Bye Bye Byrdie (and You Too, Big John)

Dilson Herrera

Some more breaking news, as it is being reported that Marlon Byrd and John Buck have been traded to the Pirates with prospect Dilson Herrera the major piece to be received back. Without getting specifically into rankings, Herrera was a Pirates representative at this years Futures game. I knew I should have taken pictures of those Pirates prospects. Mike Baggerman provided the following write-up on Dilson on August 6. A fun note within the article given the trade was Dilson’s comments on playing at Citi Field,

“I never thought I’d be able to play in a stadium like that being so young. (Citi Field) was so huge and beautiful.”

Herrera is very young, but plays in the infield and has already demonstrated some power. An interesting, legitimate prospect, this is a good move for the Mets today.

With Marlon Byrd gone, it is expected that Matt den Dekker will see a majority of his playing time. Den Dekker, like Juan Lagares, is known as an exceptional fielder, but has major questions surrounding his bat. Byrd’s departure allows the team a small window to evaluate if den Dekker can help the team at all in 2014. And with Travis d’Arnaud up and ready, John Buck’s role with the team had been almost eliminated.

Marlon Byrd Although I am very pleased with the trade, which shows good organizational focus, I will miss both Buck and Byrd. Buck was productive, at a position where many teams have flat-out holes. He will have no trouble finding a starting job in the majors in 2014. Byrd was a revelation, he played hard, well, and smart all year. Another positive for me of this trade as it gives me a clear rooting interest in this year’s playoffs as it would be fine with me if Marlon and John were to win a World Series in 2013.

Best of luck to both of them.


I like this trade a lot, and think Dilson Herrera looks like a real prospect. Power and speed at second base; that sure beats nothing. Smart combining Byrd and Buck in one deal. In addition, who knows, there’s a PTBNL. Maybe it’s Gerrit Cole!

I see Andrew Brown probably splitting time with den Dekker, as I think he’s earned a longer look, too.

As for John Buck, he gave us one of the season’s sweetest moments last night. You all saw that photo, but it kills me every time. Best baseball hug since PeeWee put his arm around Jackie.



From the “You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up” File, a friendly reader alerted me that it is Marlon Byrd T-Shirt Tuesday tonight at Citi Field.

Let it fly, fellas.

Fans may wish to snatch up this ironic & timely bit of Mets memorabilia . . .


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  1. The only people sad about this trade were those diluting themselves into the merits of a strong finish and the notion that Byrd and Buck have some profound place on the 2014 Mets, which sadly is already shaping up like another punt year.

    It baffles me that Alderson could not have gotten this type of value at the end of July, but alas, perhaps the Pirates falling out of first place last night over motivated them?

  2. Packaging the two guys was brilliant and fortunate.

    Just checked around, we’re all out of free passes. 2014 has to feature a strong playoff push, Harvey or not.

  3. IB says:

    I’m one of the guys who felt that playing well now, winning today, when you’re 7-8 game back in the loss column with 50 or so to play, was worth pursuing. Still do. I don’t view this as being “diluted”. Not everyone agrees and that’s fine. But, that’s not the reality anymore and the Mets did the right thing. Nice trade.

  4. Frank Dunne says:

    Good trade. I will miss them both, but building on youth is the only way they can go. I think everyone knows that the wallet is closed for the free agent market this winter, so we shouldn’t expect any big name players coming to Flushing any time soon. A competitive team in 2014… one that may actually be a ‘dark horse’ would be fun. It is what should be expected- no more, no less.

    • There’s a lot of money coming off the books this year, Frank. They have to spend some of it. I can’t see payroll going down to $70M.

      • Frank Dunne says:

        They may (should) spend some in the off season. I don’t think we will see any blockbuster signings. $80-90M payroll is my guess. When you see 9000 in the seats (not the announced attendance), management better think about spending. I hope they haven’t forgotten the principle “Ya’ gotta spend money… to make money”. If they continue to draw like that, they may want to change venue to MCU Park in Coney Island. Fred wanted a Brooklyn team anyway…lol.

  5. Eraff says:

    I love the move!

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