AROUND THE HORN: Cy Young’s Ghost, The Happiest Recap, Shawn Green, Felix Millan, Heavy Feet, the Bullet We Just Dodged, and More

While we wait for the shoe to drop — wondering about Wright and Dickey — let’s go once more around the horn. And remember: If it’s not snappy, it’s crappy!

* Call him old-fashioned if you want, but Matthew Silverman still likes WINS.

If you dug up Cy, who’d be 145 years old now, he’d give you an earful about wins. He pitched 22 years for a lot of teams, some of them lousy—the man came up as a Cleveland Spider, for corn’s sake—and he’d surely tell you wins mean even more for a pitcher who is on a crappy team. And R.A. was on a crappy team. With a crappy offense. And a crappy owner, who will find himself in a palace revolt if he doesn’t sign the best pitcher in the league.

* Watch out for the Italians in the next World Baseball Classic.

* Greg Prince’s new book is now available on amazon. I think I’ll buy one for Mom this Christmas — and one for myself, too!










* Speaking of books, did you realize that ex-Met Shawn Green wrote one about his zen-like approach to life and baseball? Booklist concluded: “A very unusual and satisfying chronicle of one man’s approach to his craft and to life.”

* As far as I’m concerned, the Mets just dodged a bullet.

* I was glad to see an old favorite, crazy choke-up hitter Felix Millan, make a happy appearance in book I just finished reading, Robert Whiting’s You’ve Gotta Have Wa. Describing Millan’s time playing baseball in Japan:

When he arrived in 1979 for his second season as a Taiyo Whale, coming off a .287 year, he politely refused an offer to let him train as he wished and instead endured all the rigors of a Japanese preseason camp with his teammates. When he was benched on opening day, he sat quietly in the dugout, a shy smile on his face, intently watching the action. When he got his chance to start a week later, he went 4-for-4, won his spot back, and eventually won the batting title as well, with an average of .346.

* Just a quick shout-out to The Ultimate Mets Database. Wow. The more you dig, the more you find. What a fun resource for Mets fans.

* I suspect this top-hitting young prospect may be able to play only one position adequately — and that’s a big maybe. Toby Hyde (who does a great job reporting on Mets prospects) doesn’t believe Wilmer Flores has the speed or agility to make it at 2B. If the Mets sign Wright, don’t be surprised if we trade Flores, who looks like yet another prospect without a defensive position. Opines J.J. Cooper of Baseball America:

He’s a 20 runner on the 20-80 scouting scale, and his heavy feet severely limit his range at third base. His hands are fine and he has a strong arm, but his lack of speed leaves first base as his only other option if he can’t handle the hot corner.

* Like ‘em or not, the world is a better place when Notre Dame has a good football team.

* Catch you tomorrow. In the meantime, this clip is “2 Guys”-approved.

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  1. Michael Geus says:

    Oh, that clip is great and painful at the same time. Painful because I had tickets to see Peter at the City Winery downtown and it was cancelled because of damn Sandy.

  2. […] Appreciation to Amazin’ Avenue, 2 Guys Talking Mets Baseball, Mets Police and the Pedro Beato Fan Club for making mention of this first volume in the Happiest […]

  3. Thanks for the shout. Love that picture of Cy Young with a bat. He was a master of the fungo before games and his perfectly placed flies helped hone young Tris Speaker into one of the greatest flycatchers–and shallowest-playing center fielders–that no one living has ever seen.

  4. Stop by anytime, Matt. Bf you’ve got a minute, read today’s post — about the All-Time Mets “2 Guys” Team and break the deadlock for second base: Ron Hunt or Wally Backman?

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