A Quick Review of 20 Players: Recent Ex-Mets, and a Few Who Could Have Been Signed This Winter

I thought I’d take a quick minute to check up on some players who might have been with the Mets this season had things worked out differently.

If I neglected to mention anybody of particular interest — and I sure must have — kindly throw the name in the comments section and we’ll happily ignore it.

As an aside, I should note that this long-time Mets fan is surprisingly upset and disgusted by the Mets  benching of Juan Lagares, along with their continued commitment to Ruben Tejada. Last night I could not watch. I think I need time away from this team. I don’t want to go on a rant about the stupidity of benching Lagares, Sandy’s foolish promise to Chris Young, and all of that. I wrote from the day Chris Young was signed that it would be this way, with the Mets GM and manager — together, both — undermining Lagares’ development, gradually turning him into a platoon player, and once again just completely getting the evaluation all wrong. These things happen, but rarely this bad. Fire them all. I’m appalled. Worse, today I feel defeated. It will change, I’ll come back around, but for some reason I’m taking this one hard. It’s not a rant anymore; it’s a groan, the sound you make after getting hit in the stomach.

Stats do not include Friday’s games.


Ike Davis: 81 PA, .286/.383/.414 (1 HR, 6 2B, 7 RBI)

Traded to Pirates on April 18. These stats reflect his numbers only with the Pirates. If only I had a quarter for every sullen Mets fans who said to me, “Yeah, watch, now he’s going to hit 30 homers.” But those are not terrible stats.

Marlon Byrd: 156 PA, .295/.340/.479 (4 HR, 13 2B, 23 RBI)


Signed with Phillies after 2013 season for 2 years, $16 million. Marlon has not turned into a pumpkin yet, though it should be noted that he’s playing in a hitter’s park.

John Buck: 33 PA, .233/.303/.300 (2 2B, 5 singles)

Signed with Mariners after 2013 season for a cool million.

Cody Ross:

2013: 351 PA, .278/.331/.414 (8 HR, 38 RBI)

2014: 70 PA, .174/.186/.188 (11 singles, 1 BB, 20 K)


Debated here at “2 Guys” after 2012 season as a possible solution for the outfield-starved Mets, Ross eventually signed with the Diamondbacks through 2015, 3/$26. I was not a fan, but Mike contended that the Mets had to get somebody.

Dexter Fowler: 162 PA, .257/.358/.364 (2 HR, 10 RBI)

Traded by Rockies to Astros along with a PTBNL in exchange for Brandon Barnes and Jordan Lyles.

Jose Abreu: 181 PA, .271/.320/.620 (15 HR, 41 RBI)

Another much discussed free agent, Abreu ultimately signed with the White Sox, 6/$68.

Rafael Furcal: Injured, DNP

Signed with Marlins, 1/$3.5.

Nelson Cruz: 164 PA, .275/.341/.564 (12 HR, 35 RBI)

Signed with the Orioles for 1/$8.

Angel Pagan

2012: 659 PA, .288/.338/.440 (8 HR, 56 RBI, 29 SB)

2013: 305 PA, .282/.334/.414

2014: 164 PA, .327/.378/.447 (3 HR, 15 RBI, 9 SB)

Yeah, World Series parade.

Yeah, World Series parade.

Angel was traded by the Mets in one of Sandy Alderson’s first and only trades that were not salary dumps or involving players with pending free agency. In exchange the Mets received Ramon Ramirez and Andres Torres.



LaTroy Hawkins: 13.1 IP, 2.70 ERA, 9 SV, 1.35 WHIP

Following his 2013 season with the Mets, Hawkins signed with the Rockies for 1/$2.5.

Bronson Arroyo: 47.2 IP, 4-2, 4.15 ERA, 1.32 WHIP

Signed a two-year deal with the Diamondbacks at $23.5 million.

Scott Kazmir: 51.1 IP, 5-1, 2.28 ERA, 0.97 WHIP

Billy Beane allowed Bartolo Colon to walk and, instead, signed a deal with Kazmir for 2/$22.


Chris Capuano: 20.1 IP, 1-1, 2.21 ERA, 1.23 WHIP

Signed with the Red Sox, 1/$2.5. For this role, the Mets went after John Lannan.

Grant Balfour: 15.1 IP, 6.46 ERA, 7 SV, 1.63 WHIP

Reportedly Sandy Alderson made a big push for Balfour, formerly of the A’s (where else!) — expressing even more than the passing “interest” they seemingly show in all free agents — but the reliever instead signed with the Rays, 2/$12.

Chris Perez: 17 IP, 4.24 ERA, 1 SV, 1.176 WHIP

Signed one-year deal with the Dodgers for $2.3 million.

Joe Smith: 17 IP, 2.65 ERA, 5 SV, 1.00 WHIP

Three years with the Angels at $15.75 total.

