Amazing: The Mets are Red Hot

Oakland Athletics v New York MetsSo, after today’s games comes the All-Star break. And of course, the Mets are playing their best baseball of the year, and have been winning games almost every day. I’m not going to worry about whether that makes the timing of the upcoming break a good thing or a bad thing, but I did want to mention a few folks having a great week, before baseball takes its annual summer sabbatical. The difference to me is that the team has actually been hitting, so I’m going to focus only on the offensive contributors, while acknowledging that the pitching was great all week too.

– Travis D’Arnaud. I know we already wrote a post about him this week, but the change has been fairly incredible. The pre-Vegas d’Arnaud was a total black hole in the lineup, it’s very hard to carry a .180 hitter. The post-Vegas d’Arnaud is hitting rockets every at bat. It’s not just the hits, and homers, even a lot of his outs have been crushed. Remember, both versions of d’Arnaud received daily playing time, so the effect on the teams offense is dramatic.

– Curtis Granderson. Since his early season struggles Granderson has been just what a Mets fan could have hoped for, a professional hitter with power. Granderson is a reminder why every once in a while a team needs to spend a few bucks to win. It’s almost impossible to fill an entire roster with cheap homegrown talent that can get the job done. Anyway, after watching the Andrew Brown’s of the world for the last few years, it’s great to have Granderson on this team.

– Lucas Duda. Lucas was slotted number four yesterday, and I like him there right now. He looks better to me this month than at any time since 2011.

– Lamar Johnson. Hey, the team is hitting, and they didn’t hit before. It’s the same players. Why not give a shout out to Lamar?

lamar johnson

– David Wright. Wright has his batting average back to .283 and his power numbers are coming along too. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the team lost almost every game they played when he was out and have been winning now that he is back.

– Kirk Niewenhuis. Kirk is slowly getting more and more playing time for a very good reason. He’s earning it. I’m not real concerned if it’s sustainable, I do know his swing looks better than I have ever seen it. On Friday he added a fantastic defensive play in left field.

– Chris Young. Hey, an important pinch hit bomb, that’s a good week for Young.

Okay, one more today, and hopefully we can sweep the Marlins, but no matter what, this has been one of the best weeks at Citi Field in a long time.






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  1. James Preller says:

    Here’s to salvaging a season, for giving fans a reason to come out to the ballpark. Here’s to young pitching and to winning at home. Here’s to givin us back baseball, the game we love, the team we love. Hope flies on sparrow’s wings! And I am hoping, folks, I’m hoping. Basically: Winning is so much more fun. It would be great if they could make a run and give us a reason to check the standings in September.

  2. Eraff says:

    It’s been a 78-83 win team from GO….. time to take winning seriously! Moves and some money needed. No more Patches!!!

  3. Eraff says:

    There is some talk that the Mets will continue.with sic outfielders…hopefully just posturing. I hope winning will become the prime objective versus “optimizing trade value” and.salary dumpage for cy.and others. The “too many things more important than winning mode” is now unbearable.

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