beauty:

Though the team could draw up an Opening Day lineup with three natural center fielders in Granderson, Chris Young and Juan Lagares, one Mets official on Monday floated the idea of using Eric Young Jr. in left field, Chris Young in center and Granderson in right — an alignment that would push Lagares back to Triple-A Las Vegas.

Go ahead, stab me in the neck with a fork. I guarantee you that Lagares is not walking enough to please the brass. We will hear it soon enough, whisper campaigns are a team specialty. Mets mouthpiece Andy Martino will probably be the first to report the company line.

* Sandy Alderson “trying hard” to trade Daniel Murphy. Just because! Oh, right, as Martino reported last night, they don’t like his approach. Doesn’t take enough pitches. Too aggressive. Sigh.

* One strange report said the Mets, in talking Murphy with the Orioles, asked about Ted Bundy in return. TED BUNDY! The guy was a mass murderer, people! Have they gone nuts? Surely we can get more for Murphy than a crazed serial killer? Or am I misreading the market? . . . wait, what? . . . Dylan? Dylan Bundy? Oh, well, at least that is batshit crazy in an entirely new way. Can you imagine sending Ted Bundy up to the plate, telling him to sacrifice? It would be a bloodbath. We can’t have that with kids in the stands. Hey, maybe Dahmer’s available. Let’s send Jeff over for a meeting.


* BTW, dealt with this in the comments section earlier today, but it’s a disgrace to the organization that anonymous Mets officials are now floating talk about Justin Turner’s lack of hustle. These guys have no class. It’s embarrassing. The act of non-tendering is eloquent enough, nothing more needs to be said.

* At the end of 2010, when Sandy Alderson took over, he had Ike Davis, Lucas Duda, and Rubin Tejeda all under his control. He watched, waited, and sat on his hands. Today he’d love to get rid of all three but the market doesn’t seem to be there. Safe to say that Sandy has not played this one deftly. The idea is to trade players a year too soon, rather than a year too late. If you wait for the entire world to conclusively recognize that the player is useless, it’s not going to do much for demand. I’m losing faith.

* In related news, Mets still pretending to have imaginary interest in life-like hologram of Stephen Drew.

* Darren Wolfson tweets that the Mets are making a “strong push” for Arroyo. It’s so hard to believe in anything anymore. Don’t even get me started on Santa.

* Everybody’s favorite, Jeff Wilpon, offered up some heartwarming quotes. This is from Adam Rubin:

Wilpon insisted that any front-office decisions at this point are not constrained by the team’s finances. If Sandy Alderson wanted to pursue Stephen Drew, Wilpon intimated, he could. 

Jeff Hat“Right now it’s a baseball decision,” Wilpon said, ” because Sandy hasn’t come to say, ‘Gee, we have to go sign Stephen Drew,’ or anybody else for that matter. 

“I haven’t heard him say that that’s the best thing to do with our resources,” Wilpon added. “He hasn’t come to me and said, ‘Gee, if we had X, we would go take somebody like that.’ So there’s still discussion on who we’re looking at in a trade scenario and what else might be out there.”

* Oh, yeah, the big idea of the day was for the Mets to “introduce” us to some guy named Curtis. But because this is the 21st century, and because there’s this thing called the internet, and since most of us no longer live in caves or hunt wooly mammoths, these quant, old-styled press conferences don’t cut it anymore. It’s not “news” when it’s not new anymore. Five minutes after the signing was first reported, a chorus of Mets fans cried, “Neeexxxxxt!”

We’ve moved on. It would be nice if the Mets would, too.



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  1. Patrick Boegel says:

    Dear Jeff Wilpon,

    When is it NOT a baseball decision. You keep saying that as if you own a Soccer team or a Chess club. Every thing about players is a baseball decision. Please stop saying things that make me cry inside for freedom. Freedom from your mind numbing sharing of the content of your brains.


    All Mets Fans Breathing Oxygen

    • As you know, Jeff keeps trying to maintain the illusion that it’s not a financial decision, so he makes the dubious distinction (that nobody, btw — no — buh — dee! — believes). As if finances had nothing to do with any of the things going on with baseball at the Winter Meetings. It’s so dumb. He is possibly the least authentic person on the planet.

    • When your owner continues to slap you in the face year after painful year, how can a fan stand there and take it? The worst part about it is that this guy, who never had to work a single day in his life and was handed everything he ever wanted, is a complete buffoon who tries to pull the wool over the eyes of intelligent baseball fans. What does he think we are as stupid as he is?

      It is for this reason above all others that any self-respecting Met fan can not buy a single ticket or a single item sold by the New York Mets until this clown somehow decides to sell. Unfortunately, this is one hell of a pipe-dream.

      • I’m not a boycott-the-Mets kind of person, though you are correct about the Wilpons. They are the worst. I love the game, and the team, too much. But interest ebbs and flows. All we really want is some hope, half a chance. This past post was especially grumpy, even for me, but it was such a dispiriting day. I got sucked into the Winter Meetings news vortex and everything I read about the Mets — every single word — was all wrong.

        But I don’t want to live in that negative place. And that’s the great thing about baseball. The game itself keeps bringing us back, murmuring sweet nothings, and all this other stuff falls away. Momentarily, at least. Then you think: Boy, it’s a lot more fun when the team is good.

  2. Patrick Boegel says:

    On the flipside, I was at least slightly encouraged by JP Riccardi appearing as if he was a human being with blood vibrantly flowing in his veins when interviewed by Kevin Burkhardt yesterday.

    Or perhaps I am just so numb to Jeff’s random ramblings and Sandy’s obtuse opines that a turd seems like filet mignon?

    And then to wrap it up I will ask the eternal question. Why does John Ricco have a job? In baseball. With a Major League franchise.

  3. Michael Geus says:

    Actually, I found Granderson engaging today, and enjoyed the press conference. A year ago we didn’t have an outfielder who could touch this guy.

    Things could be better, things should be better.

    Things have been worse.

    • Patrick Boegel says:

      I hope we can bring him more partners. He too talked of the plan. I have to wonder if their is a “mention the plan” clause in the contract these guy sign.

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