Aaron Harang: 48.1 IP, 4-3, 2.98 ERA, 1.18 WHIP


The former Met, who started four games for NY in 2013 with a 3.52 ERA, signed with the Braves on March 24, 2014, for 1/$1 million.



Chris Young: 99 PA,.222/.286/.389 (3 HR, 11 RBI)

Signed with Mets for 1 year, $7.25 million.

Curtis Granderson: 160 PA, .194/.294/.338 (5 HR, 18 RBI)

Signed with Mets, 4/$60.

Bartolo Colon: 49.1 IP, 2-5, 5.84 ERA, 1.44 WHIP

Signed with Mets, 2/$20.


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  1. Michael Geus says:

    I noticed old friend Scott Hairston in the Nationals outfield last night. He certainly hasn’t done anything to make me feel wistful that he is no longer a Met.

    • I wanted the Mets to retain Hairston after the 2012 season, believing they needed his bat against LHP.

      My point with today’s post was not to kill the Mets for making mistakes. No GM is perfect; even the best make mistakes, especially if they are active. That was the issue with Sandy, he didn’t do much so he never signed a bad contract or made a misguided trade. It gets harder when you have to make decisions. In terms of curiosity, it’s just interesting to consider the road not traveled.

      All that money for Colon seems crazy. We’ve just seen Montero & deGrom in the middle of May. Surely they are not much different than the were in February, or the end of last season. Shouldn’t Sandy have known they’d be good? When Gee comes back, one will have to go to the bullpen. Because Bartolo is Sandy’s guy, earning the big money. Draft and development sounds good, but you’ve got to get the evaluation right. Further, I don’t think they ever believed in Lagares, which is why they signed Chris Young, who expressed a desire to play in CF. Inconveniently, by playing so well Lagares has made it harder for them to screw him out of the job. I know that sounds crazy, but I’m convinced he was never in the plan as everyday CF. Good teams are supposed to be strong up the middle; Sandy doesn’t believe in that hokum.

  2. Eraff says:

    David Murphy: 2 years@ $6million per
    279/352/783—- just like the Previous 3000 ab’s

    Kazmir— The “gut punch” is that he’s actually “gotten away” twice.

    I won’t debate the pitchers too much—frankly, the big critique is directed at the Colon signing ITSELF, without comparing alternatives! His recent career, miraculous recovery from arm problems, etc—I’d rather it were left as a mystery for some other team to solve—-much less 2 years/ 20 million dollars.

    I liked alternatives to Granderson—but I get the logic and the fiannces attached to it.

    The other moves and non-moves are an indicator of the real capacity of this Front Office—and in an organization with such a tight, top down grip on every AB, it’s difficult to accept that they aren’t in control of the lineup cards for every level of play. Flores is sitting…Lagares is Sitting…. EY, CY, and “The Wrong Abreu” are getting ab’s!!! At AAA, Puello is sitting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lagares has demonstrated that we should want to see more! Meanwhile—at the MLB level and at AAA, I don’t pretend to know that Flores is a MLB level player—only that I have HOPE that he can be. I KNOW: That Abreu, Tejada, EY and CY are NOT every day players… at AAA I KNOW that Newee, Den Decker, Brown, Satin, Dykstra, Allen are NEVER going to be every day players—-and Puello hasn’t demonstrated whether he can or can’t be one.

    The TROIKA!!!?????? Three Blind Mice!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Reese Kaplan says:

    I can’t fathom the personnel decisions made both by the front office and the field manager. You can’t turned chicken poop into chicken salad. As much as I slam Collins for his lunacy, to be truthful he’s never really been given the soldiers he needs. Then again, when he has better alternatives he’d bench them in order to play Tejada and Young, Jr.

    • I think Sandy’s “promise” to Chris Young is far more egregious than playing EY, who is something like 4th in the NL in runs scored with a good OBP. He’s been productive.

      To his credit, Collins doesn’t say peep. It would be tempting to say out loud, “Hey, don’t complain to me — I’m not the one who promised Chris Young regular playing time!”

      Wally recently described his role as manager as making the daily decisions, but target numbers for ABs and playing time are established up above. Which makes perfect sense. I am fairly confident that’s how it’s done at the ML level too. Within a carefully drawn outline, Terry has wiggle room to make daily decisions. He couldn’t sit Lagares for a week without the GM being okay with it, IMO.

  4. Eraff says:

    The Lagares thing makes me suspect that it’s a DISCIPLINE issue…Terry mentioned him swinging at bad pitches.

    The reigns are too tight—and they’re in the wrong hands

  5. Well done. Matt Cerrone at Metsblog — with a minimum of words and emotion — questions Terry’s judgment regarding Ruben Tejada . . .


  6. The great Metstradamus on Lagares. It will depress you. Terry Collins is evil.


  7. […] I’ve been hearing rumblings from fans who are a little annoyed about the fact that Sandy Alderson “promised” playing time to Chris Young as a condition of his signing […]

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