AROUND THE HORN: Wright’s Contract, Marco Scutaro Remembered, the Perils of Colitis, and Batting Stance Guy

Let’s take it around the horn, where our motto remains, “If it’s not snappy, it’s crappy!”

The Real Dirty blog provides a complete history of Mets Free Agent Signings under Sandy Alderson. It’s not so much a “Who’s Who?” as it is, simply, “Who?!” I appreciate the need to shore up the minor league system — they need outfielders in Binghamton, too — but the chart vividly underscores just how little our GM has spent during his reign. This is the guy who gives you socks for Christmas.

* Mike Bates over at Amazin’ Avenue spells out why he is wary over signing David Wright to a long-term contract.

While Bates raises legitimate concerns over the wisdom of long-term contracts in general, and this one in particular, my biggest fear is that ownership will sign Wright to appease fans and then fail to surround him with quality players. The purse opens, then snaps shut. We are thisclose to  squandering Wright’s prime years. 

* The Eddie Kranepool Society is a big favorite over here at 2 Guys. We’d love to buy the guy a beer, even at Citifield prices (we’ll chip in for it!).  Steve’s tribute to Marco Scutaro brought back memories of blogs from seasons past, including my all-time favorite, The Raindrops, written by a guy named Avkash, an advanced thinker & early champion of Marco Scutaro and Heath Bell. Mets Geek was also beating that drum, if I recall correctly. Writes Steve:

When I first started doing this blogger thingy over ten years ago, Marco Scutaro was a favorite of the small group of Mets fans on the internet who were blogging or commenting on message boards. Many fans started a FREE MARCO movement back in the 2002 season exalting to Art (Lights Up A Room) Howe to give Scutaro more playing time and sit the fading superstar Roberto Alomar. Seems like eons ago that Scutaro was a Met. 

* Joe Posnanski blogs about the virtue of walks (and somewhere Mets Hitting Coach, Dave Hudgens, sheds a tear):

Bill James tells a famous story of watching Amos Otis draw a game-winning walk and reading in the next day’s Kansas City Star that Otis had become a hero doing exactly what everyone else in the stadium had done — nothing.

* Okay, fine. But I want to hear more about the accident in Philly “when his colitis acted up.” Or maybe not. It would be childish to make Angel Pagan the butt of cheap jokes (drumroll, rimshot).

* Mike Puma of the NY Post tweeted that the status on Andres Torres was still “up in the air.” And all we can say to that is . . . Really? He HAS to go! The Mets cannot start a new season with Andres Torres on the team or the payroll.

* And finally, the New York Mets remembered — by Batting Stance Guy:


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  1. Alan K says:

    The fact that the Mets are even considering tendering Torres is a disturbing development and may be an indication that they may not be able to make the OF upgrades that are desperately needed.

  2. Michael Geus says:

    D.J. Carrasco stand out so much on that list. Two years for D.J. Carrasco?

  3. James Preller says:

    The only way to come back with a new team will be to make a serious trade. The question is: Who?

  4. James Preller says:

    Yeah, I want to write about this soon. Everything is so fluid, so interconnected, that I find it difficult to be adamant about any one position. From a baseball standpoint, I could see trading Wright. I don’t really understand trading Niese, given the team-friendly contract, but it’s hard to assess that in isolation. We DO need outfielders. And Dickey just wins — and the fastest way to becoming a tough, competitive team is with wall-to-wall starting pitching. But again, I just don’t believe Alderson came be content to bring back the same team in 2013.

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